Movie – Hot Fuzz [REVIEW] – They Are Going To Bust Your Arse

IMDb Rating: 7,9/10
Genres: Action, Comedy
Director: Edgar Wright
Writers: Edgar WrightSimon Pegg
Stars: Simon PeggNick FrostMartin Freeman

After the success of the first series 7 years ago, Edgar Wright along with two ridiculous pairs of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made something new again. This time, “Hot Fuzz” is the second trilogy of the “Three Flavors Cornetto” trilogy as a blue ice cream while “Shaun of the Dead” is symbolized as red ice cream. In this case, they should need each other after their last two movies in that year which it didn’t attract much attention. Therefore, the second collaboration of this surpassing trilogy is as much as possible to surpass “Shaun of the Dead” even though I think the movie basically still takes the cake compared to this movie after watching it. Bottom line, both have their own characteristics and “Hot Fuzz” brings various themes and gags from “Shaun of the Dead” which is almost the same as “Hot Fuzz” but more to the full-action packed and comedy that seems pretty serious though the conclusion is also the funniest thing.

Top London cop, PC Nicholas Angel is good. Too good. And to stop the rest of his team looking bad, he is reassigned to the quiet town of Sandford. He is paired with Danny Butterman, who endlessly questions him on the action lifestyle. Everything seems quiet for Angel, until two actors are found decapitated. It is called an accident, but Angel isn’t going to accept that, especially when more and more people turn up dead. Angel and Danny clash with everyone, whilst trying to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the apparent “accidents”.

Source: IMDb

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

Edgar Wright is like an ice cream that can’t be separated from this duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as portrayed from this trilogy. If they have met, then there’ll be something interesting happen. Both movies of this trilogy compared to having a very unique script, funny, yet creative where it all becomes the main point in this film and trilogy. “Hot Fuzz” takes a clear case in reality where they take a simple premise element about the police. As with “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz” takes on a theme of bromance between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The main character, Nicholas Angel played by Simon Pegg, is a policeman known for his obedience to his discipline in the police even being said to be the top cop in London. Nick Frost’s character as Danny Butterman, a policeman which it opposite to Angel’s personality in which he is one of the absurd cops for his innocence. In these two contradictory characters, this creates a deep, close, but contrasting bromance relationship that they must catch.

In addition to both of them, “Hot Fuzz” provides a mixture of characters with various characteristics and have a role to one with another. Most of them don’t take too much action but, why not because this is a comedy movie. The humor and the gag are also made seems running gags which always draw some laugh. In addition, there are so many memorable scenes such as the swan scene, the “Point Break,” the “Bad Boys II,” the swear box scene, the crossword puzzle gag, the “Jog on” segment and many more which I don’t remember the rest. In addition, “Hot Fuzz” makes a kind of twist which couples a number of cases that are in this movie with a very brilliant conclusion yet shallow impression in order to keep the humor and the points in this movie. Apart from this film that contains blood and gore, it has a lot of humor that can still be tolerated.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz” has a duration of two hours but never feels boring and the pace is maintained until the end. In addition to showing a dark humor as well as the creative running gag, “Hot Fuzz” can be a satirical comedy which is ironic but real. The film seems to insinuate a problem that always happens in London whether it be discipline, order, and obey the rules. Angel’s character as a cop of those things makes him like a fanatic freak. His friends and his colleagues didn’t consider a case that always happened in the city, they not even taking an action. For a reason, “Hot Fuzz” is a film that can fortify these things both in London and other cities or countries. In addition, the use of the title and the selected words from this movie looks neat with the British slang.

In this film, all are shown with a full-action impression with a variety of explosions as well as impressed with funny humor that exceeds the action comedy movies in general. I mean, it’s just a sarcasm for me but not really. This film isn’t too depth to digest but the most appropriate word is entertaining and enjoyable. Because this is a parody, the comedic elements didn’t feel stale and didn’t seem cheap like other parody films that wanna impress comedy but failure for everything. I think all the cast in this movie feels good and perfect for everything. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are always a funny comedian duo, Edgar Wright who still brings unique things from cinematography to gags from “Shaun of the Dean,” Martin Freeman, Timothy Dalton, and the score by David Arnold, I think everything is taking action and fill in all of their respective roles. Sure there are some flaws but this is a fun and comedy movie, not too serious but never slow down the pace.

4 Star

Hot Fuzz” is a comedy-action movie that doesn’t lose its criminal nuance and mystery. In addition, the use of the twist in this movie I admit seems impressed creative and smart in compiling it. Although the twist isn’t too surprising it can induce some laugh because of the humor. With its long duration, I think “Hot Fuzz” shows it all with a sense of satisfaction. Some scenes are pointless and seem to want to prolong their duration. Back again if this is just a little comedy movie with satire. With the duo of Pegg and Frost, they show an overwhelming sense of humor with the help of Edgar Wright as the director. It’s enjoyable and entertaining at the same times, sometimes turning into annoying for some segments but sometimes also getting serious.


2 thoughts on “Movie – Hot Fuzz [REVIEW] – They Are Going To Bust Your Arse

    1. My favorite is the swear box scene.

      “Hang about, hang about… you’re saying this wasn’t an accident?”

      [Angel grimaces and drops money into the swear box]

      “Leslie Tiller was FUCKING murdered!”
      “Just like Tim Messenger?”
      “George Merchant?”
      “And Eve Draper?”
      “Martin Blower?”
      “No, actually.”

      [Danny drops a coin into the swear box]

      “Thank you, Danny!”

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