Anime – In Another World With My Smartphone [REVIEW] – The Secrets Of The New World

MyAnimeList Rating: 6,80/10
Genre: Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Fantasy
Studios: Production Reed
Author: Eiji Usatsuka (Art), Patora Fuyuhara (Story)
Seiyuu: Katsumi Fukuhara, Marika Kouno, Yui Fukuo

When an anime has become way too far, then the anime will get a lot of hate. Anime doesn’t really look at how a story it goes, whether the story which presented will always be far from expectations rather than using a logic. I know, there is so much anime that combine something absurd but far from an odd impression. In fact, it’s the opposite. In Another World With My Smartphone fascinated to be a different anime from its own but forgot how to interpret. KonoSuba can be an anime with everything in it absurd but didn’t forget what it wants to show. One Punch Man is an anime with the main character is OP without weakness but still have intentions and didn’t forget the motivation and his goal. In Another World With My Smartphone didn’t use it all in terms of character, background, story, even want to go beyond it. In Another World With My Smartphone is one that missed from anime I’ve ever watched.

“In Another World With My Smartphone,” tells about Touya Mochizuki (Katsumi Fukuhara) who was struck by lightning because of God’s inadvertence. As an apology, God offers him an offer and an opportunity to live again in a fantasy magic world. Touya is happy to accept the offer with a request to keep his smartphone so start his adventure in a mystery world. Starting from his adventure in this new world, Touya finds himself filled with magic where he uses it and makes cute girls interested. These girls are Linze Silhoueska (Yui Fukuo) and Elze Silhoueska (Maaya Uchida) the twins, Yumina Urnea Belfast (Marika Kouno), and Yae Kokonoe (Chinatsu Akasaki). These girls accompany Touya with a romantic frustration but help each other to discover the secrets of this world.


In Another World With My Smartphone is a good anime at the beginning, for me. This anime managed to get me interested in how far an isekai genre is growing from the usual. In Another World With My Smartphone brings us a mixture of the main character who is offered to live in a world that full of magic and fantasy. From here, a plot hole pops up. There is no obvious reason why “God” in this anime is such like that because until the end I watched the last episode, I never got the answer. But I don’t care because the story still goes on and on until he meets the twin heroine cliche who will accompany the main character to a trip without a purpose. First of all, let’s say that KonoSuba is the inspiration of this anime. Even KonoSuba which I think is absurd, they still cover a plot hole even though it seems to be funny and ridiculous. What if the light novel’s explained? Maybe I’m also wrong because I never read the light novel but, this anime clearly wants to make the second season by presenting a curious case after post-credit. Stupidly, I still seek what will happen next. From the beginning, I already know where this anime will go. Like, High School DxD where we already know what the end of the story is. Even so, High School DxD alone has the purpose of the character. School Days which is said to be the worst anime ever have a goal about what they want to convey to their audience. In Another World With My Smartphone is just an anime with OP main character that has no weakness at all, even embarrassed Kirito from Sword Art Online. The conflict that just came out and concluded with a very short time made me think what it looks like again, whether it will be like this again, like that, or there is a plot-twist? Nope, don’t expect that roughly. You will not find such things like those. The art is so bad which I want to watch Mars Of Destruction again. Production Reed took a lot of hope about making this anime. I don’t know, Rainbow Days can be said as their best anime. The art is flat that you can notice all of the errors in this anime. One of the most noticeable by the audience is when the main character sitting in a horse-drawn carriage while learning a new magic or I also forgotten this scene. From here, the camera angle is taken from below the main character and from here the big error is so obvious. The main character with long calves as though they were Code Geass characters although the anime is said to be as good, short stomach, and small head. I still remember how embarrassing and cringe it was when I saw this scene even though I had forgotten it in what episode exist. In addition, when the main character fighting against the bad guy who out of nowhere and one of the characters using sand magic. From, here again, the color of the sand and its texture is very different from what is in reality. I mean, it’s a stupid thing to bring a logic in anime for some people but does they want to finish this project quickly?


One more thing I hate the most is the transition. Anime in general certainly presents a transition in the middle duration of every single episode but not for this anime. The transition always comes just like that and the director uses this technique to make punchlines from the jokes where they want to make the audience laugh instead. By the way, it’s also irony when the visuals on the cup are made very detailed rather than the characters and animations that didn’t match our expectations. The soundtrack is mediocre, a typical anime with sound effects that I can’t find some of its lacks. Takumi Itou I think he does a great job but sometimes, the placement of the song and sound effects is always wrong in some scenes. For seiyuu, Katsumi Fukuhara as Touya Mochizuki is very good for his debut that plays the main character even though there is no emphasis at all, nothing is exaggerated and nothing is lack. Some people consider it annoying but for me, he is very good for his debut. Maaya Uchida as Elze Shilhoueska is not very impressive, considering that she’s filling out the voice of Rikka from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!. Sumire Uesaka can be considered the most interesting of all, just as Sanae from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!. For some of the others, they are mediocre and do exact things as Katsumi Fukuhara. The opening and ending theme song isn’t too memorable and not too catchy, for myself. Both of these songs are like songs that I often hear in some isekai or fantasy anime in general. But, they are bad which mean I’m not into it. No well-development in the character aspect. It’s just a character that dies inside without any sense and soul at all. Touya Mochizuki is the character of the overpowered character who’s so extraordinary. Nothing can beat this character of all the characters, even embarrass all the strongest characters in all the anime that I’ve watched. In this case, I don’t see whether there is any development at all. He is just a character capable of copying all the powers that exist in other characters just by one looking. Don’t be surprised if he also can be fairly predictable, there is no intent and purpose at all why he wants to live in the fantasy world.


For summaries, they are all the same. The existing heroine doesn’t intend to help the character, it’s more to the feelings of all heroines. There is no obvious reason why all heroine in here loves the main character. It’s like a typical harem anime. High School DxD can be said to be the one harem anime that I don’t like but there is some logic and thought reasons of all the characters that exist. For the overall, there is no simplicity. Rather with the character that goes out of nowhere and can apply just about anywhere in the world that he lives in. What’s more, everything is predictable. It’s really hard to watch an anime that push myself into the deep as hard as I can. This anime doesn’t seem to have what I often feel in watching some anime such as nothing. All I got was the sense of interest in watching the first episode that I thought was a unique story, combining elements of isekai, harem, and a smartphone. But, this is just an insult for some shounen anime that has motivation from zero to hero. An anime that has no purpose, no adventure at all, and a heroine with no clear intentions to love the main character just because of his kind action. For some reason, KonoSuba still has a goal and plan where the main character also wants to seem silly which have no purpose at all. In fact, there is no sense at all after watching this anime. It’s simply like a running conflict that out of nowhere and directly modified by the main character with his power. Besides, the fanservice that doesn’t really matter I don’t know why it just happened in episode 9 for example if I’m not mistaken. Then, the atmosphere turned serious. This is the one part which blows my freaking mind.

Overall, In Another World With My Smartphone is like a comedy that failed unsatisfactorily in building the humor. The story that still feels like a lot of its plot hole and an OP without any weakness even embarrassed Kirito from Sword Art Online. This is the type of anime which you wanna watch and you laugh because of the lack. There is no intention why we want to watch anime like this because it is uncomfortable to start something and stop in the middle of the range. I don’t like that despite how bad it is, I’ll do it anyway. The question that immediately flew through my head was, “why am I pushing myself to watch this show?” The answer is it’s so bad that is good. Same as The Room, watching this movie, again and again, feels no one can beat it because it’s so bad that I want to watch it again. This is one of the anime that made by a team in a fast way, no intent at all what we get. But, it’s worth watching because it’s not that good but we can laugh with the badness which means I also pretty appreciate this anime.


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