Indonesia In A Nutshell

Although this problem just happened 2 weeks ago, this time I want to discuss a problem that just happened on the 5th March where Indonesia reported to have blocked a social networking microblogging website called Tumblr. This angers Indonesian netizens because it has blocked the website with the reason found more 360 porn account on the site. Actually, this makes me angry too because the Indonesia communications and informatics ministries don’t know how to use the internet. Tumblr, as we know, is a microblogging where internet users can also create a blog on the website. I’m also a user of Tumblr because I always use it as a reference to search for the idea even to write this blog, sometimes I look for references to what I should do first. In addition, I sometimes use it as a shitposting media, dank meme, or etc. Before I want to discuss more deeply about this issue, maybe you can watch a video from a YouTuber’s Rong Rong where he criticized the internet problems in Indonesia.

So, from what you watch on the video, it’s all true and very accurate. Rong Rong criticized everything with what’s happening in Indonesia from internet problems where Reddit, Vimeo, 4chan, and other websites are blocked up to racism issues that don’t recognize humanity at all. In addition, a corruption that goes everywhere, a minister that has to forge his accident to survive the corruption case and a recent issue of the “People’s Representative Council” in which people shouldn’t criticize them. I admit that Indonesia is the best country ever existed from all of the aspects of internet, racism, a cartoon is a pornography, justice is upright until the people are ignorant. Therefore, I’m proud to live in this country because I enjoy everything. I have to use a VPN to open Reddit, Tumblr, and anything like that until I have to be able to handle my emotional from someone who always associates something with religion. I’m proud of you, Indonesia.

I take the example of Stephen Hawking’s death, the most influential genius physicist ever. Honestly, I’m Islam and I don’t care about the people who always make his religion as a weapon and a shield on the internet even in the real world that makes me proud of the responses of smart people in Indonesia to the death of Stephen Hawking. It could be, they are people who only attempt on the internet so he can say anything on the internet. There are no manners to the people even they are very fanatical about his religion itself. A few weeks ago, too, there was a woman wearing a veil suddenly took on accident. This woman falls to the injury until someone helps her but she refuses it just because she assumes that he is an “infidel.” He’s a glorious person who saved her but not for the veiled woman. I’m not offensive to people who have to her stance but, I just hate these guys. That’s why I prefer Donald Trump to become a president of the United States because these people make a portray of Islam is worse in other countries.

From the Twitter of “Ministry of Communications and Informatics,” they explain why Tumblr can be blocked in Indonesia. Approximately is like this:

If you do not know, I can translate it like this:

The Content Complaint Team has received accusations from the public regarding immoral content on the Tumblr platform. After doing some research and content analysis, there are 360 immoral accounts on and its app.

I mean, what the hell are they just say? I can analogize people like this as a toddler for the first time use the internet. When he saw something he considered wrong, he immediately reported it to his parents. It’s just that a toddler is able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. Unlike these people where they can’t do anything with their duties so that they are idle to do something for their people to be considered a beneficial organization. Now, I want to discuss the issue of television shows in Indonesia. Imagine if you watch Spongebob Squarepants and see the character of Sandy Cheeks dressed in bikinis, what do you guys think? Of course, it’s just a trivial circumstance because it’s just a cartoon but not for Indonesia. They have to blur Sandy’s body so that the children will not misjudge her. This is the ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and the fact is, not only that but there are a lot of cartoons that even have to be cut because of the violent and physical scenes like Tom & Jerry. I repeat, Tom & Jerry is the violent cartoon ever according to Indonesia to the point that it should be blocked as well so that children are not affected by it. In fact, there is no one television program that educates many peoples. I know there a few but I want to focus on the worse one. For example, there was a TV show that opened the disgrace of the victim of the interviewer in the public, an event setting that seemed real as if watching in a fool way, and a romance fiction series that seemed too dramatic until the children represented what they saw.

Now, I want to discuss how smart Internet users in Indonesia. Guess what, when Christmas comes, what do you feel? Some people, of course, celebrate it in charmingly and lovingly but not for Indonesia. As far as I know, in Palestine, Muslims are celebrating Christmas with Christians and vice versa. For Indonesian, say “Happy Christmas” for those who celebrate it have a law forbidden for the Muslims. If you say that, you are an “infidel” people to say non-Muslims are “infidel.” This is not my words but it’s a word that every day I hear around me. So, its simple like this. If you criticize Islam in Indonesia, you will be declared “infidel.” If you criticize other religions in Indonesia, they don’t give a damn. That is the fact, irony but real.

There may be a lot of things I can criticize about my beloved country. I was touched when I wrote this and I knew how beautiful my country is. I’m just afraid how this article will come to a people who can’t think critically to criticize me for criticizing Islam in Indonesia. But, take it easy. I want to go ahead so that this country has a people who can think ahead compared with the childish government. It’s like the United States and superpower countries can already live on Mars while Indonesia is still left on earth where they are still discussing who is the real religion. Maybe this is all I can write about Indonesia. The best country I’ve ever lived in certainly Indonesia. All of the outsiders acknowledge that this country is so rich in its exotic and natural wealth but not for its people. It’s just the irony of why I say my heart because this is what I always wanted to get it out of, including the Tumblr problem. So, I became peaceful after all this happened.


14 thoughts on “Indonesia In A Nutshell

  1. Blocking some of social media platforms just because there are some of negative contents in it doesn’t seems right to me. I mean they kinda seeing something with just one perspective meanwhile tumblr is just a creative media platforms as well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They just seem to look from one perspective. “Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website” as Wikipedia stated. I don’t know what were they thinking. Thank you for your opinion. 🙂


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