Anime – BLEND-S [REVIEW] – How Scary She Looks When Smiling

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,66/10
Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Author: Miyuki Nakayama
Seiyuus: Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, Anzu Haruno

This anime is known for its legend opening that becomes a meme when this anime is still on-going. I also didn’t expect that I know this anime just because it’s opening that made into a meme to parody on the internet. However, “BLEND-S” is a slice of life anime which I certainly like while it’s a slice of life I will love it. A moe that can be enjoyed in Fall 2017 is the thing I’m most proud of because I infrequently get an anime like this for now or maybe there are too many. Instead, let’s review this anime!


High school girl Maika Sakuranomiya has trouble finding a part-time job because of how scary she looks when smiling. However, she is scouted one day by an Italian man who is also the manager of Stile, a café where its waitresses are given unique traits such as tsundere and younger sister. Maika is given a sadist trait because of her looks and has to adopt a dominant and cruel persona when servicing customers, particularly masochist ones.

Source: MAL


The synopsis has a resemblance to “Working!!” which have the same themed, a cafe. But, “Working!!” taking a backdrop of every character has its own unique personalities directly whereas “BLEND-S” is not direct. The characters in this anime consist of Kaho Hinata as a tsundere, Mafuyu Hoshikawa as a cute little adult child, Hideri Kanzaki as an idol trap, and Miu Amano as a naughty teacher but really love doujinshi. For the anime that worked by A-1 Pictures studio, it’s not surprising that the artwork is the same as “Working!!“. Both anime is also my own favorite anime and it uses a simple but colorful background. What I mean here is the opening of these two anime. All sung by the seiyuu that existed on these anime and for “BLEND-S,” the opening hears catchy to my ears although sometimes sounded hazy because heard from the first time on the internet being made into a meme. Remember, this is not an anime cute girls doing a cute thing because there are still male characters in here but this is a slice of life with a light comedy in it.

BLEND-S Hideri

The animations manifested are so simple and not exaggerated. Therefore, the imitations effects are still therein and the visuals are sometimes cute if we compare them with the manga. The animation drawn in this anime is very simple so that it can add the effect of each heroine. Although not very detailed and realistic, I like the animation movement that has no uniqueness at all because this is just a simple thing. Yeah, because this is an anime comedy so the use of visuals to animation is limited to give effect cute and the comedy. Some of this anime deficiency is because a simple drawn doesn’t mean the figure characters must be drawn with a half-face. In addition, the role of Hideri and Miu is also not so deepened and detailed by the author although sometimes they also have a slightly awkward relationship.


The characters contained in the anime is also very interesting because it’s supported by all of the seiyuu it. For example, Maika character who has a voice like a typical innocent girl sometimes turns into a cold, frightening voice, with a very patronizing look. So also with the character of Mafuyu who has a voice that doesn’t match the size of her body. Her voice was initially very common like typical adults in general but turned into children when working. For Kaho’s character, I don’t see the uniqueness but her tsundere is also sometimes sweet. In addition, I also like the element of small romance in it like the relationship between Kouyou Akizuki with Kaho Hinata. They both sometimes have a relationship that feels shame to awkward when talking to each other. However, perhaps the author doesn’t want the two of them to have a deep relationship because it will change the perspective of this anime. Likewise with Dino and Maika who have a little relationship that sometimes awkward though I prefer Akizuki with Kaho.

4 Star

BLEND-S” is an anime slice of life with elements of comedy in it that can be enjoyed by anyone. Simple animation can prove that anime with moe like this can be liked by anyone. Its awkward element is deeply felt inside, seiyuu with its unique sound, and a story like anime slice of life. “BLEND-S” is a meme that can make the internet a more bizarre place and I recommend to you guys if you like “Working!!” or slice of life this anime might be perfect for you guys.


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