Well, now I can clearly watch DARLING in the FRANXX after dealing with some freaking thing on the internet which caused a lot of issues that lately happened because of this anime. In a nutshell, DARLING in the FRANXX is not the only anime I wanna watch but I’m just curious why so many people praise this anime and one of my friends recommend it to me. At least, the first episode isn’t bad because it’s being worked by two popular studios: A-1 Pictures and Trigger. CloverWorks also participated in this project as well as the studio also seems new considering only a few anime they have worked such as Slow Start and Persona 5 the Animation. According to my knowledge, DARLING in the FRANXX reminds me of Pacific Rim. Everybody said that Pacific Rim is the first impression when watching the premiere although this is also a common thing to compare.

The premise in this anime is laid out in a not-so-obvious distinctive future, which is necessary like post-apocalyptic. Initially, this anime is just a mecha that seems ordinary like mecha in general. However, it provides some fanservice stuff like two people with different genres should be able to control a robot by sharing a single mind so that it’s united into the robot. Well, there you have it because this is something like Pacific Rim as well. Nothing can be taken away. The story follows all kids are called “parasites” against “Klaxosaurs” which I also don’t really understand what they are. This is a story that I think has a meaning about a gender. The woman described as the vehicle and the man described as the driver. It’s out of context if you think of anything else.

The story follows Hiro who just lost in a training where he required to go back, somewhere. After meeting Zero Two who is also a result of Klaxosaurs blood, they instantly know each other when meeting in a lake with a situation that I think has become common in the anime. Nothing else is a misunderstanding of Zero Two’s peeping shower and calling him a pervert. The first episode combines an absurd element but some of that create a magic feeling where I want to watch it again. I think this is called a market trick where they make an overhyped impression at the beginning and fall little by little in the mid to the end. It’s like KILL la KILL, it combines some absurd and weird things into an intensity that full of action. This is what you’re getting started if you want to find out more deeply into the story. The rest of the characters are still annoying and cliche for the first impression because there is no clear explanation of the background, characteristics, and method.

This anime does it so well at the beginning of the episode where we are more eager to find out all which is still spelled plot holes. It combines some Trigger’s works such as Little Witch Academia and KILL la KILL until it becomes DARLING in the FRANXX. In addition to this anime reminds me of Pacific Rim, it reminds one of the underrated gems where people unusually know it is Buddy Complex and it’s like the one of the mindblowing anime although not too depth. Apart from the many issues that are appearing when this anime is still on-going, DARLING in the FRANXX becomes an anime with an absurd epic opening, the plot presented looks like a variety of conflicts that will pop up later, and shows something cliche in general. For me, I hope they should not just put a lot of effort into the first episode but they should also be able to present it in all sequences.


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