Anime – Drifters [REVIEW] – Battle In A Brand-new World War

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,07/10
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Fantasy, Seinen
Studios: Hoods Drifters Studio
Author: Kouta Hirano
Seiyuu: Yuuichi Nakamura, Naoya Uchida, Mitsuki Saida

Want to learn something but through anime? Want to know more about the figures of historians from all over the world? Maybe the question will be answered by just watching this anime. (That question is just seems like a weeaboo) Action, blood, cool, and etc. The audience will be amazed by the action of the figures of historians who are trapped in this fantasy world. Anime itself is adapted by Kouta Hirano who actually has something more valuable. Before this anime, he is also the author of Hellsing.

Toyohisa Shimazu

“Drifters,” tells about a samurai from Shimazu clan named Toyohisa Shimazu (Yuuichi Nakamura), trying to retreat after losing the battle at Sekigahara. When severely wounded Toyohisa suddenly stranded in a strange white room with many doors and met a strange man. Without knowing the reason, Toyohisa was immediately sucked by a door and moved into a strange place in the world of living fantasy creatures.

Rescued by two Elf children, Toyohisa met with Nobunaga Oda (Naoya Uchida) and Nasu no Yoichi (Mitsuki Saiga) who also fared like Toyohisa. Without understanding the reason why they were sent into this world, the three samurais were stirring the kingdom who thanks to their actions helping the elves village and was attacked by government troops for rescuing Toyohisa. Called Drifters, the three of them invite the elves to rebel.

Drifters Battle in a Brand-new World War

The first scene immediately opened with a fierce battle Sekigahara. The audience immediately drifted to see the first episode of Drifters which is anime with the action genre. Without much dialogue and unimportant scenes, this anime also opens the story with a mystery about the reasons why they can be in a fantasy world. The anime has a fast plot that the audience will not be bored by this anime.

Overall, just like “Hellsing,” this anime also goes with a very regular story like anime in general. That way, the flow flows smoothly and reduces the chances of boring the audience. Oh, I almost forget it. By the way, the season two also got confirmed but not announced the years.


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