Imagine if you were in a world and you’re stuck in the middle out of nowhere, you woke up and didn’t know what just happened. The premise is indeed one of the simplest because we always see Hollywood create a movie with a post-apocalyptic theme or after the apocalypse happens and the main character trying to survive. Takes the example of Mad Max series and I Am Legend. Some video games have also always adapted a story with the same premise. One of the most I remember and my favorite is I Am Alive who told about the world after a great earthquake made the earth fall apart. However, it seems like a theme like those doesn’t completely focus on the main character but how it the processes when it meets with minor characters and their goals. Maybe, some of the thing I don’t know. Therefore, Girls’ Last Tour is one of the anime that does the same premise.

The story takes place after the world was ravaged by war. This is similar to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk where there is no clear character explanation and all these characters can only survive in the midst of war. Moreover, Dunkirk isn’t a war movie focusing on the war itself. Just as this anime focuses more on the two main characters who seek to survive without any clear purpose of the two characters. There is no explanation of what world they live in and there is no explanation or supporting character except the two main characters. Maybe in the next episode, there are a few minor characters which it appears. In this anime, the pace is so slow apart from the opening song of a little happy theme song by bringing up some pop culture such as dab meme and etc. Though it can’t be said as “cute girls doing cute things” type of anime, I feel there is something melancholy in it so there is a feeling of being pretty afraid of this anime.

There is a difference between a slice of life and non-slice of life. Slice of life is a story that doesn’t reach without any linear story and it just pops up like random whereas anime besides a slice of life has a story from beginning to end. The journey from the beginning to the end is told slowly so it feels like there is no purpose over the non-linear story. Girls’ Last Tour is practically a dark of “slice of life” anime with two surviving main characters looking for food, shelter, and the unpredictable weather. Not to mention, there’ll be a time when these two main characters will possible to not trust each other in the end especially in the first episode when two main characters which almost didn’t have any trust between people just because of a small ration. This anime shows a cruel world after the world war and this is what they get, doesn’t give anything and everything looks in vain. This is strengthened when the two are main characters talking to each other and talk about what is all meant? What does war mean? Why are they killing each other?

Girls’ Last Tour includes some messages and philosophies about war and humanity’s purpose regardless of this anime using moe themes and something like that. The rest of it, Girls’ Last Tour isn’t a happiness apart from those because there are some are missing when a bright and dark element are combined into one piece. After all, it has a charm and uplifting theme between them. With a slow pace that lets some people dislike it and an anime that doesn’t go in one way, this post-apocalyptic shows is one of the most powerful points in this anime as it is not just about surviving but this about what you should do afterward.


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