Anime – K-ON! Season 2 [REVIEW] – After School Tea Time

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Comedy, Music, Slice of Life
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Author: Kakifly
Seiyuu: Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Satou, Ayana Taketatsu

This isn’t something that the internet doesn’t know because some people love moe and the other hate it so much. K-On! so far is my favorite slice of life anime ever. Some are also my favorite besides this and some I think, it’s okay to be able to enjoy it. The first season reminded me of things I couldn’t take at first but for the second season, this is the best season of all considering the season two gets a bigger share compared to the first season. So, this is the season two for K-On! series.

“K-ON! Season 2,” tells about a few months after their live performance in the new year. The light music club returns to Sakura High for their new school year. Now they are senior and get ready for final exam preparation. When people are nervous about this, these music clubs have a lot to think about whether to go shopping for clubs, clean up club rooms, or find ways to keep their clubs going by looking for new club members. But when there are music and all sorts of other things, they have to let go so they don’t waste their memories before graduation.

KONS2 01

This season it’s more like a process to graduate story because this season is more to focus on what they are doing after graduating from school. The story is still as basic as the first season, it’s relaxing and have to turn off your brain. For this second season, the pace gets better than the first season and there is a process for everything so it’s not too rash. The first season did get a few episodes while the second season got 24 for 2 extra episodes and 1 OVA. This season is also more directed to a slice of life than what the main characters do. Unlike the first season that focuses Yui Hirasawa as her goal to mastered her skill, the second season is more into the school genre than the music. Nothing to say with the animation and visual. I rate this second season as same as the first season because there is no alteration at all. The design is too cute for the characters, the filter of interesting colors like anime with happy themes, as well as animation in the background with other characters that get better. I think it’s enough to say with the art and the visual because there’s nothing else I want to say.

KONS2 02

The opening and the ending song are the best. Because it gets a large portion, I think there’s nothing wrong if it provides two opening and ending songs which are so catchy to hear. The first and second opening song sung by Aki Toyosaki that’s pretty sweet memories but kinda annoying at the same time, same as my judgment in the previous season. The first and second ending song it’s kinda worth it to be heard twice especially the ending song. Both songs are also sung by Yoko Hikasa whose voice is so slick. There is nothing I can say for the seiyuu as well because everything always appears to match their characteristics. The characters are so well to be told at once. Just like the others, I just have the same opinion as the first season. In this second season, Azusa Nakano is a character that goes deeper into other characters considering that the first season doesn’t get too many roles and a clear background. For everything, the characters in this anime have different characteristics and have a good side to the story well. So, nothing less to say about this. Yeah, it’s been a while since I never watch the slice of life again. Even, for now, I can just put it in my ‘plan to watch’ list. I remember when watching this anime isn’t very interesting as well as all female characters that made me not intend to watch it. But, it’s all upside down when this series is an anime that makes me love the slice of life genre or something. The comedy is good and very easy to understand, every episode always makes me happy when I remember it again. ‘Happiness’ is the right word to snatch it all together.

Overall, K-On!! is a worth watching if you still want to watch this series again or you guys who just watched the first season. Yeah, it’s pointless to think of it anymore considering there’s just a bunch of girls along with their daily life at school. But, somehow like there is a sense when watching this anime, a sense that wants to know more deeply. The art by KyoAni always makes something beyond the limit of cute, character design, animation, and seiyuu that support everything. This series is a series that can’t be judged from people’s opinions unless you have to see it for yourself.


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