Anime – Mr. Osomatsu [REVIEW] – It Come With Being Sextuplets!

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,18/10
Genre: Comedy, Parody
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Author: Masako Shitara
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Yuuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Ono

Mr. Osomatsu is like an anime with American sitcom version but it’s a Japanese version. Perhaps, Mr. Osomatsu can be compared to that because the absurd and random comedy became a particular to restore the classic anime of the 60’s. From the adaptation of Osomatsu-kun, this is what a phenomenal thing. The manga has also successful along with the anime version for the same success at the time. There are many aspects of why Mr. Osomatsu became an interesting representation for Japanese audience themselves because the comedy version itself is absurd in the Japanese version and is viscous with their culture. Although like that, almost partially didn’t recognize this anime by many people outside Japan. Not as popular as the other parody anime that has made its fandom spread on the internet, Mr. Osomatsu can be counted still in the time. This is an anime that brings the classic elements inside, simplified a pretty well-known pop culture in Japan there at that time, and combined all the famous pop culture today.

“Mr. Osomatsu,” tells about the Matsuno family with six siblings: the leader Osomatsu (Takahiro Sakurai), the cool Karamatsu (Yuuichi Nakamura), the full of reasons Choromatsu (Hiroshi Kamiya), the anti-social Ichimatsu (Jun Fukuyama), the hyperactive Juushimatsu (Daisuke Ono), and the compassionate Todomatsu (Miyu Irino). Although they are all almost 20, they are so lazy and have no motivation at all to find a job, preferring to live as a NEET. Sometimes, they try to find a job and get an interview, they have always rejected in a unique way apart because of their unique properties. From trying to find a girlfriend to find a suitable job, their daily lives never go smoothly along with the stupid activities they do, weird, but full of adventure. Although they are depressed by finding ways to be part of the community, it’s very unlikely that they can get through it.


It’s really weird if I want to discuss what Mr. Osomatsu wants to convey to the audience. In short, it’s like a random comedy focusing on the six NEETs that are identical twins. There is no core story that wants to resolve the conflict, there is only a random comedy and sometimes come from out of nowhere. In addition, the characters also focus not only on these six NEETs but in the episodes seem random. Sometimes focusing on Iyami, Totoko, Chibita, Dayon, and Dekapan. Despite using rather classic comedy and difficult to find such jokes, sometimes Mr. Osomatsu cannot be separated from how modern their creativity. No wonder there are so many parodies which it’s apparent to me and I look exactly so I get the jokes for that because Mr. Osomatsu doesn’t immediately introduce how it works. The first impression I got in this anime is so weird, mind-blowing and funny at the same time. They directly combine anime such as Uta no Prince-sama, Attack on Titan, Haikyu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Assassination Classroom and even pop culture anime such as Naruto and Sailor Moon. The first episode is mindblowing because it combines all the existing parody and breaking the 4th wall which is so unique in it’s they used. So, maybe some people think that this is too much and very exaggerated but that is the way in which the anime perform because they want to build their own characteristic. Some are also not just parody anime, but popular movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mad Max, Spiderman, Saw, and etc. Although the anime is purely a comedy, sometimes this anime is way too far to make the audience suddenly change the mood. Sometimes, there are some scenes of drama that immediately appear in the middle of the comedy that although some of that make me touched and sad when I watch it. The art is really weird, absurd, but taking it in a funny way. For anime that still uses the classic jokes, the visual and the animation are also not separated with a slightly classic style though it looks like a modern anime. For an anime that made by Studio Pierrot, maybe some of us are surprised that the studio is working on popular anime such as Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, GTO, Beelzebub, and etc. However, sometimes some of the segments have the same art as the other anime in general for the part as they parodied the characters of ikemen. For the total effort, I think I don’t have to criticize how the visual and the animation because this part has the comedic element and wants to raise the punchline. I also don’t feel surprised if the jokes seem similar to Gintama, apart from Yoichi Fujita who directed both anime.


Let’s talk about the seiyuu because there are so many people who want to animate this classic thing which it’s very famous in there. They are Jun Fukuyama, Yuuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Ono, Hiroshi Kamiya, Takahiro Sakurai, and Miyo Irino. But not only that. Even the supporting characters such as Kenichi Suzumaru also compete. Maybe those of you may already know all of the seiyuu. They also have enough role for all the characters and their parts. No one wants to expand and no one is denied. Everything is helping each other and covering who’s the most dominant in here. The opening and the ending song is catchy but not memorable. The soundtrack seems to be made as absurd along with the song and the lyrics. So, I don’t feel memorable through this part I also recognize is bizarre. The characters have a unique personality, considering that the 6 main characters are the sextuplets. But as we watch it, we can really differentiate which one is this and that. Starts from Osomatsu which means lame or ill-prepared in Japanese. He is the oldest brother of the sextuplets. His characteristics of wanna try to become a big brother sometimes funny and failed because of his super-chaotic brother. Secondly, Karamatsu who has improvised and cool tough character although sometimes ignored by all of his brothers. Third, Choromatsu who has a logical nature as well as the character that clarifies the punchline or simply as tsukkomi. His slight otaku character until himself ever saw masturbation by his brother which makes this character has his own normal way that makes him funnier. Fourthly, Ichimatsu who has an antisocial character to his brother but more friendly with Juushimatsu. Considered a “joker” of all his brothers, his passionate fondness for cats and jealousy for Karamatsu because he’s more confident than him makes his character sometimes have the other side of all. Fifth, Todomatsu’s who has a double-faced character toward his brothers. Sometimes he also plays the straight man between them. The last, Juushimatsu who has the most idiotic character from all. His talkative and passionate nature sometimes comes out of his character in some parts.


In addition to the sextuplets, characters supporting also sometimes support and enter into the middle of the sextuplets. Chibita who regards the sextuplets as his rival, Totoko who is a bit selfish and wants attention to the sextuplets, Iyami with his catchphrase “Sheeh!” who inspired John Lennon, Hatabou, Dekapan, and Dayon, all of these characters have their own unique characteristics, their own impressions, and their own comedy apart from the sextuplets. In fact, this is a show that’s suitable for all ages although there are some jokes is pretty mature, Mr. Osomatsu is a light comedy anime that is very nice to watch. By the way, this anime is also one of the anime that I dropped 2 years ago because of time up to the many anime that I follow at the time so I lay off for a while for this anime. The temporary time is two years old but thankfully, I can finish this sitcom anime. Indeed I heard that some of the people especially in Indonesia really don’t like this anime because of the humor isn’t funny and the jokes are rather classic so they don’t like this anime. For me, this is a gold. A comedy or anime is not supposed to focus on something just cliche but things that relate to all kinds of absurd and weird are included.

Overall, Mr. Osomatsu brings us an anime with a fresh and original idea, adapting the classic work into pop culture in Japan, and making a new improvisation for people who still lay with a three-dimensional Japanese cultural comedy. With all sorts of stories that make a funny comedy, sometimes exaggerated, and sometimes not funny, Osomatsu-san becomes the grain if a comedy isn’t supposed to contain ideas that we have seen so often. The sextuplets present all sorts of excitement and other absurd things along with the auxiliary characters that always go into the story section which making this anime even funnier. Sometimes made with the drama segment but sometimes it always helps us to relieve stress because of this anime. Obviously, Osomatsu-san is worth watching and can be watched by all ages although a pretty comedy that contains an adult theme that is not noticeable.


5 thoughts on “Anime – Mr. Osomatsu [REVIEW] – It Come With Being Sextuplets!

    1. Hope you can get it on Netflix. I also want to watch some anime or movies on Netflix but Indonesia does not provide this service. By the way, Juushimatsu is really going nowhere, come from nowhere, and a silly one in a funny way. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I think unfortunately depend which country you live and they base demands because of it. And yes, I see some good anime reviews but this is definitely one I really would like to watch.


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