Movie – Following [REVIEW] – You’re Never Alone

IMDB Rating: 7,6/10
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Jeremy TheobaldAlex HawLucy Russell

So here comes a debut movie from Christopher Nolan after his movies that always astonished the audience. With his characteristic that we always know until now, Following I suppose isn’t a film that looks ordinary but this is too common to be called a debut. Whereas with low-budget and actors who’re almost all of them not well-known, all aspects of this movie can be spelled out in a class with other films. Just like Pi directed by Darren Aronofsky, these two men have way too far genius to be able to make a movie like these. I also don’t write this too much about not because the movie is bad but everything will be the same as I review other Christopher Nolan works. So this is his debut movie from Nolan who’s known as one of the most genius directors ever.

“Following,” tells about Bill (Jeremy Theobald) recounting an event and his life as a free writer who likes to follow strangers around London. One day, a confident person where Bill followed him suddenly approached him for suspicion. Cobb (Alex Haw) is a burglar who takes Bill to have the experience as someone who likes to break people’s homes. By the time they break a woman (Lucy Russell) house, he is interested because of her photograph. He follows her and chats in a bar belonging to her ex, a scumbag who kills a person in her house using a hammer. At that moment, Bill wanted to do as best he could for the woman as it would lead to a break-in.

Alex Haw and Jeremy Theobald in Following (1998)

Following isn’t really to explain the background of the characters. There is no explanation as to where Cobb came from, how Bill breathed before becoming a writer, and a woman who didn’t explain her roots. In this film, Nolan uses black and white format to looks like noir films in general. From here too, we’ve already seen how Nolan has created stories that move non-linearly, the ending scene in the opening scene, and the characters that have a pressure of the problem. Techniques like this will be used in his next movies. I like the character of Bill who has his stance, has nothing, and he is very like to follow random people in order to find ideas or inspiration from his writings. But his attitude will go further and the non-linear conflict will begin to play with your mind. Actually, not too seriously but the twist on the ending is really coupled regularly. The film isn’t too long as well and just 1 hour 10 minutes. I also like this Cobb personality for playing with one’s mind so wisely and full of logic. Those two actors are also a great performer with a serious accomplishment. With a mystery, thriller, to a pretty noir, I think this is not something that no doubt needs to be. There’s not much I can write about this movie because it’s just like any other Nolan movie where I have the same opinion about it.

Overall, Following is a great move to make his debut as one of the best directors ever. It’s overrated but I also admit it. With a non-linear storytelling to the ending at the beginning of the film, this is the beginning where he will use these things in his current films. The story idea is interesting and there is a bit of anti-hero to play a stressful character at the end of the movie. Following is a worth to watch if you want to start watching all of Christopher Nolan’s movies.


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