Anime – A Sister’s All You Need [REVIEW] – A Light Novelist Obsessed With Little Sisters

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,54/10
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Studios: Silver Link.
Author: Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku
Seiyuu: Hisako Kanemoto, Ai Kakuma, Yuusuke Kobayashi

A Sister’s All You Need is a romance anime which has the first twist impression. You know, a two minute that makes some people confused and think what this means. This is a romance anime that can be categorized not just a romance but it’s about all the characters that exist in here. The characters in this anime are not just a story but their stories which inspire each other and become a relationship that isn’t interconnected secondhand. It sounds complex and ridiculous to think of how someone who has a fetish for a little sister, underwear, and even naked. This is how they describe their lives and make it an important point in order to grow up each of their characters. Well, this is a rip-off from Eromanga Sensei, some incest anime shit, and etc. After all, there are many references you can look up in this anime.

“A Sister’s All You Need,” tells about Itsuki Hashima (Yuusuke Kobayashi), a light novelist who is obsessed with little sisters where he makes it as the main point of the story he wrote. Regardless of his personality, he is surrounded by a tight circle of his friends: Nayuta Kani (Hisako Kanemoto), a genius but a perverted novelist who falls in love with him; Haruto Fuwa (Satoshi Hino), a fellow friend author whose work has seen considerable success; Miyako Shirakawa (Ai Kakuma), a good friend that he met in college; and Chihiro Hashima (Nozomi Yamamoto), his perfect younger step-brother who is takes care of housework and cooking. Together, they play a strange game, go to an unexpected experience, make a joke, and commemorate the success of each. However, each of them must be able to deal with their own problems whether it’s trying to meet a deadline or fear they’re the past.


The first narrative follows a twist of two or three minutes that tells the main character of a light novel in a way so disgusting. For some people, I think some of many people have that fetish too and I’m not even kidding. A two-minute of your worthy time is wasted because of this scene. Although the first impression like that, this is about how a perspective of life and daily life of being a writer, editor, accountant, mangaka, freelancer, college, and others. I admit that this anime led to introduce a story that seemed pretty realistic but made it in a way which is really absurd. This is about a light novel writer who makes a story by focusing on a premise of a little sister. The author also sometimes tells various kinds of experience how he took the material, looking for ideas, collecting an intention, and others. I mean, I’m so sympathetic to this character regardless of his somewhat melancholy background and his daily life filled by playing some board or card games along with his friends. Apart from those, this is just a romance and comedy anime with a bit of a less-focused slice of life. Sometimes, being a writer also undergoes a love and grief story what if a hard effort isn’t so fruitful. You know when a work that doesn’t fit the audience’s expectations reminds me of Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman, a story of a washed-up actor who struggled to show his acting but was devastated just by critics. This anime brings a lot about the satire element about “fans” can drop the author at any time although it increases the chance of suicide. It’s just out of the track when talking about serious issues even though this is not the topic. The animation is no different from the anime in general. It could be said, this aspect isn’t bad also considering its art that looks mediocre but we still can bear because the animation and art that looks very fresh. Sometimes, they often use visual techniques without the narrative that I also usually see this. I don’t see what is good but I also do not see what is lacking. In a nutshell, we’ll skip this part and I think that’s enough.


The opening and ending theme songs are decent but can also be said as well. This is simply because this is just a normal type of an anime in general. It doesn’t stand out to be great as well because it is just like one. In addition, the soundtrack also uses their trademark in this series, a soundtrack. Kinda like a whistling tune with happy theme sound or something like that. This same as the animation, nothing I can compare or judge to this. Apart from just a few of the characters in this show, I think there’s nothing wrong with being mentioned all. Itsuki Hashima, a writer who made a little sister as his dedication to writing a story. It’s not like her fetish though it does look that way he makes it as the main story even though he doesn’t realize that his sister which he always thinks is a male but is a girl. Nothing can be explained by his lonesome past although there are two minor characters that look pointless and lost in here (his father and his female friend during his school years). Despite his strange behavior, he can be said as a writer who is appreciated by his fans when his fans always gave a gift of chocolate. Nayuta Kani, an inspired genius writer for the book written by Itsuki that makes her want to write a story too. Regardless of her naked when writing a story, her love obsession with Itsuki, and often talk about adult things, I admit she is one of those characters who have thoughts that not everyone can understand. There is one scene where this scene reminds me of Hyouka when Miyako read an e-novel given by Nayuta. In this novel, Miyako becomes the main character and incorporates a fantasy and adult theme that creates a philosophy about the universe. Out of context, that’s weird and mindblowing. She is also the same as in the case with Itsuki but always being bully during her school days makes her a compassionate person when reading Itsuki’s works. Miyako Shirakawa, a college friend who is also inspired by Itsuki’s behavior that often writes a story and is one of her biggest fans. Although Miyako is not a writer, she can understand how hard it is to become a writer and editor. She learned a lot before diving into the world of writers even though she was often jealous of the work of her friends. Haruto Fuwa, a writer who is also a friend of Itsuki who has a fetish of maid character. He is a portrayal of how the hurdles of his fans when one of his novels get an anime adaptation and failed miserably. Apart from that, he is a persona in social media that has many fans. Before continuing, these 4 characters are the main points of their own romance. It doesn’t really matter if you want to enjoy it but it’s good to understand the essence of the story to keep it out off track.


Some supporting characters such as Chihiro Hashima whose kinda impressed like trap character but she is the sister of Itsuki even though he didn’t know it, Ashley Oono is an accountant who always trapped her client, Setsuna Ena who is also a friend of Itsuki and I initially thought he is a woman, Kaiko Mikuniyama who is a mangaka with a fetish of underwear, and Kenjirou Toki who is an editor always being emotionally by Itsuki. With all the characters with different personality, everything is complementary and inspire each other. They learn from each other and share many experiences of joy and sorrow. I think almost all of the main characters look like a teenager even though they are adults. All of the characters are like having the sympathy and feelings of each other so it looks real. At first, I watch this anime and seem like a predictable harem with a boring groove but so very far away, it somehow getting carried away with the plot even though this is not too serious anime. Some humor can also make me laugh but the fanservice which sometimes appears from where it makes me feel strange and confused. The humor in here is also a parody of the other anime and almost all the anime I know it including Oregairu, OreImo, Eromanga Sensei (of course, though it seen only in a small detail), Haganai, Attack On Titan and A Certain Magical Index (which is probably just me but I think there is one segment that doesn’t mention it but imitates it in a real way).

Overall, A Sister’s All You Need isn’t entirely a comedy in general because some of the humor is not up to me. This is one of the reality series that show an adult life and how hard it is, a struggle of people who are disappointed for their hard work, and a story of friendship and romance that support each other. The art and the sound is mediocre, some of its characters are pointless, and the first impression is deceptive. A Sister’s All You Need is not the best of all but this is an example of anime that makes me sympathize with the experience and hard work of those who never give up and inspire each other.


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    1. For me, it’s hard to compare which take the cakes and which takes the trash because I’ve never seen Eromanga honestly. Now, I’m getting more interesting how natural the anime is. Thank you. 🙂

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