The Legend Of Zelda [RETRO GAMES REVIEW]

Developer: Nintendo Research & Development 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Directors: Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka
Composer: Koji Kondo
Series: The Legend Of Zelda
Platforms: Famicom Disk System, Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Action-adventure
Mode: Single-player

The Legend Of Zelda

Back when Nintendo was still triumphant and provoking a gaming era, I think we all know that The Legend Of Zelda is one of the best games ever in NES library. When the games on the platform present something like mediocre 2D side-scrolling, The Legend Of Zelda presents an idea and original that is new and fresh at the time. I never remember when playing this game as a kid because this game is not very well known here. Super Mario Brothers that surfaced all of it but I also didn’t say if it isn’t the game. In The Legend Of Zelda, it’s not about killing all enemies on screen and going to the next stage but this game is about exploration and patience to finish this, looking for all the easter eggs and quest to reach using certain items.

  • A mediocre story but it’s unique at the time

Use a mediocre story about heroes that save the princess, a small empire in the land of Hyrule where Ganon causing chaos in the kingdom. He stole a Triforce, a part of a magical artifact that has great energy. In order to prevent his goal, Princess Zelda split it and hid eight other pieces in secret dungeons. Before the princess was kidnapped, she ordered someone to look for somebody who attempted to save the kingdom and he was Link. In this game, Link will be tasked to find eight pieces of Triforce that hidden in the dungeons labyrinth, killing several monsters and combining the shards. With Triforce combine into one, Link can go to Ganon’s hideout and kill him with a Silver Arrow. It’s mediocre but it’s kinda unique back in the time because the thing I know most at the time is that there is no internet and we didn’t know what Ganon’s looks like. The more curious, the more we play the game even though it takes a lot of patience.

  • An enthusiasm gamer will love this

At the time, a genre like this is still difficult to accept people especially children who play this game because it takes to read a manual and guide. If you don’t have that thing then this game will feel hard and you have to play blind. I played this game a few days ago where it’s kinda exciting but frustrating at the same times. This game is very hard to play for people who love modern games and I guess, they’ll not be suitable for it. This is not a Role Playing games game in general and The Legend Of Zelda is very different from the others. You must have long enough time to play and finish this game, looking for a way out, items to be required, to a secret passage. For now, I play this game by looking at the map screen on the internet. Playing the game blindly is also very cool of course but for you gamers enthusiasm, I highly recommend this game.

  • The saving feature back at the time

One thing that makes me interesting again to this game is the saving feature, where you can save and continue your data tomorrow so you didn’t need to be afraid to finish this game in just one sitting. At the time, this feature was the most unique part of the day as most NES games require one sitting to completed the game so there is no difficulty and less frustration to play this game. If you die in this game, you’ll also not lose the items you’ve got but you will keep it. Yet, the enemies you kill in one screen will come back. Take the positive, you can kill him again to collect the rupee where you will buy the expensive items you need. The rest, there are more 100 screens that exist in this game and not to mention only a few clues that exist so it’s difficult to access the secret area. One of the most important things in this game is patience and exploration where you have to explore if you can.

  • Secret dungeons not always be lucky things

The enemies are quite difficult to fight against them and sometimes they appear in different directions with varying numerous. You pressed the B button to use the items and A button to use the sword. Items are like bombs that are useful for bombing enemies or accessing secret areas by using them on the wall, a useful boomerang to freeze enemy, a handy candle to lighten your path while in a dark dungeon or burn a bush so that it opens a secret path, raft that is useful for crossing oceans, and etc. In addition, you can also upgrade your sword by accessing the secret dungeon, again. This secret area is also not fully prepared in the form of items or rupees to help your journey but sometimes you are also unlucky in a secret way that reduces your rupee.

  • Conclusion

The Legend Of Zelda is certainly one of the best RPG games ever on NES or even ever on all consoles. It’s classic to play this game again and for those of you who like RPG games or enthusiasm gamers, I highly recommend it. This is an 8-bit that has caused a lot of influence on modern games. You can say it like rogue-like games like The Binding Of Isaac, Psychonauts, and of course Dark Souls. I’m not sure if the new generation gamers will be interested to play this game because as James Rolfe a.k.a. AVGN stated that modern games more feels like a movie than enjoy the video games. Bottom line, nothing more to say than The Legend Of Zelda is one of the gems that never goes away. By the way, love the soundtrack although it’s a looping but why not? One of the most memorable soundtracks in video games is one in here.


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