Manhwa – About Death [REVIEW] – The Verge Of Life And Death

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,41/10
Genres: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Psychological
Author: Sini (Story), Hyeono (Art)
Serialization: Naver Webtoon

What will happen next when we die? How is death? What will we see next? Is it a light to get out of the tunnel or will we meet again with people that gone forever? No one knows what death is, what we will face next and how it proceeds. This Manhwa will bring us to the process of death. “About Death” is a manhwa I’ve been reading on Webtoon for a long time. Reading this manhwa seems to have its own sensation because there will be BGM that can evoke this comic atmosphere when reading it. “About Death,” is about humanity and the reality of what people must face after death. This Manhwa contains a short story that shows us what life means. We will only see “god” about how he speaks to people who are in the midst of life and death.


It’s actually quite difficult to tell how the context of this manhwa. In essence, “god” speaks with a human gripe about why he died and what his response to life was. Sometimes, the reader will begin to understand how this comic works in part and sometimes also be difficult to understand. This manhwa gives us the emotion we have to accept. Moreover, reading this manhwa with BGM makes us feel like we are also inside. This comic will teach the readers how we should be grateful for what we already have, thankful to Almighty God that we are alive today because no one knows when death will pick us up. In each story, we will be shown characters who have experienced death and reincarnated again to face “god.” In his conversation with “god”, sometimes we see humans as beings who never grateful for what has done in his life. They sometimes don’t accept about what just happened. Some stories also sometimes bring a very grateful character about what is given by “god”. What is clear, this comic brought its readers with mixed emotions. Sometimes bring happiness and sometimes bring sadness.


The art that presents this manhwa is very different for Japanese manga. There are two perspectives that exist in this art. First, the encounter between man and God is described as black and white as if in another world. And secondly, the life experienced by a person before their death are described as colorful art. It’s like we are also in it and so much felt when reading it. Clearly, I love how the author is working on art that is very simple but charming to look at. One of the uniqueness of reading a comic in Webtoon is sometimes available BGM is there so, the atmosphere to read comics is felt. The BGM in this Manhwa is very interesting ears for the readers. Its atmosphere is built so softly by the readers that will fit with what is told about in this manhwa. With the story combined with its BGM, this manhwa seemed to mix up our emotions slowly.

5 Star

Reading this manhwa as we will understand about what life is. Sometimes, humans are never grateful for what they already have. What is clear, “About Death” is a comic that is perfect for everyone to read.


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