Anime – Servant x Service [REVIEW] – The Rigors Of Government Employment

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,77/10
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Author: Karino Takatsu
Seiyuu: Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Ai Kayano, Aki Toyosaki

Servant x Service is a slice of life anime written by Karino Takatsu who also made Wagnaria!! in a 4-coma manga adaptation. There is nothing else I can deny from both anime. Both of them, I think, have the same element about a slice of life with different themes, the restaurant & the office. I watch this anime because of an american TV series, The Office. You know, what is interesting in working in the office? I don’t see what the interests thing of the people that are serving in there or because to live their experiences with the wages that are very average. However, this anime reveals from a different perspective of how a civil servant lives their daily life with full of people who like to complain, swear the employee, a bit of romance, and a teddy bear that becomes your boss. I mean, this is serious and some people get that’s annoying. But, we will not focus on the teddy bear but this is a solid story from the life of the civil servant.

“Servant x Service,” tells about civil servants in a town of Mitsuba. Lucy Yamagami (Ai Kayano), a serious young woman who registers in the Welfare Administrative Section section, works to find someone who has changed her past. Yutaka Hasabe (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), a flirtatious young man who registers in the First Section of the Welfare Department, didn’t know why he worked in civil servants. Saya Miyoshi (Mai Nakahara), a graduate student who registers in the Second Section of the Welfare Department, works in order to live her life as much as possible. Three of them are newcomers who will work under Taishi Ichimiya (Takahiro Sakurai) who still thinks he is useless even though he has been working for 8 years. This is the daily life of civil servants with all the experience of encountering many complaints from people, a romance story in the office, with joy and sorrow.


Although Servant x Service took the theme of office employees, it’s not about anime that totally covers all elements of society and government. In this anime, you will not see the black-and-white side of an office employee but it’s more focused on the main character along with their complaints. With the theme as a civil servant, the premise is simple but is presented in such a way that doesn’t seem stiff, excessive in discussing the theme, and certainly in an unusual way. Yutaka Hasabe is a character that I think is the most carefree of all. His principle as if not want to appear with a genius look but he can do everything and almost nothing he can’t do. His cool, calm, relaxed, lazy on every the running gag. Moreover, he often foolish the main heroine, Lucy Yamagami even though this character has a very long name, I’ll just call her Lucy. Sometimes, Hasabe doesn’t often get out of his character so I think his character is not as balanced as the characters on the first impression. But, I don’t think as a shortcoming. Lucy is a serious-minded character but always made tense by the things around her. In addition, she doesn’t look too redundant with the clothes that he often wear but has the fanservice impression by the people who watch this anime. What I mean here are boobs. She has a plain trait until her innocence looks that’s always impersonated by other characters. Saya Miyoshi is a character that I don’t really see the privilege. However, the words that she often uttered always draw a depression so there are running gags in here. This character is also one of my experiences from one of the episodes that discussed with its saturation. I immediately realized that I also experienced this and it’s very affected in the heart for you who have felt it too.


In addition to these three main characters, Taishi Ichimiya and Megumi Chihaya also have unique characteristics. Both of these characters will usually be told about their relationship and other characters like Jouji Tanaka with his past with Yutaka Hasabe, Kenzou Momoi who is a boss teddy bear, Tohko Ichimiya with her intrinsic nature who always visit her brother in a unique way, and Tanaka who often tells the story of her granddaughter’s and her family to Saya Miyoshi. I also like the running gag from Tanaka and Saya Miyoshi that almost all of the episodes are common. Kenzou Momoi is the most pointless character in here because almost every episode is not too important with its presence even though, I also don’t want to say this. The opening is the best. Just like Wagnaria!!, Servant x Service with its opening song’s “May I Help You?” is so damn catchy. All singers are sung by the whole seiyuu of all heroines. I also don’t admire if there are so many seiyuu in this anime that come out of their characters that I often hear other than in this anime. For examples such as Tatsuhisa Suzuki who fills Yutaka Hasabe’s voice. His character at the time of filling the voice of this character is slightly different from other characters such as Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins and Hiroomi Nase from Beyond The Boundary. Just like Ai Kayano and Aki Toyosaki. Ai Kayano with Lalatina Dustiness Ford from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! and Shiro from No Game No Life. While Aki Toyosaki with Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!. But, this doesn’t change my opinion about this anime because there are so many popular seiyuu that brought in this anime.

Overall, Servant x Service is an anime slice of life with humor and gag that’s funny. Not too funny but it sure will make you laugh. Sometimes, we watch too many complex stories and we certainly want to turn the brain off. But, this is something that I like. Uplifting the theme as an office worker with an experience of peers and pain as well as some romance spice in it. Other popular seiyuu make this anime add value to its plus. With a very catchy and memorable opening song like the slice of life anime in general, Servant x Service has actually gone beyond what I expect.



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