This will be a very long time to enjoy some anime that I missed too much in previous seasons. It’s too many even I’m confused where I start to. So, Hinamatsuri is my first pick for a slight anime that is not too complicated to keep up. First of all, I can’t believe how funny this anime is. Initially, this anime reminds me of anime that’s not too classic but one of my favorites Beelzebub. Although I prefer the manga which has a whole story compared to the anime adaptation, Hinamatsuri reminds me of it. I knew Studio feel through the anime that I’ve watched for a long time such as Kiss x Sis, and Oregairu 2 although this one is not too long either. In addition, Kei Oikawa as the director of this anime also directed the two anime that was in the same season which is Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Hinamatsuri has a silly premise but kind to watch let alone this is a comedy anime that understands how comedy is. The story follows a young yakuza who gets a little girl with a superpower that comes out of a pod naked. I mean, it is hard to explain but the way to explain it is a bit absurd where I’m not expecting it. This girl, Hina, joins Nitta Yoshifumi’s life directly as an adult who becomes a nanny. After watching three episodes, I think so far is still good even though I feel a desire that sometimes turns out. Sometimes it turns charmed and sometimes turns into heartwarming although the rest takes on the theme of yakuza life, not at all.

The plot is also the reason why this anime doesn’t always follow its way. The story is said to be solid, I think, and this anime can still draw some laugh. However, it happens at random although I don’t make it my minor problem because it has a good rhythm with its dialogue and comedy. One of the main things that make me immediately notable is the second episode where the scene between Hina and Anzu meet each other and play a stupid game. This is putting me right on target so I can’t help thinking there are still some who use comedy like this. At least, Hinamatsuri doesn’t always focus on the pattern so there will be something new when wanting to enjoy something. Hinamatsuri has an obsession about yakuza and related things outside society. The theme which picked up was not too out of the other side about yakuza. But, just like Beelzebub. I like themes like where we see more things judged from one perspective to something mindblowing. This anime comes with everything on comedy, brings something we can still find it funny, and something unexpected. So far, Hinamatsuri is still within the reach that’s still acceptable and I think not too bad but not too great either. By the way, I love they put some reference of Terminator and E.T. in this anime.


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