Movie – Journey To The Center Of The Earth [REVIEW] – Same Planet, Different World

IMDB Rating: 5,8/10
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Director: Eric Brevig
Writer: Jules Verne
Stars: Brendan FraserJosh HutchersonAnita Briem

Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a film adaptation of a novel by Jules Verne. However, this film has nothing to do with the novel at all, although it’s still a bit offensive. Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a movie made by Eric Brevig who worked on several visual effects from famous movies like Men In Black, Pearl Harbor, and The Day After Tomorrow. If you keep in mind, it looks like this movie’s really similar to someone who has watched it on TV because this movie is also often displayed over and over on TV. However, this film also received a lot of negative responses from critics who criticized this film.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

“Journey To The Center Of The Earth,” tells about a professor named Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) recalling his old memories of his older brother Max Anderson (Jean Michel Paré) who disappeared for 10 years while his research traveled to the center of the earth. When he woke up from sleep, he immediately went from sleep to his research lab which is also used as an office. That’s when he heard the news that his lab would soon be closed. This makes Trevor very sad because the lab is the only memory left by his brother. Back home with great regret, he has been waited on by the wife of Max with his son Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) to leave Sean on vacation to his uncle’s house. At the same time, he received a box containing the remains of Max memories. In this box, there is a book called ‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth.’ Trevor then opens one page at a time and finds the codes he has seen before. It made him go to the lab with Sean to check the files on his computer. Once matched, it turns out that all the code is exactly the same and Sean who participates in it turns out there’s a map of a single signal from the transmitter where he’s once doing the research. When Trevor reexamined the dots, he immediately realized that this point was a point that was the result of a study with his father. This point will then take them to a mountain Snæfellsjökull, Icelandic. Starting from here, their adventure finds a world that is at the center of the earth begins.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Although some people would find this movie really good or anything, maybe not for me. Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a film from Jules Verne’s novel adaptation. However, I don’t see the sensation that tells the title because this movie is also the remake of 1959. This version doesn’t carry even the exact same story with his novel. In fact this film is very different from the adaptation of the novel alone. The story of this film is just a professor who was inspired by this novel by Jules Verne so wanted to dig deeper into the puzzle made by Jules Verne and the code left by his brother. However, this film also has its own uniqueness because this film is made more recently than previous versions, especially this film has started to rely on visual effects rather than from previous versions. Actors who play this movie also seem to be reliable. Moreover, he also played in the films of the most popular series The Mummy. By the way, Josh Hutcherson who has played in The Hunger Games is also here. In fact, he’s still about 9-10 years old.

Overall, this movie is actually not too bad because this movie is also very suitable for all of you. Stories in this movie also sometimes seem boring and pace this story is so fast. Even so, it all depends on you want to enjoy this movie using your own imagination or something like that.


2 thoughts on “Movie – Journey To The Center Of The Earth [REVIEW] – Same Planet, Different World

  1. Great review. This is actually one of my favorite “fun” movies. I have found most movies do not really follow the books. I think this is partly because we create the worlds we read about in our minds. The scenes, the way a character sounds, even how they moved in filled in by our imagination while we travel through the written word. When it hits the big screen we no longer have that privilege. Instead the scenes, and characters, are given to us the way a director sees them. Even if the plot and dialog were to be one hundred percent accurate, and none are, we still lose part of any story when it is moved to the movie theatre.

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    1. Yeah, actually this movie is so good if we think of it as a stand-alone movie not from the adaptation of his novel. Although there are so many drawbacks, this movie is so good when viewed from a different point of view. Gonna watch the sequel too, even though I do not care about the rating at all because everyone also definitely thinks this movie has its own uniqueness. 🙂


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