A Sister’s All You Need [FIRST IMPRESSION]

This is one of the anime that I think the first, it will give me some cringe thing or whatever because the first introduction real got me freak out and twist. Initially, maybe this would be like Eromanga Sensei or something like that, something related to incest, or lolicon. But, the actual show is great that they bring a lot of trivia about the novelist, writer, and a little of literature, maybe. It’s pretty predictable and boring because I watch this anime in a time and mood that doesn’t suit me but instead, it’s a romance that supports each other between each character. So, I just picked random after the anime I’ve watched and this is the outcome.

The story follows a protagonist who woke up with his younger sister that naked and sat on it. I mean, it’s real but wait for it. After giving her a good-morning kiss using her tongue, she moistened her face in the bathroom and wipes his face with her bra and sat down at the breakfast table together with another random girl who looked dead inside. She drinks her milk, eats the omelet, and wipes his mouth with her sister’s underpants. Then, the sequence was replaced by a novelist who apparently fantasized about the story in order to complete the last chapter of his book.

This is a story about the lives of novelists and the things that relate to it. I really like this premise and what’s more, the use of the character is on an adult-level person. The story will center on Itsuki Hashima, a writer who has a fetish against a younger sister. Actually, this is not a fetish but he uses that premise as the essence of the book he wrote. The first impression I get, as I say, it’s freaking me out. I don’t know if I should stop there or continue it but this is a decent show, not too bad but not too great for the start. To this extent, I have found a plot that is at least emotional enough for people who understand how a patient becomes a book author or writer. It kinda reminds when reading a book, carried away with a very emotional atmosphere and suddenly, you cry unconsciously. It’s just come out of nowhere and really touched.

The show introducing some of the two main heroines such as Nayuta and Miyako. From the three episodes, I learned how if someone turns out to be an inspirational even if it is just yourself. The two main heroines are also shown their little background before meet the main character though it still looks vague we can directly interpret it. This is about an interconnected relationship between the people around you that culminate in peers who help each other although not entirely there. Some people say that A Sister’s All You Need is a rip-off of Eromanga Sensei that creates a little improvisation. However, I do not understand whether there is a clear similarity between the two anime even though both anime also take the same premise about a writer. One minor problem that I also see is that all the character does not match their age. It likes some of the high schoolers who roleplay as adults although they don’t seem to look like adults. Bottom line, I find this anime is decent for the rest. It’s great but not too. Sometimes pretty emotional, for me, and it’s worth it for now.


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