Manhwa – Ghost Teller [REVIEW] – Much More Terrifying Than Ghosts

Webtoon Rating: 9,78
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural  
Author: QTT

I’ve known a lot about this manhwa for a long time. I’ve been reading it for some time but somehow, I dropped this comic. However, today I read this comic marathon and this manhwa brings the further experience of what’s more frightening than humans. First of all, maybe some people think that this comic is a horror comic that contains jumpscare ghosts that have become a taboo thing. However, this is not another horror comic but this is a more frightening, more painful, more annoying story than a monster or a ghost.

“Ghost Teller,” is about a ghostly world filled with a group of ghosts who love to tell the horror stories of the true personality of humans. These ghosts will tell the most horrible story of the secret behind the human and more sinister than the ghosts.

So essentially, the story in this comic will often alternate about what they will tell. A group of these ghosts will tell alternately about the story of the original nature of the man and will be even more sinister. Therefore, this comic actually is not too transfixed with the synopsis. The plot will be told live in turns, character differences in each story, and the time difference and background used. The point is a story time before going to sleep. Indeed this comic is a bit difficult to explain why this comic has no core story at all but to answer that question, you have to read it.


Each storytelling will have a different story that sometimes according to this storyteller address. They told of a bitter and painful experience of how the human walks it. Betrayal, duplicity, selfishness, oppression, and all sorts of deadly sins of human beings. All of it has its own phase. One more thing about this comic that can say is great to read that sometimes this storytelling contains plot-twist that cannot be guessed. Sometimes we guess who the criminals are in this story and what will happen next. In essence, every story that told about this always makes me tense and scared but how the ending of the story is. The character development is also not really told in detail and it seems there are some who missed. Therefore, the author gives a good news about this comic that he will make the second season. The first season alone has made me shake but this sense of satisfaction can’t be lost because of is just 38 chapter. However, I always appreciate and give thanks to what the author has given to his fans.

5 Star

Ghost Teller” is a horror comic that doesn’t tell a story about ghosts and everything. Yet, this is an interesting story about the original nature of humanity. Sometimes, humans always blame ghosts for just that very reason and are afraid of a ghost. However, they sometimes don’t realize that they are worse than ghosts even worse than monsters. “Ghost Teller” is a manhwa that must be read by you horror and thriller fans.


2 thoughts on “Manhwa – Ghost Teller [REVIEW] – Much More Terrifying Than Ghosts

  1. From your review this reminds me a bit of “Death Parade” where you would guess who the guilty person was and then there would be a surprise on our assumptions. This looks like a good comic to see character and motivation.

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