Movie – Darkest Hour [REVIEW] – Never Give Up, Never Give In

IMDB Rating: 7,4/10
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Joe Wright
Writers: Anthony McCarten
Stars: Gary OldmanLily JamesKristin Scott Thomas

Besides Dunkirk who took world war theme as its main premise, Darkest Hour also took the same theme as the world war with the same historical events as Dunkirk. If Dunkirk tells about rescuing 330,000 allied troops of French, British, German, and Dutch on the shore of Dunkirk in France, Darkest Hour told about the operations Dynamo which Winston Churchill was the mastermind. Now, honestly, I’m not too smart or clever in a history lesson because it’s not my behavior. Some of the events that were told in this film were never recorded in history, according to I read on the internet. Joe Wright is the director responsible for this movie and takes a different perspective in showing a world war. Just like Lincoln and Bridge Of Spies, Darkest Hour takes a perspective on politics in the country. A film which also a pathway where Gary Oldman deserved an Oscar award in the category of best performance by an actor in a leading role.

“Darkest Hour,” tells about the WWII in which Adolf Hitler almost dominated half of Europe. A prime minister of United Kingdom, Neville Chamberlain (Ronald Pickup) was forced to resign and his position was replaced by Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman). But in his first days of leading a country, Churchill was under a sudden pressure in which he had to negotiate with the German dictator or refuse and fight back whatever the price was. Despite the numerous difficulties and risks of his choice, Churchill had no choice to make his country shining from the darkest of the hour.

Gary Oldman, Ronald Pickup, and Samuel West in Darkest Hour (2017)

Winston Churchill is one of the most honored figures in history and leadership of universal. In fact, he is the most fearful person because we never know what words will come out of his mouth. His essence as a leader always raises concerns about how he makes a choice which his political friends don’t like it and not to mention, his attitude which is inconsistent with leadership manner is unbelievable. But if he makes one of the right choices, he draws a bright outcome for himself and his country. Not only the country, the world is at stake about the choices he made. Therefore, Winston Churchill was the man responsible for the rescue at Dunkirk where he was the leader of everything. This is a film which is precisely and beautifully packaged. A simple dialogue isn’t too complicated and so easy to understand to watch regardless of this is a historical and drama movie. Although some political components are being in this movie, I understand more in a single show than Lincoln which I have to rearrange some scenes I don’t understand. The pace is pretty slow but not too heavy if you like a genre like this. The submission of the story can be delivered by combining a little humor and charming moment in it. Some record history that never recorded like one of the subway scenes which makes one of the most that hit me harder and the most charming scene in this movie. There are many memorable scenes that you can see in this movie as one of the best known is the “We will fight on the beaches” speech. In addition, the film is supported with a slick cinematographic every scene which it makes Darkest Hour always shows the details of it. This isn’t a war movie in general where you will see the explosion or something like that around war but each scene that’s shown in this film always attracts a tension that occurs in the world war from the debate in a roundtable until the speech in arousing the spirit of the soldier.

Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour (2017)

Darkest Hours isn’t always a dark film about world war every minute or hours. Not always this film becomes dark every minute but we are also introduced with a story which is quite touching. When Winston Churchill was an antagonist when he first day of his leadership, he was still able to make the right choice for his people despite his mental readiness wasn’t ready to become a leader because he was always nervous at the first time in his term. Therefore, this historical figure known for his ‘victory’ slogan was played by an amazing and excellent acting by Gary Oldman. This is like watching Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis with his character who seems to portray like a real leader. In this level, Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill. This is not the level of acting anymore but this is a character which is from within him. I know when I first saw this film, Gary Oldman was starring in this movie. But, really? This isn’t Gary Oldman but an original figure from Winston Churchill. He was very different when you only knew him as his character from The Dark Knight. It’s definitely one of the greatest performances he has ever done in his career. Gary Oldman revealed the side of his essence that he showed through Winston Churchill starting from his attitude, accent, and his character who likes to smoke. Kristin Scott Thomas as Clemmie is great but her character isn’t too depth where she is the most character who also has to fill in and participate to support Winston Churchill but it’s still one that makes it interesting. However, Lily James as Elizabeth Layton is one of the most interesting. There is in-between character between Elizabeth and Winston who have a pretty interesting relationship between the private secretary and the prime minister because if Elizabeth doesn’t exist then the prime minister will remain on the verge of despair. Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI is great too apart from this is a biopic about Winston Churchill, his character is not too exploited but if you want to watch his biography, watch The King’s Speech.

Overall, Darkest Hour is like you enjoy school history lessons but it never feels boring that the teacher who taught you. Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill. He made a new character which was in him as it were not his figure anymore where he changed drastically in this film. The delivery of the story in the film is also easy to convey with some humorous part and the production design is so great, Darkest Hour every frame is a dark historical picture of information that happened at the time. Sometimes gloomy but sometimes warm.


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