Game – Nuclear Throne [REVIEW] – Humanity Is Extinct And Mutants And Monsters Now Roam The World

IGN Rating: 9/10
Genres: Shoot ’em up, Roguelike
Developer: Vlambeer
Publisher: Sekai Project
Engine: GameMaker: Studio

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Nuclear Throne is a roguelike game developed by Vlambeer and launched in early access to Steam in 2013. The game was released on December 5, 2015, for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, and PS Vita. Nuclear Throne has been wasting my time for hours as I play this game. If you ever play The Binding Of Isaac or if you like this game, Nuclear Throne might be a game similar to that. With a theme that conveys roguelike, Nuclear Throne managed to attract thousands of fans to be able to play this game. Honestly, this game is peerless because this game can also waste your time in an interesting way, sweet, and experience with full of challenges in it.

Set in an absurd post-apocalyptic world, the feel of this game is not really like a post-apocalyptic world in general. Nuclear Throne is more like a character that has been exposed to far more extreme radiation. Similar to Fallout but much different if you see it again. There is no narration at all and no clear storytelling in this game. However, this thing doesn’t change why this game is so interesting to play. You can interpret how the world, the environment, and the character is work so that you don’t take a mess with the story of this game.


For the gameplay, I give a plus with it. The player can only expand his adrenaline as fully as possible and build up the existing chaos as you have to kill what’s in front of the player. If many people say that Dark Souls or Bloodborne is the hardest game, in fact, I don’t see it in that way because both games provide a checkpoint. Unlike Nuclear Throne or roguelike games, the player dies and the player will repeat it from the beginning no matter how far you play. This system also refers to The Binding Of Isaac. The farther you play, the level of difficulty is more hardest to each level. This game provides a variety of characters and you will be able to choose two characters from the beginning such as Fish and Crystal. Each of these characters also has the skills and uniqueness. For example, Fish that can do roll, more ammo, and more weapons you will get. Crystal has 10 HP if playing at the beginning and can transform itself into a shield. In addition to these two characters, there are so many that you can get like Eyes who can see through the dark, Melting that gains more XP, Plant that moves faster, Y.V. that have a high rate of fire, and much more. But, what is the purpose of playing this game? Actually, it’s only one thing and simple that’s to maintain a throne by killing all the enemy in each level. Not to mention, each level is designed with full of a random pattern so that the experience of playing this game always different. However, you will be provided with a chest that containing ammo, weapons, and potions. A tank that containing XP too can also help the player’s journey. XP is also used as a level up so that you can choose the next mutation or the general term is perks. These mutations such as Back Muscle which increases ammo, Bloodlust that gives you 7% chance of 1 HP, Eagle Eyes that gives full accuracy but less bullet spread, Hammer Head that can penetrate wall for 20 tiles and others.


In addition to completing the game by sitting for a day so you can beat it, Vlambeer also provides a challenge in Daily to Weekly. In the Daily Challenge, thousands of players will be given a level with the same design with just once for a day because if the player dies then that’s your score and this score will be shown on the leaderboard. In the Weekly Challenge, players will be set up a predefined game which means that all enemies and items are unchanged during the weekend. Therefore, the player must be as much as possible in order to become top leaderboards. Although it doesn’t give you what you want like items or anything else, completing this challenge keeps the sensation of being proud yet interesting to try. In addition to these features, Nuclear Throne presents many secrets that I don’t want to discuss because these secrets include spoilers that if you know it will lose the sensation. This secret is also a bit hard to find it but provides a unique item of secret weapons as well as mutation. However, to access it’s always unexpected, for myself. If you are very careful, you may be able to notice it and it’s easy to access it. In addition, you must know how all weapons and enemies that work in this game. You should be able to learn it because not all enemies can be killed easily if you only understand in one weapon.


The enemies that exist also appear in various skills and patterns. For the visual aspect and graphic, this is what I want. An indie roguelike game with stunning graphics pixel makes me more sunk in this game. I think is too much but the visual is presented with a minor appearance and not as realistic as possible so it looks interesting with what is presented. I’ve also played another Vlambeer game’s Super Crate Box and both have the same special traits. I also really like the soundtrack and sound effects that are presented in this game. I instantly felt like I was in a desert where there were only a whole people who wanted to kill me but somehow I wanted to finish them off as well. Like, you are in Mad Max movie. The distortion guitar is promised to add more adrenaline to this game as you finish off the enemies on screen and enjoy the beauty of the soundtrack and the unique sound effects. In essence, the overall aspect of this game is presented in a simple way but made in such a design with excellent thing even more so special. One more thing that also makes me a bit annoying with the gameplay, not the game, that is when the level is change sometimes we spawn and directly against tens to hundreds of enemies present to kill the player. I sometimes undertake reflexes and panic when this is happening. However, maybe some people don’t find this as an annoying aspect but I also don’t really think about this because the core of this game is don’t give up. If you die, repeat again until you obtain a throne.

Overall, Nuclear Throne has managed to kill my time to stay up because of playing this game. It’s like, “I want to try it one more time and I’ll sleep.” but “one more time.” and finally it’s morning. With simple yet attractive graphics pixels and games that provide simple features, Nuclear Throne is an experience that will make you addicted and play this game constantly. Various features such as Daily and Weekly Challenge add your intentions to play this game. I recommend this game to all of you and for those of you who don’t like hard challenges and want realistic graphics, this is not for you. An apocalyptic world with its distorted soundtrack that will make you want to finish this game for a day.


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