From A Village, To The Peak

So two days ago, I was never active to write articles on this blog because I went on vacation with my college friends. This vacation is also initially I don’t want firstly because, for the next week, I will face a lot of my busyness that made me already so dizzy and doesn’t know what I should do. However, one of my friends said, “Come on, don’t bother with what’s coming. Fuck it all. Come with us so that all the burdens you face can be more enjoyable.” Yeah, he said it like that so I followed what he said. The purpose of our location for a vacation is to a mountain in a village area called Kolaka or Puunahaa, Unaaha District, Konawe Regency, Kendari.

We all left on Friday at three o’clock. I carry all the equipment that will be needed when I get there. The problem I had to face first was to ask permission from my parents. But I’m not too concerned about it because I can lie anytime. Though it’s a sin, what could it be? I said,

“Dad, I want to spend the night at my friend’s house.”

He immediately said,

“Doing a college assignment?”

and I immediately said,


Then, I immediately left where almost everything was gathered. Early departure, we had separated because maybe I and my friend bring this motorcycle is very slow and so difficult to be followed. We then filled up the gasoline and by chance, we meet them again. There are many things that make us have to pause at any time like waiting for a friend who just arrived to have to change his motor oil. This journey approximately takes a fairly long time of approximately about 2 hours. I’m used to going to the area. Only, I only go to Wawotobi most often. Unaaha lies further beyond Wawotobi and towards the area where it has a very steep road with a lot of forestry areas, especially the sharply twisted streets. But arriving there, we also finally arrived with all the friends survived and thank goodness all was well.

Lucky Star Video Games

We all stay in a house where one of my friends also lives in this area. In the evening, there isn’t much I can do. But luckily, I brought my two joysticks and my friend took his laptop with me to spend all the time. However, the boredom also never lost so finished spending time in front of the laptop was lucky. I also brought my handphone and a useful headset to watch anime every night. Yeah, some are already asleep and some are playing cards until midnight. One of my friends watches “Rick & Morty” and the others can only be busy alone on his smartphone. Of course, I’m busy with my anime myself. Oh, I almost forgot. We also all need food and his mother of my friend is also very kind. Almost there, I ate so much food that I had to borrow his toilet on the second day.

Hyouka Oreki

Waking up at dawn was so hard for me primarily every night, I’ve turned on my three alarms on my phone every time I want to sleep. And in fact, it doesn’t work. At the time of this inn, somehow I could wake my friends up at a very early hour to wake up. Brushing teeth, washing face, and so on, we all end up going to a destination where we’ll go hiking in that mountain. Yeah, the morning time in this village’s also very cold, especially since I had to wear long-sleeved shirts up to a very thick hoodie with trousers. Of course, it took quite a long time to get there about 1 hour more. When arriving in there, I guess the mountain has no people at all but it will be visible if it gets topped. Before that, I had to perform prayers in that area and finally, our journey began. One of my friends actually has an asthma disease so it takes a very long time to get up there. Yeah, because she’s a girl. To the extent that she must also be carried, the weather on that mountain also doesn’t support because the weather is very cold to dew with very cold rain. I think, looking down from the mountain I thought it was the peak. In fact, there is still something higher than that. I also lie in there when I get there and I can’t move. Yeah, maybe it’s because I’m watching anime too late or I’ve never been in sports again during high school. Therefore, we all can only arrive at the top of the half mountain.

Studio Ghibli

All of this doesn’t have a disappointment because fortunately, we can capture the moments through the camera. Yeah, we all capture those moments from abnormal photos, mainstream, to crazy and cool photos as possible. In that mountain, there are also many people who make camp there. Maybe I do look like someone who just saw it because it’s also the first time I’ve done this and for the last time maybe I’ll never do it again. By the time we get back home, one of my friends disappears because he’s reached the top of us. Maybe he thinks we’ll be there. In fact, it’s not like that. Some of my friends intend to pick him up and tell him we’ll be back. Why not just use the phone to call him? Because on the mountain there is no signal at all. After waiting very long, he finally arrived. We finally descended back to the mountain and it was very difficult because the land there is very slippery due to rain.

By the time we arrived home my friend, his mother then prepared the food for us and after that, she fried bananas and getting some tea for us. All that really feels good because we enjoy it together with all friends. Remember, food will taste better if we eat together. It does have its own satisfaction for me who has never done this kind of adventure. And after all, I want to defecate because I ate too much food at all. There was nothing we could do while we were resting, just playing cards until we got bored and fell asleep because we were too tired. I also can’t watch my anime because of my phone on a low battery. The electricity there is also dead so there’s nothing I can do than sleep. We return back to Kendari around 2pm and we must thank his parents of my friend for doing good to us all. After the breakup, the return trip was just like we went at the start. And somehow, this trip I think is very short unlike the journey when we leave. Go slow, go home fast. Maybe that’s what my friends and I feel. We all end up safely in their homes.

Yeah, this experience is actually the first time I’ve traveled far with my friends because most of the time I do this trip just along with my family and it can be somewhat boring compared to going with friends. This experience is also the most phenomenal experience that I feel in my life because this is the first time I went to a mountain peak and capture the moments that there isn’t even to the top as well. Maybe I will get things like this again or vice versa but, there is no harm too to try and participate in that. No one knows how his excitement.


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      1. That is the same case with me although I do wonder about it. I read it that travelling solo gives a person some realization that makes him/her stronger. I travel with my sisters and cousins who double as my friends.

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