Game – Scarface: The World Is Yours [REVIEW] – When Tony Survives, His Quest To Kill Sosa Begins

IGN Rating: 8,7/10
Genre: Action-adventure
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publishers: Vivendi Games, Sierra Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Wii

Sometimes, gamers are so difficult to get a good game that’s licensed especially games based on the film. In general, it’s also very rare to find a good game based on the movie because there are more bad games out there. A few years later, “Scarface: The World Is Yours” comes out with a lot of expectations that gamers imagine. Even more than good to be called the best game of the year because it’s very rarely the first game that issued a game with the theme of an open world like “Grand Theft Auto.” However, “Scarface: The Wolrd Is Yours” can be played with a system that’s fulfilled in it like “Grand Theft Auto,” and this game’s also an adaptation of a movie titled the same. The result brings the gamers into a deeply felt experience with a few original ideas that offer players more sense in it.

Scarface: The World Is Yours,” is an adaptation game titled same as the movie. Only, the background story was taken at the climax of the film where Tony is surrounded by a subordinate of the king of drugs called Sosa by breaking into his mansion. If in the movie Tony didn’t survive, then in this game Tony managed to escape from the siege of the enemy. After that there was nothing left, his family had gone, and also his best friend. He had to travel all over Miami, Bahama, and others in order to take revenge on Sosa by rebuilding his ruined kingdom.

Scarface Tony Running On

The background of the story taken this game is actually much different from the one in the film. Only, it seems this game tells a different route in the movie. If at the end of the movie Tony Montana died in the enemy siege inside his mansion, then this game takes the background of Tony Montana managed to escape in the siege of his enemy. “Scarface” presents us with a game that’s not much different from “Grand Theft Auto” although the characters that exist in this game just appear in it. We play as Tony Montana who’s also the protagonist in the movie. It seems that “Scarface” is improving inside for open world like this. We go around the city to take a city expert and make our men receive the drug in it. Although the story presented in this game looks simple, “Scarface: The World Is Yours” is a gameplay experience that we can feel and features that are really interesting inside. The purpose of this game’s to rebuild the mansion that has been destroyed by the first story. When playing this game, little by little the ability of Tony will be rebuilt and can revive his mansion again. Our disappointment arose when knowing that this game isn’t filled voice by Al Pacino as the main actor in the movie as well. However, André Sogliuzzo has tried so much to accent, the swear words he often pronounces, so his voice that can be spelled a bit like it all is pretty good even though there’s little lack therein. The animation in this game’s already perfect featuring Tony Montana is almost similar in the movie as well.

Scarface Mansion

One of the features presented in this game is also fairly interesting and experienced an increase in it is a skill called balls meter or rage meter in general. This “balls meter” is a rage mode that Tony did by killing some enemies or creating some chaos while playing this game. By shooting some parts of the enemy’s body like head, hands, feet, etc., we will get balls as well as useful taunting to increase the balls meter. When the balls meter is full, the player will see from first-person with unlimited bullets to invincibility. You can use this skill by causing chaos to full blood will make us become crazy about balls meter. The balls meter also uses a lock-on system where the target will lock itself from the player so you can shoot in any direction. This game uses a free control system like the game “Max Payne” or other third-person games, allowing players to see freely around and can see easily where the enemy will appear.

Scarface Gang Heat

Scarface is a game where you can perform an action that raises a lot of blood in it. You can buy a property that’s useful for doing drug transactions in it, take a warehouse that is useful for doing more drug transactions from one island to another island and hire useful goons to protect the players. All of that’s also controlled by the phone menu feature, where this system you can buy a car, increase your empire to know the area that hasn’t been taken by the player. The other system available in this game is the heat and it also goes with the gang and the police. The higher the “heat” meter, the higher the fugitives of the players so you will often find enemies who are looking for the player. You can pay them by using the phone. One feature that succeeds in getting its players annoyed or someone likes it’s a system where you are being chased by the police but not just a police chase. If you are temporarily pursued by the pursuit of police, two meters will be seen on the screen. The first meter is the meter where you should be able to escape as quickly as possible. The player must be able to get out of the radius on the radar in order to escape in a police chase. Another meter is a meter where the entire map is surrounded by many police officers. This meter’s red so you should be able to escape as soon as possible in the pursuit of the police because if the meter is full, you should surrender it.

5 Star

Scarface: The World Is Yours” is a fun and addictive game. This game can actually be quite good for an open world game like this although there are only a lot of flaws, especially on PC. “Scarface” has brought a wonderful experience to the world of its even though some people also consider that this game’s not completely perfect. A game that will never be forgotten for those who have played it as a child until now still want to play this game.


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