The Office [FIRST IMPRESSION] – America’s Stuck In (Crossed Out) On The Office

IMDb Rating: 8,8/10
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Greg DanielsRicky GervaisStephen Merchant
Stars: Steve CarellJenna FischerJohn Krasinski

This is the first time I wrote a first impression about a TV series and The Office was the first. Even so, The Office is not one of the first TV series I’ve ever watched. There are Mr. Robot, Family Guy, Rick & Morty, and many more if I want to split it one by one. The Office is not one of the best TV series ever but, this is one of the TV series that makes me laugh every episode. So far, I’m still watching the first season with just 6 episodes. However, The Office is one of the TV series that has the uniqueness of each other whether it’s a well-development character and random situations that occur in the life of an office person. Actually, I already know about this thing. I just saw it from some memes that are partially spread on the internet.

“The Office,” tells about a paper company handled by Scranton and a manager of Michael Scott (Steve Carrell). This series will bring us a life of an officer who focuses on the manager and his employees. They only do a random, awkward, humorous, bizarre and another thing while they keep wherewith the company operates.

Some of the reviews I read on IMDb, mostly say the same points that they hate this series just because it’s an adaptation of the U.K. version. Although I didn’t know about it and also have not checked it, I don’t want to compare it because it could be a different level. All of the characters remind me of the slice of life anime Working!!. Most of them all have similarities. A boss who always make a funny thing to his employment, a friendzone, a boss who’s always serious but his thoughtfulness always impersonated by other employees, there are a sensitive person and much more. It’s like a slice of life that only shows all the vents of its employees while working in the company. Each character always shows a single point of view where the character will explain his vent with facing the camera. Mostly, there is a breaking the 4th wall inside. What I love about this TV series is that there is no such thing as protagonist and antagonist. You know, something like a slice of life anime. It just shows some random things. But, why not? This thing is the funniest TV series I’ve ever seen. The writer who somehow took the idea of where he always presents something new so we are always prompt to watch it.


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