Anime – Girls’ Last Tour [REVIEW] – Civilization Is Dead

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,19/10
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Studio: White Fox
Author: Tsukumizu
Seiyuus: Inori Minase, Yurika Kubo, Kana Hanazawa

Anime, from here, become more relevant over the story which we always seeing every time. They fail with an impression that seems repetitive and only raises an idea which just the way. However, one anime may stand alone at the certain point where anime like this always shows a plot twist at the beginning of the story. There are some of them who strongly do things like that but some are failing. Girls’ Last Tour is one big example which is able to express the whole. Sure, there are some who successfully introduced a “don’t judge the book by its cover” method such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and School-Live! and I liked both of them. This is a story about someone who is stuck in the middle out of nowhere where the world has lived the edge of an apocalypse and just waiting for a hibernation, how a person can survive without nothing they can do but only survive.

“Girls’ Last Tour,” tells about a lonely and devastated city by war. Chito (Inori Minase) and Yuuri (Yurika Kubo) were the last victims in a war-torn of the city. While searching for food and trying to survive, the two girls roam the world while spending a lot of time. Chito and Yuuri fought in the drowning silence but they shared their experiences, they put on loads of humanity little by little. The days, their excitement and the calmness in a dark day and they sometimes do some activities such as snowballing, shooting practice, and reading books. Girls’ Last Tour is a story of two girls trying to find a glimmer of hope in a world that’s dark and lifeless.


There is a philosophy of how the world after the apocalypse and after humans are left but the earth still exists. If you are lucky and the chosen one, you live as possible in the world after the apocalypse and continue to think about how to survive. Girls’ Last Tour takes on a powerful theme of humans and worlds that have no depth explanation and you can only interpret it as. When war only harms and kills all the mortal, that is why the world’s never maintained and therefore the world becomes not a worthy place. This is about two girls who also didn’t know what they must do. They have no clear purpose what has happened in this world, where they are now, and more importantly, are there any living things beside them? It takes some sort of small points besides the world. When these two people are trying to survive, find a food, find a bed and other things, they sometimes talk about a nihilism, a point where one has no morality and think that life is meaningless. They talk about something taboo and common things like home, rain, music, future, past, humanity, war, god, life, death, sympathy, empathy, and evolution. It somehow shows it ideally, explaining it philosophically and in-depth in those points. By brings endless points, Girls’ Last Tour is an anime that keeps questioning these points but rather digs a mindset about the whereabouts of something. Those points were also presented in every way open-minded, fair, and never-ending. The visual cannot be said best when comparing it with the plot as well as its the story but it gives you a unique point in this aspect. It’s so dark that I can’t see my on-screen. The most beautiful color pick-up is gray by combining various palettes becomes one of the suitable points when discussing an anime with a not-too-dark theme. The visual not too complex from the expectations alone. It gives you some kind of beautiful environment such as a post-apocalyptic urban design which is three-dimensional to post-modernism that impressed a quite future like watching The Dark Tower. The character visuals can be said they choose a moe design but it gives you interesting points of “don’t judge the book by its cover” as well as CG which also works pretty well. Bottom line, the animation is great although not worthy of the story that introduced but it gives you good points in the aspect.


Apart from the dark and visual stories with the color choice that seemed taking gray, the soundtrack is upbeat like a few melancholy melody kinds of stuff. This aspect seems to impress a happy theme where in other sense. The opening and ending songs are pretty good, using an electro music that brings some of the pop cultures such as the moonwalk and dabbing. But, this is just the part of the music and not beyond that. The sound effect also works well and I don’t see any small flaws with the voice actors. Not many characters are participating in this anime other than the duo main character. This is a story about Chito and Yuuri who have great chemistry in creating experience and story. They both share warmth about love, trust, and even almost betraying each other. Chito is the most mature. Yuuri’s annoying personality always took her a few times to understand her true nature and to think with an open mindset. She is the most widely participated in all experience but it seems like Chito lost in some ways to Yuuri such as the fear of solitude. Yuuri isn’t a mature character when compared to Chito. She is an innocent person who pretends to be innocent, doesn’t really understand the things Chito said but she always gives Chito much support. In dealing with some things like working or fixing something, not much can she did but she is the most caring person who’ll always help her partner all times. As the story goes on and on, this duo moe girls will meet some minor characters which also fill in the key points in the story. Girls’ Last Tour is an anime with thousands of questions and mysteries. It keeps you wondering about the points of what the philosophy is alluded to in this anime and this aspect is pretty worthless. Although this is same as a slice of life with a no-direction story, it has a slow-paced and sometimes runs slowly on its plot. I think this anime isn’t too deep if it’s not too seriously thought out. But, just as with anime that’s enough, it’s not too boring and always gets you to ask about things moved on especially at the ending which, for me personally, the most ambiguous, disturbing, and sad moment I’ve ever seen. For some people, maybe not too.

Girls’ Last Tour is a depth meaning of anime. Not too depth but fall into the category. This isn’t your typical moe happiest theme anime with cute girls doing cute things or something like that but it gives you a lot of questions about world, humanity, God, and a circle that never stop and keeps spinning on its own. It creates a melancholy feeling which is like a roller coaster that always runs slowly but one second without blinking which you can’t realize is beyond the limit. The visual is great and impressed to match its plot, the soundtrack also is great which impressed like the upbeat electronic style. Girls’ Last Tour takes you to an experience of a pilot and true is one of the best at the season.


3 thoughts on “Anime – Girls’ Last Tour [REVIEW] – Civilization Is Dead

    1. Yeah, there are many scenes that make us melancholy whether it makes you cry, disturbing, creepy, or touching especially, for me, at the ending. I just didn’t know what expression I was drawing at the time. Thank you. 🙂

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