Game – The Suffering [REVIEW] – The Truth Behind “The Suffering” Rating: 4,2/5
Engine: Riot Engine
Developers: Midway Games, Surreal Software, Next Level Games
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Wii
Genres: First-person shooter, Third-person shooter

This is one of the game that full of memories, full of horror, and it’s nostalgic to remember again. The Suffering is one of the most underrated gems that are so quickly forgotten among gamers. This is one of the horror genres that recombine action elements and third-person shooter even though you can change it to a first-person shooter. It’s like F.E.A.R. with the same aspect about a psychological person because of murky old memories. The Suffering is one game that has a thick atmosphere and an action horror that attracts intense. Don’t forget the twist ending depending on how the player plays it whether you get the happy, bad, or neutral ending. It’s up to you when it comes to this game.

“The Suffering,” tells about Torque, a prisoner who was found guilty of murdering his ex-wife and two children in which he himself pleaded not guilty because his memory was vaguely and didn’t know what was happening. After he arrived at the Abbot State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, off the coast of Maryland, an earthquake struck the island and the prison was attacked by an unusual supernatural power. Torque needs to get through freedom where he has to deal with demons and try to find out what’s going on with his family.


The Suffering is practical “not” horror game like Outlast or Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The Suffering is more into an action than the horror itself. However, this is not the fact that only its actions are noticed while there is no sensation of the own horror. I also like this game because this game compiles the story so neater and didn’t mess up. If you play this game, sometimes we are interspersed with an illusion of another world that shows a haze memory of the main character where we also sometimes surprised. It’s like F.E.A.R. when you are walking in a hallway or a room then you find yourself with the illusion of the ghosts. Although seemingly confusing and cliche, sometimes, moments like this make us more creepy and disturbing when remembering it again. In addition, this game also has a psychological level that’s quite difficult to take by people. The action is cool but the horror is hard to be enjoyed by people who still lay. Each of the little moments is also noticed by the developer so sometimes we miss a small event that we don’t see that coming. For example, a dead end that makes the main character becomes an illusion. What I want to say from this part it’s so creepy and realistic. Don’t complain if you want a high-end graphic when playing on a high-end PC. This is a classic game that the platform originally appeared on PlayStation 2 following with Xbox to Microsoft Windows. If back in those days, I think graphics with games like this are so good to be able to play on a console. I also like the voice acting apart from the main characters who never talk at all during the game.


The player will fight an enemy with an absurd and unique form in the action part. You can say it like an enemy with his legs and hands modified into a blade, an enemy with a weapon that can shoot you behind his back, a man with a syringe that can make the main character hit by poison, and much more besides. The enemies in this game also attack in their own way depending on what type they are. There is an attack from the ceiling, from the back, from the side, do a surprise attack, attack from underground and so on. Even though you are only prepare first with bare-handed hands without weapons, during the journey you will be able to get weapons and grenades that you can use to fight those monsters. What I’m confusing here is that all these enemies. No explanation at all even though I’ve read the entire archive, I still didn’t understand. Maybe, the story only focuses on the interpretation of all people alone or maybe I can’t understand about this game.


If you don’t like the third-person shooter game, you can change it into a first-person shooter depending on whether you’re comfortable with this or that. As for me, third-person is the most comfortable thing than the first-person shooter when playing this game on the console. The first-person shooter will be more felt if you play it on PC for some reason. I sometimes use both because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Third-person can use when looking around you and first-person can use when you want to get a perfect accuracy. But that also depends on the player. The camera is also appropriate for games like this, never run or lose the focus from the main character, and always stay behind the player so it feels like a natural. However, this may also include deficiencies because you can’t see your behind and should be turned around if you want to look back. Just like Resident Evil 4 but it provides a feature where you can be turned quickly from behind. The weapons that provided are also various like a shotgun, dual pistol, Tommy guns, grenades, Molotov cocktails, and TNT. But I get myself it’s better when I use a knife because they die faster than the weapons. Although like that, all of the weapons are also okay and stretching from some enemies. The player will also be prepared for the flashflight where you should be able to use this at the right time. In addition to a flashlight, the player also has been prepared for flares that can light your way for a while. If you are still not enough with these weapons, the main character can turn into a muscular creature monster and can ripping all enemies with ease. I think this is the coolest feature back at the time but now it looks cheap if gamers nowadays see this.


When it comes to the storylines, is just Torque only exist? Other supporting characters include one of the coolest in my opinion such as Dr. Killjoy whose his appearance’s always through movie-projected images that can only be seen with CCTV but can sometimes be seen without it. This is one of the characters that teaches Torque about his past to why he can exist in the jail. Other than Dr. Killjoy, there will be Hermes T. Haight and Horace P. Gauge. By the way, I love John Armstrong’s voice that fills the voice for Dr. Killjoy and Horace P. Gauge. I also like these three characters because they teach Torque many things including how to get rid of his evil side. Characters like this are characters who have a sad knowledge of their experiences while still living in prison. In addition to these three supporting characters, you will also play how to determine the happy or bad ending. Depending on how you play, you will find several other NPCs on the way where you can help or ignore it. This aspect will bring you how bad or good the character is if you want to make the story more interesting. On the way, I also often find out where else should I go. This game provides a map system but doesn’t help at all. I also sometimes annoying with the puzzle which I think not towards hating it at all. It’s great by the way with puzzles like this because this game wants to be realistic or whatever.

Overall, The Suffering is a horror action game that’s not always to bring a horror element into something like a horror game in general. Horror doesn’t always focus on something related to scary or jumpscare but can be combined with action so there is a sense of creepy but powerful when playing this game. With the storyline that prepares us various endings that we can enjoy depending on the morality of the player, this game makes everything more interesting. For graphics, it’s great when back in the days. Various weapons to kill the monsters, the camera that you can change, and the illusions that make you confused but creepy at the same time. The voice acting is great and the rest, it’s a game that’s worth it to play it again.



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