Game – The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill [REVIEW] – The Horror And Comedy Of The Legendary House Of The Dead Series

Steam Rating: 9/10
Developer: Modern Dream
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Wii, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

Genre: Rail shooter

When comes to the video games, what they actually consider about video games? But, how if video games and typing skill fit with each other? There you have it because The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill is the answer to it. This game recovered a legendary series of House Of The Dead that I played as a child. It’s just about a zombie game that running around and shoot with using an aim. This game also reminds me of some Quentin Tarantino movies that I watch because this game almost exactly shows what he presents in his films. It’s about a violent with dark comedy and punchline dialogue. You kill a zombie with using a keyboard, try to type a word in the screen. I just wanted to say that the developers of this game gave a lot of great effort from this game, turning a zombie game into a typing mechanic. As a result, you will instruct yourself to get used to typing on the computer. You know, mastering your fingers with this game.

I’ve never played the first series of The Typing Of The Dead. I saw it on the internet, some YouTubers are playing it, and it’s pretty good with the same mechanics. The player has only one mission in this game that’s typing a word that appears on the screen, whatever what is the word. You can choose a mode that according to your typing keenness level. This mode will also greatly affect the words that come out in each game, whether it’s long, the words you never heard of it, even a lot of swear words. I think the plot is like watching Quentin Tarantino movies. The plot it’s really like a mediocre but it’s a funny thing in it. Many words that come in its mouth and I don’t know what the meaning is. In essence, that is ridiculous vocabulary and weird thing to start your experience.


When playing the story mode, it’s a bit fun to play especially Agent G is the most-mentioned character as a character that most circulated a swear words but with a context that really draws giggling. The weirdly named modes are “B*tch” (Easy), “Agent” (Medium), and “Motherf*cker” (Hard). When you completed the games, you can play it again as a hardcore mode. It’s largely forgiving and no mercy. If you are mistakenly typed, the word will repeat from the beginning. It’s different if playing without hardcore. Not to mention, zombies are moving fast and will attack you quickly. There is one feature that can help the player that’s the colors of the words. The green color indicates that the zombie is still far away, the yellow color indicates that the zombie is at a normal distance, and red color will attack you.


Sometimes, zombies also throw a projectile where you have to type in words or a single letter to protect yourself. But, it’s hard to reflect when you still have to typing a one word but the projectile it’s coming in out of nowhere. You have to press backspace, counter, and repeat the word from the beginning again. Sometimes, you are confronted with a bunch of zombies where you will only press a single letter to kill those things. When we’re playing on a stage, sometimes the characters in the game will talk nonsense and make sound effects from gunshots or anything like that into silence. But I didn’t always get things like this. In story mode, players must be able to peruse each stage and find some art, vinyl, secret, and items where this is the most important thing during you play it. By pressing the tab key on the keyboard, the player automatically has got it. For items such as health and slow motion. In addition to playing the story mode, you can also play mini-games in the form of survival mode or anything like that if you want to enjoy more when you’ve completed the games. In addition, you can also play a normal series of The House Of The Dead: Overkill that you use the mouse like House Of The Dead series.


If I want to compare with all of the House Of The Dead series, this more like repetitive. The sensation is reduced here and I don’t feel playing House Of The Dead just as I played the series as a child. The previous House Of The Dead was harder to turn out with the old series than the Overkill that I admit the graphics were better than prequel but the gameplay was solid. The plot is also pretty like it doesn’t feel I play the typical House Of The Dead because the plot in this game is more specific to adults where there is more blood, explicit characters, and many swear words. In fact, it didn’t feel the nostalgic sense but it leads out that this game is more like to the adults who play it compared to the kids because I get the plot is fun with jokes that sometimes funny. You can also play this game in co-op mode same as before. But, there is no local multiplayer and you must play online if you want to try co-op. If you want to sharpen your typing skills, I would recommend playing a single player where the level of difficulty is more notable than playing multiplayer to second aid.

Overall, this is a good game. Generating a legendary series that almost died by turning the system and mechanics into gameplay about typing a words. It’s unique and have a benefit for you who wants to master and polish your typing skills. It’s about zombie but the keyboard is your weapon, the plot is more like to adult theme but repetitive, and you can explore the secrets during this gameplay. If you are bored, you can try mini-games and a normal mechanics from House Of The Dead. Can be played online multiplayer or single player, but can not be local. This game is more like to someone who wants to increase and improve your typing level than not knowing what’s great for improving typing rates. It gives you a more experience to the game with trying to master your skill.


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