Manga – Fukushuu Kyoushitsu [REVIEW] – There Is Only One Option

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,08/10
Genres: Mystery, Horror, School
Authors: Karasu Yamazaki (Story), Ryuu Kaname (Art)
Serialization: E★Everystar

I finally finished this manga for a long time and there are many lacks contained therein. This manga can be regarded as one of the edgiest manga that ever existed but if there is an input, I want to find other edgy manga like this or something like edgy. Actually, my first impression of this manga is very good, it tells about a student who always bullied in her school that in the end make himself a big revenge against the people who bully herself. I’m like, “Hell yeah, this is the one I’m looking for. I can’t wait to read the next chapter again.” In essence, I thought it would be a very interesting manga with a big plot twist at the end. Unfortunately, all of that didn’t go with my exploits because this manga is one of the worst that ever existed for some people although I rather consider it mediocre.

After suffering from horrific harassment at the hands of her classmates, Ayana Fujisawa has learned to simply remain quiet and wait for it to be over. However, when the bullying escalates and she is purposely pushed into traffic, Ayana is admitted into the hospital. She realizes that if she doesn’t fight back, things will only get worse—and eventually, she might even be killed.

In Ayana’s mind, there is only one option: brutal revenge on those who have ruthlessly bullied her, those who have stood idly by and laughed, and those who have done nothing to help her in her torment.

Source: MAL


The first impression I got was very interesting and very good to comprehend. Moreover, this manga also discusses something rather satirical about the social life of a bully. Bully is a serious circumstance that must be handled either indirectly or directly. So, I’m very interested to read this manga because the story is quite unique. But, being a psychopath is the one way to end the persecution. Ayana Fujisawa is the main character in this manga. I do care and always hate against those who bully this Ayana. The story is made like the cases of repression that often occur around us. Ayana has no friends at all except in her past. In the end, she makes every brilliant plan that how she can kill these bully by same as like an accident. So, the one class is made an uproar against the curse that they call it. I immediately said to myself, “Kill all those bastards, they deserve to die.” However, there are some characters that are made wrong so that the character is not deserving to die. In this scene too, the main character realizes that he chose the wrong path. So, I just wondering who is the hero and the villain. Is this good or bad? Every character always deceives their readers and is always changing. The bad guy is a good guy and vice versa.


Honestly, I’m very interested in reading this manga to the end even though I also hate it pretty at the same time. The plot of the story is made like typical of a manga school or the other but with the horror element in it. There is no exaggerated character development in this manga. Nothing because everything looks the same to me. Some of them stabbed their friends from behind, others pretended to be fake faces, some like cowards, and all the characters is just like a scumbag. But the worst of all is Ayana’s dad though I don’t want to tell you why I can hate him because this is a spoiler but I want to discuss it a little bit. Is this her father always doesn’t pay attention to his son? I mean, look at her. She was always bullied in her school and accused his son of being a failed child and hoping she was not born. This is the worst character type of father along with “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” The art neither is bad nor good. I don’t think there is any interest in the art. So, I think it’s normal compared to the other aspects.

3 Star

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu” is actually an interesting manga to read because it’s a pretty unique about one’s compulsion that makes it a cursed monster in the class. Some people I read the review may say that this is the worst manga ever. But, I consider it decent and not too much at all. The story is flat, the plot-twist isn’t so clear that there is an element of coercion in it, the characters look the same, and the worst father ever. If you want something like a psychopath things, this manga will be perfect for you.


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