Anime – My Hero Academia [REVIEW] – What It Really Means To Be A Hero

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,43/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power
Studios: Bones
Author: Kouhei Horikoshi
Seiyuu: Daiki Yamashita, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kenta Miyake

My Hero Academia is an anime written by Kouhei Horikoshi who draws inspiration from many American superhero comics. Nothing wrong if this anime is getting a lot of great appreciation out there even the series that I can say “overrated” into something very popular for anyone watching an anime or not. I just watched the 2nd season even though it was a bit late to resolve. The Crunchyroll Award last year also put a lot of hope from the second season series that also made me a bit disappointed and angry with them. But, this is a cliche thing that I want to enjoy too. It’s not my typical shounen anime or anything else but I just want to enjoy an anime with full of action in it. Because indeed, men like that thing although sometimes I think is pretty childish. This spring also has the third season that starts running now while I also don’t want to follow it first. If it’s all out, I’m going to spit it out. The first season I’ve also watched this during a long time. So, it’s weird if I want to review the second season and the first season when I’ve been watching for a long time. But, let me try it that I hope I still remember it.

“My Hero Academia,” tells about the emergence of “quirks,” superpowers that increase little by little each year with 80% of human beings capable of expelling various abilities from the manipulation of an element until shapeshifting. This leaves a wound for the world for those who don’t have it, especially Izuku Midoriya (Daiki Yamashita) who since his childhood has the ambition to become a hero. Izuku always watches the superhero so he always analyzes it using his notebook. However, he meets one of his favorite longtime inspiration idols, All Might (Kenta Miyake). All Might has a quirk that can be inherited and Izuku is the person who was chosen after seeing a strong ambition inside him. Practicing for months, Izuku stepped into a UA High, a school notable for its excellent program and having people fresh with him. With some of his classmates who are also very talented and always grip how the villain organization works, Izuku learns a lot there.

MHA 01

My Hero Academia doesn’t impress a heavy storytelling because it’s back again from its own anime. The story is simple and the main point of this anime is a superpower and superhero. With both of these things creates “quirks,” a term of the power from each of these superheroes. There is no obvious reason that the protagonist and antagonist here because of the tide’s always back and forth. Izuku Midoriya is a protagonist who has no “quirks” at all in the beginning. He is often bullied by his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugou who makes this character a memorable antagonist, at the beginning. I said at the beginning because the development of this character will eventually peak when he was defeated by the protagonist. Making himself learn from his past, the characters still remain the same. But, one of the focusings of this anime has lies is in “All Might.” He is a superhero who inspires many people, including Midoriya and Bakugou. But, if you didn’t understand what I’m saying right now, let me summarize this. It has a childish theme, bad jokes, predictable, upside down storytelling and many more. So, I came back again because it was as impressive as the cartoons of children in general. This is disappointed me in good ways. If you want to know what My Hero Academia has it all, the art is somewhat mediocre. Studio Bones is known for the very popular anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that produces the best artwork and animation from this studio. Though I was just as exaggerated, I admitted it was. My Hero Academia feels like a superhero comic that moves by itself. There is no obvious reason for that but, people consider for a good thing. Although like that, I’m a little fond of the artwork that presented in this anime because is memorable colorful and remembers, this is a superhero thing. The costumes that designed also impressed in such a way as to read Marvel or DC comics.

MHA 02

The opening song is more I like best from any other aspect. Porno Graffiti perform the song’s “The Day” with a vigorous music as if portraying a superhero in general. With his lyrics inviting adrenaline superheroes, they play this song with a fast tempo so it’s not wrong if this song is one of the overrated songs at the time. The song is also enhanced with its visuals and mood that fits perfectly with everything. I don’t really remember that “Heroes” by Brian the Sun is not very memorable for me. In fact, I forgot how the song sounded. This ending theme song is also pretty good if I hear it again. Daiki Yamashita who fills Izuku Midoriya can be spelled out even though this is one of the most underrated seiyuu. Some I know only Yowamushi Pedal before this anime comes out. Nobuhiko Okamoto is the badass in this anime that fills Katsuki Bakugou. His character changed rapidly when previously filling out Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom. Kenta Miyake, Ayane Sakura, Kaito Ishikawa, and friends I said well. But, Kaji Yuki is cool in this. In the second season too, he took part in filling Shouto Todoroki. The composer, Yuuki Hayashi, has a good score like the superhero thing in general. There is a lot of disappointment from the characters. I know that the first season just gets a little ration compared to the second season. But, all of its characters are well lame. I know that there are many different characters in here. But, we don’t know who their roles are. For example, Izuku Midoraya which is, supposedly, the protagonist is even further his role is so small. Probably because the author wants to make something like zero to hero, development little by little.

MHA 03

But, All Might finally take part at the end of the episode. Katsuki Bakugou who as we know is a bully who’s trying to impress like a bad guy. But, he’s not an antagonist because he only supports the character of the protagonist. It also makes me feel uncomfortable with this character because his role is often up and down even unclear. Although explain all characters is long, this anime feels like memorable to display a variety of characters but the role of these characters is narrow. Only a few characters that have an important role here while there are some characters are also trying to enter into the supporting figure of the protagonist. By the way, Shouta Aizawa and Shouto Todoroki are my favorite characters in this anime even though their role is also spelled out a bit here. After some of the complaints I’ve been putting through words, I’m enjoying them all apart from those lacks because coming back again, this is a superhero thing where all men love this very much. It’s like an anime that target some teenagers even adults. Children may not be able to get understand when they watch this anime even though it seems predictable, childish, and lame characters, this is the shounen thing. So, this anime I can say is perfect for everyone both for men and women because this is a casual thing.

Overall, My Hero Academia is a casual watching where everyone will love it. If you like an action, you’ll love it. If you like a superhero, you’ll love it. If you like a superpower, you’ll love it too. In essence, this anime can be said suitable for you who still teens even adults who want to enjoy an anime version of Marvel or DC. From zero to hero, a few flaws exist in this anime. Has a lame character, a jumping plot, the role of the characters who are always upside down, and too childish. Although like that, this anime is devoted to teenagers and adults. From the beginning of it, I feel that this anime certainly will have a sequel regardless of the popularity. The second season is even much better through some I feel there is less as well. Although that way, the second season is more towards well-development, while the first season is more to the introduction of heroes and villains. Therefore, next, I will discuss the second season of this series.


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