Movie – Gone Girl [REVIEW] – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’til It’s…

IMDb Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director: David Fincher
Writer: Gillian Flynn
Stars: Ben AffleckRosamund PikeNeil Patrick Harris

Warning, this review contains spoiler!

Gone Girl” is a film directed by David Fincher. You certainly know who’s David Fincher because the typical style of his films always has memorable noir nuances, especially for this film too. “Gone Girl” is one example of a thriller movie that brings back the noir nuances in this modern age. This movie is an adaptation of the novel entitled same by Gillian FlynnI already know how the result is if directed by David Fincher. His films always have a distinct impression from the music that he uses, the setting nuances he describes, in his cinematography how he defines the gloomy atmosphere. David Fincher’s films I’ve watched and reviewed ’till now are “Fight Club,” “Se7en,” and “The Social Network.” “Gone Girl” is the fourth movie I’ll review this time.

Nick Dunne, a small town guy who made good in the big city as a magazine writer blames the recession and the loss of his job for the decline of his marriage to his intellectually superior wife with a substantial trust fund. Questions of his motives and character begin to arise after his wife’s disappearance on the morning of their fifth anniversary. As the search for his missing wife plays out over the ensuing days, guilty suspicions are fueled into a national frenzy by the media circus camped outside his house. Is this idyllic, everyman truly capable of murdering his wife?

Source: IMDb

Ben Affleck, Lisa Banes, and David Clennon in Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl” brings some of its actors who I think, almost suffocated like Ben Affleck, although his career as Batman in Justice League and Batman v Superman is rising his name back. Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry also starred in this film. I’ve known this movie because David Fincher himself, read all of the reviews and some opinions about the people who’ve watched, and recommended by my friend too. If from the audience’s outlook, I think they say the same points about the ending that they think is anti-climactic. In fact, it’s like that. “Gone Girl” itself has also received many positive reviews from critics at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb itself also has a high rating. But, what makes Gone Girl a movie with such a rating that so high? The opening scene is so depressing, typical of David Fincher himself. With the distinctive cinematography, he describes a dark city as if it were like a haunted city. The music was also composed as darkly and quietly as possible by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. “Gone Girl” presumably uses the hallmark of David Fincher himself as nonlinear, although some of his films didn’t use the same thing. The plot story will often change back and forth during watching this movie. The story sessions will be divided according to the two scenes such as Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne. From Nick Dunne’s viewpoint, he tells that his wife as a very introverted person, blogger, and has no friends at all whereas according to Amy Dunne, she describes her husband as a lazy, rude person, and only makes herself a sexual encounter. From this two perspectives, there will be pros and cons that who are the villains in this movie. When the beginning of the film, the audience will surely know that Nick Dunne must be the person who killed his wife and the story will bring the resentment of his audience as possible. However, the story will change according to Amy’s perspective how this case is started and the audience will soon find out. From here, David Fincher instantly brings up the plot-twist even though is half the duration of this movie runs away and hasn’t been into climax at all. In this viewpoint, Amy turns out to manipulate her murder, her loss, and the whole thing that happen in this movie. In essence, Amy has manipulated the people around her including her audience. I was also immediately confused why David Fincher immediately upped the punchline in the middle of the movie. But, there is more to be discussed.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl (2014)

After these two points of view are told, these two characters will solve each problem. Nick with his problem of how he can get his name back and Amy with the problem of how she wants to build her plan back. If you are so curious, maybe I suggest you watch the movie itself because this is still nearly story. In this film, Gillian Flynn may want to describe how the real woman and man figure, according to her. This film describes the women figure if according to Gillian Flynn, don’t judge the book by its cover. Although’s pretty, Amy is a psychopath that haunt her husband and Nick is an innocent but is abandoned by many people. I think there is a hidden message that Gillian Flynn wants to convey about how we estimate each other, especially by its gender and emancipation. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are actors who smashed into each other in this film. Ben Affleck pulled out everything in this movie. He describes his character as a sociopath, according to the people in this film. His character is so awakened in such a way from a person who doesn’t care and looks calm to a character that looks restless so we as an audience sometimes also sympathize with this character, although there are some that I feel annoying as well. Rosamund Pike is also like that. The character that she built was a double-faced person, a psychopath who was able to manipulate the people around her including her husband. David Fincher also put in Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry, I think he’s so awesome and brilliant in this movie. Although he’s only a support character, he can maximize everything. Neil Patrick Harris is such a way. However, he seems unsuitable for a movie like this even though he gets a small portion in this movie. According to Gillian Flynn, maybe she also wants to tell us about a reality from the media. Media that always strike innocent people and can manipulate their readers. I think, she also wants to convey this message so that we can know how the media is so hard to believe that hoaxes are scattered everywhere. I don’t recommend this movie to you who are not yet 18 years old because there are so many explicit scenes everywhere considering this movie is also a bit violent.

4,5 Star

Gone Girl” is an example of a movie that redefines the modern noir element. David Fincher with his cinematography and the distinctive nuance has managed to make Gone Girl like a movie with a dark and gloomy felt just like all of his movies. With a story that can manipulate his audience, Ben Affleck returns with his sociopath character and Rosamund Pike with his psychopath character. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris have also played well here. This is a movie that people really need to watch, considering this movie can also make some of the audience will get dozy and will regret its anti-climactic ending. But, this movie is very good for you who haven’t watch it.


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