Anime – Durarara!! x2 Shou [REVIEW] – A New Threat Appears

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,11/10
Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural
Studios: Shuka
Author: Ryohgo Narita (Story), Suzuhito Yasuda (Art)
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, Miyuki Sawashiro

After the first introduction in 2010, the fanbase quickly spread just like Baccano! proved that this series became a success for the future again. Although like that, the second season is just given 12 episodes only while the first season is 24. The fanbase on the internet is growing more, especially fangirling, some people also consider that this series doesn’t need to make the sequel because it contains nonsense. A series that doesn’t have a core at all doesn’t need to be made, to be there, even the first season is enough to make the new series again. But Durarara!! x2 Shou comes with an endless story about the character who has to deal with some gangs and new insane people, introduces the characters that are not far insane than before, and will certainly contain something exactly the same as the first season.

“Durarara !! x2 Shou,” tells about a peace which finally arrived in Ikebukuro, nothing more to worry about. Even so, someone puts a huge bounty on Celty Sturluson (Miyuki Sawashiro) where all the gang members look for their whereabouts. On the other hand, Mikado Ryuugamine (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) is approached by Aoba Kuronuma (Hiro Shimono), the mysterious underclassman with unknown intentions knowing the true identity of Mikado. Since these incidents, a threat from the killer who wears a different mask every time he is committing a crime which made a mess at Ikebukuro. As with different place but related events, Ikebukuro is in another conflict that causes chaos everywhere.


By far, Durarara!! x2 Shou still can’t be separated from what is presented from the plot and the storytelling. Telling a character with a linear narrative style from one point to another, it will return to the story of what the character experienced and will continue later. In this second season, the main character will face a new character who suddenly knows the true identity of him. This season may be more to a determination of the main character whether he still wants to stick to his choice or want to leave it. The story will focus more on his viewpoint so some characters are missing and lacking in the role. Perhaps this is why the second season is more likely pass than the first season or because this season just gets a few episodes. If the previous season tells about an event from where and what’s the point, this second season is more to the character that’s forcibly wanted to get into the story but sometimes their steal each other. If the first season does need a more 20 character recognition, why in this second season do the rooms? But I understand why the second season is more referring to the characters stealing each other’s roles because, in the end, it will all meet in a vantage point that blends in the main character’s answer at the end of the story. Nothing much to say about the art. It’s mediocre and same as the prequel. Simple but unique in character development. I think Shuka studio understands how Brain’s Base minds are in the face of this issue. There is nothing to pay attention too because there is nothing to see. Similarity, it’s similar to a historical anime 91 Days. But, I haven’t watch it yet and just glimpsed the visually.


The soundtrack is practically similar to the prequel, but not as memorable from the first season. The location of the sound effect, jazz, and piano ballad, the parts are not lost from all these aspects. All the seiyuu also didn’t change at all, still performed with full of performance and uniqueness. So, same as the art. I don’t need to add every detail because there is nothing else to analyze. The characters take on more of their roles and focus more on the main story that the main character experienced. I see that Baccano! didn’t forget the role of all the characters, although focusing on the main characters that are interconnected from the event as well as different times but always pay attention to the tiny details. Durarara!! x2 Shou prefers to the original character of the main character, the manner of the main character is more precise. Some people on the internet always distinguish who is the best, Baccano! or Durarara!!. I think both have their own uniqueness neither each way despite having a similar storytelling. Durarara!! is more focus on the city which becomes the main story, I think this second season is more lost than the first season which more pronounced. But, the next season may be more to something than what they want to present. In fact, maybe this will be the time to fix any shortcomings that seen in this season. The post-credit as well also slipped some twist at the end which means there will be a new character perception, I think. If you still didn’t understand what you want to enjoy for this second season, I think you should watch it again. This second season isn’t worse than I expected because there are still some aspects that still follow the first season like the same storytelling, weird characters that do weird things, and you can still see your favorite characters in this anime. It’s pretty much enjoyed with the little acknowledgment of the plot holes that were in the first season as well as some confusion. What I’m amazed is, what is the meaning of the title? Well, you can interpret in your own way.

Overall, maybe I’m compelled to admit how I love this series even if they made a new season again, I’ll keep watching it even though the story becomes a mess. Durarara!! x2 Shou isn’t as bad as we think. In this series, we will be taken from the decision of how the main character will be confronted in two options that are still unanswered, some of the twists are also still existed so sometimes I’m surprised when I watch this. Baccano! and Durarara!! are the two series with different storytelling from the anime in general and I hope, there’s anime like this again beside those two anime because I’m also bored with all the cliche that always appear every season. This season is worth watching if you are still curious about the first series.


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