Anime – Violet Evergarden [REVIEW] – An “Auto Memory Doll”

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,56/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Author: Kana Akatsuki (Story), Akiko Takase (Art)
Seiyuu: Yui Ishikawa, Daisuke Namikawa, Kouki Uchiyama

Violet Evergarden is one of the anime’s novel adaptations written by Kana Akatsuki and Akiko Takase that won the grand prize in the 5th Kyoto Animation Award program’s novel category in 2014. Originally, I saw the PV on the internet. The beauty of the artwork attracted the attention of all audience who wanted to watch this anime. Some people say that they are not seeing for what they want. They just say that KyoAni only focuses on the artwork and the animation details rather than a boring story. I also watch this anime just for seeing that beauty of the visual, not to enjoy the story at all. But, this anime is one of the best anime in Winter 2018. It’s not wrong if many people say that this is overrated. Do they not know the term overrated itself? Actually, it’s not like that. Violet Evergarden extends their storytelling so brilliantly and taught us to sympathize with someone.

Violet Evergarden GIF

“Violet Evergarden,” tells about a war that remained for 4 years has ended. Violet Evergarden (Yui Ishikawa) is a young girl who is also sent to the battlefield. She was then hospitalized after the last war where she only remembered a word spoken by her dearest but didn’t understand what it meant. After she returned to normal, she started her life working at CH Postal Services after she also got a new family. There, she works as an “Auto Memory Doll,” someone who works in putting people’s feelings and thoughts into words. Violet started her life as an Auto Memory Doll, a trade that would make and search for herself until her dearest spoken word.

VE 01

If I summarize the whole story of this anime, there is someone who wants to find a meaning about “love.” In addition, I can also summarize it like crying, crying, and cry. Each episode presents the main character or support’s crying. Nothing distinguishes it. But, this is only a parable. Violet Evergarden has a flush set in the post-war. Moreover, this anime takes the place after the world undergoing its redemption of post-war. In this anime, we will be introduced to the story of Violet Evergarden, an “Auto Memory Doll” who hasn’t been able to find her true identity. Born with a dark past until she considers being a weapon, she was taken to a job where she could write a letter. This is the interconnection between the main character and the letter. Each episode is so heartwarming, charming, sad, and happy. Followed by the characters or clients that she will meet in each episode, this is where the anime will act and how to make their audiences cry. From the beginning, Violet Evergarden’s character has no emotion at all, and even some people say that she is more like a puppet who has no feelings. Little by little, Violet transformed into a person who had feelings and was not fascinated. Likewise when writing letters. The words she used often contain that are rough and overwhelmed military. Little by little, she can pour her emotions into the relationship between the characters she encounters. This is also what makes me feel cliche due to the use of the same storytelling. More like succinctly, meeting, past, regret, crying, to the problem-solving along with happy cries. But, it’s just like this because Violet Evergarden taught us more about sympathy than what you want to get and expect from the beginning.

VE 02

The artwork and visuals that made why I was interested to watch this anime. Every time some of the PV came out on the internet, I always watch it. Each episode is always spoiled with animation that runs in great detail both the main character, background and supporting characters. This aspect is reinforced when KyoAni shows the dark past of Violet with the darkness of war and the climax section which is depicted full of intense, action, but mixed with drama. The transition between day and night is also made as beautiful as possible because this aspect is also what I like. Nothing is too exaggerated here because KyoAni keeps and expects everything in this aspect. The trademark of this studio is no longer underestimated because I already know how the results. Both opening and ending song, I love it. “Sincerely” by TRUE has lyrics that illustrate the background and feelings experienced by the main character especially in the part of lyrics “Why am I crying right now? How should I answer my heart?” which illustrates exactly how Violet progresses little by little that how she understands her feelings. She was crying but she didn’t know why. Same as “Michishirube” by Minori Chihara as emotional as the opening song, especially on the “An irreplaceable treasure, a nameless flower sleeps peacefully.” where the name Violet comes from the flower but is still asleep inside her. Therefore, the development will be a treasure that no one can replace. Talking about Violet can’t be separated from the seiyuu, Yui Ishikawa. Her character just as she fills Mikasa Ackerman’s voice from Attack On Titan. But, when comparing it, there is a lot of improvisation that she’s doing here. The character she plays emotionless until people think her unfeeling like a doll. But, I’m always surprised how her character always smiles to cry suddenly and it makes me more sympathetic, again, for this character. What’s clear, the character and the seiyuu has managed to create a character and a whole voice to Violet Evergarden.

VE 03

Violet Evergarden has the characteristics that I mentioned. It’s still unclear the story of how she didn’t have a parent that makes me feel unfinished because her past only focused on the times where she was treated by Gilbert Bougainvillea until she became a deadly weapon by the military. The development character is also not too impressed dash so I like carried away by her as well. The supporting characters also maintain the atmosphere experienced by Violet in every episode. However, Cattleya Baudelaire and Benedict Blue are not clear characters and don’t really connect strong affinities to Violet. Other characters such as Erica Brown and Iris Cannary connect the bonds in several episodes. I don’t know about the light novel so, I would not consider this as a major problem. What makes Violet Evergarden has it all? The answer of all is not too excessive and doesn’t degrade and raise the mood of the whole audience. So, this anime has an emotional story and heartwarming. Some people also say that some of the stories that are in the episode immediately brought to the inside because of their experience also felt bounded. For example, a loved one dies in war, a melodrama between parent and child, the stereotypical of those who judge a reversed society, a person who revenge for seeing others from his past, a someone who’s estimates for all his problems so as to burden himself, and someone who stuck of love simply because it came from the royal family. Stories that are presented are also felt so realistic even though this anime is a fantasy. So, Violet Evergarden is an anime that suits you guys who want to look back for emotional drama thing but don’t contain darkness.

Overall, there are a lot of morals up to the lessons that you’ll get from this anime, actually. Violet Evergarden presents a story that runs slowly and boring, to be honest. But, I would not recommend this anime for those who still lay, don’t really understand a drama, and don’t really like a drama. Some of the responses of people I read through his review say that this anime focuses only on the cliché part of the filler in every episode. I also think like that and I consider it as a minor problem as I mentioned. But, that’s the way the anime runs because it’s back again that this is a drama, not an action. If you want to find something charming and animation that made the details as beautiful as possible, Violet Evergarden is the answer because this anime will certainly make you stranded in such a way. What a true beauty in Winter 2018.


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