Game – Far Cry [REVIEW] – A Cunningly Detailed Action Shooter That Pushes The Boundaries

IGN Rating: 9,2/10
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Ubisoft
Director: Cevat Yerli

Engine: CryEngine 1
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Far Cry is one of popular first-person shooter franchise from Ubisoft. For the first series, Far Cry feels different from the others because it uses CryEngine which is developed by Crytek as the engine which also developed Crysis. In this first franchise, I feel quite the difference from the nuances of the background to the AI. Far Cry is more likely to the narrative as it shows a little something related to mutant or etc. In fact, the sequel doesn’t provide things like this and also not too run as planned. Although like that, Far Cry 5 can be said as the series is which popular today because it combines everything in the previous series. This is the first Far Cry series to pioneer all versions of Far Cry and other first-person shooter games.

The game tells about a former special forces soldier, Jack Carver who was stranded in a mysterious archipelago. He searched for a journalist where he drove her after disappearing because their ship was destroyed by mercenaries. After that, he found many strange things after he was recruited by a woman named Valerie Constantine in order to go in secret on an island in Micronesia. After Val gives him a jet ski, Jack’s ship is blasted by a rocket. With the help of someone named Doyle, Jack travel the whole island against the mercenaries to find Val. Along encounter with Trigens, an experiment beast, and information from Doyle, Jack later discovered that the island was part of an experiment that was modifying a genetic, funded by Krieger Corp. and led by the CEO, Dr. Krieger.

FC 01

We certainly know that Far Cry series is never interconnected in narrative terms because they always provides a fresh story for the player. The background is more obvious to an island with a variety of exotic beauty plants. In this series, the story will going linearly and not use the open world system although you can also be free to surround an islands. For each mission, you’ll be in a new place both in the laboratory and the island. One thing I believe when first playing this game is how hard it’s though playing in easy mode. I also temporarily play the second series where both games still don’t have a stealth kill. AI in this game is more impressive for myself because they can see the player from a distance and with small voices when you do sprint it will be heard by the AI. Not to mention, when you fight against the mercenaries it’s so difficult to even have to hide and kill them one by one from behind the bush because of how hard it’s if you play this game in a hasty. Although this is a pretty classic, I thought that the graphics might be classic as well. But, nope. Especially in the water effect that’s so realistic and the lighting as well as dynamic rather precisely with other parts. For the details, the background beat but not for the animation and the AI because they are sometimes stupid and ridiculous.

FC 02

Far Cry is more impressed as having strategic before attacking. As I said, hasty and do a little mistake then it will game over. Not to mention because of the fast blood reduction, you must be smart to be able to build your tactics and strategies so that you can kill the enemy one by one. In addition, you can also see how far the enemy is within a distance of almost 1-km from the chasm. The graphic is also like that, when looking from a close range then the details will be more equivalent but it will disappear if you stay away from it. I’m also a bit disappointed with the AI who always acts like a psychopath because they’ll always attack the player how far you go. Like for example being on a chasm and a ship suddenly shoot rocket launcher to the player and we don’t see that coming. The AI also sometimes can see the player from behind the building wall and shoot the player as can. But they are also sometimes not as stupid as I think. Sometimes, they always take the right steps when they see the player as they’ll sound the alarm and reinforcement comes in all directions such as helicopters and cars. Hide in underbrush isn’t very helpful because their eyes are sharp even at night. When you are firing a single bullet then they will suspicious the player. However, a weapon with a silencer might help you. The weapons have a good and balanced way of operation like M4 where you can turn it into single shot or automatic mode. The sniper is also better than sniper in FPS games in general because you can zoom it 16x to the distance you cannot suppose. There is a fully-automatic shotgun where this weapon is more useful if you want to go break through, especially at the building level. A silenced submachine gun is more useful for doing a little stealth kill even though the damage isn’t too big from M4. There are a variety of grenades such as flash, frag, and smoke where you’ll use this depending on your strategy.

FC 03

The soundtrack is more like an ambient sound as if it were on an uninhabited island. The soundtrack when in fighting mode, it’s mediocre like games or action films in general. You’ll also be provided a health pack or ammo to help your journey. Even so, the health packs and ammo are not too much considering there are many different mercenaries that you are fighting against. Sometimes, the AI seems realistic in rooting out the player like they don’t always hang around somewhere. They will find a place to hide, move slowly, and will do a surprise attack. Sometimes they do distractions so we focus more on one person and open a crack for the enemies. Far Cry uses an autosaves system that’s a bit annoying for some people, including me. Autosaves always come suddenly no matter where the player is doing a checkpoint, whether you are fighting, driving, or being hunted. For example, if you always love to past by the enemies and suddenly autosaves happen, it would be harder to kill at the next checkpoint and more enemies coming from behind because you miss them.

FC 04

We don’t forget about the vehicles, one of the most important aspects of Far Cry. Apart from the next Far Cry game, first-person shooter games don’t matter if the player’s driving a vehicle. However, this closes the player vision because they can’t see the surroundings. For Far Cry 1, you can change the camera to the third-person shooter and more open to the environment to better see the situation around. Although this is only one small part that relieves in Far Cry, I want to be more like this again. In addition, in this game isn’t too memorable for the open world with a fascinating world and you can explore it without any limit. For this series, the gameplay moves linearly and always focus on the main quest neither side quest. However, you are not too confined to something which is like an invisible wall. You can explore everything without getting in your way. You can also take some alternative paths which make it easier to get through enemies than to fight them. This system can also be used like scanning from the higher cliffs before fighting off many enemies and you can kill them by using a sniper or tagging them by using binoculars.

FC 05

There is one more thing that I think isn’t too much of a problem but a bit annoying ie the stamina bar. Doing sprints can wasted your stamina quickly unless you equip a machete or a handgun so you can restore your stamina quickly too. The ladder is one that is a  pretty difficult to control because I sometimes fall when I’m down the ladder. In water, the stamina bar becomes a lung bar where if it runs out then you will take a damage in the water. During your journey, players can use CryVision, a goggles that light up your way at night and easier to see the enemy. I often use this tract when I want to stalk the various enemies. Now, we will discuss a bit about the multiplayer although I didn’t try this part because this game has closed the multiplayer system since October 2015. Multiplayer mode provides different mode such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and assault. For the assault mode, you’ve to attack or protect a three base and the other team will try to capture them. I almost forgot to say about the gun which is sometimes more useful to kill the enemy by doing headshot. For me, I don’t find myself using more of these weapons. P90 and other machine or submachine gun is more useful to do headshot for me regardless P90 has a bad accuracy but rather has a big damage.

Overall, this is a classic Far Cry who just wants to nostalgic or try the first Far Cry series for fans of this franchise. Far Cry can be said as a franchise that’s still popular today because Far Cry 5 is one of the most overhyped games after the announcement on March 27, 2018. This is more like to the sci-fi with other mutants in here. The feel of the background feels more like being on an island without the inhabitants but everyone wants to kill the player. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying when playing one level considering almost an hour if you want to finish just one level. AI that sometimes smart but stupid make the player must arrange some strategy and tactics in order to kill them all. The music is a bit ambient with a theme that impressed like a sea which it might be spelled out for good aspect. It’s a worth playing if you want to enjoy a classic like this or you guys who really like this franchise.


2 thoughts on “Game – Far Cry [REVIEW] – A Cunningly Detailed Action Shooter That Pushes The Boundaries

  1. I have to admit of the Far Cry series, I’ve only played the third and fourth entries. I liked 3, but I could take or leave 4, as I thought it was a token sequel that was made only to capitalize on the former’s success. Maybe I’ll check out the original at some point because I did hear good things about it.

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    1. The third series is my favorite. I play the fourth series on the console, not on PC. The first is kind of mediocre, I think but it’s so difficult to play it. You can try it later if you wanna see the original.

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