Land Of The Lustrous [FIRST IMPRESSION]

Land Of The Lustrous is one of the popular manga in certain circles. The anime adaptation was first aired in the fall of 2017 which isn’t quite overhyped but this is one of the underrated gems at the season. There are hidden depths meaning which if you want to analyze something in this series because the story itself, I admit, is quite interesting even beats it. For the rest of it, this is just a pretty decent show where just a few people who watch it at the time. The promotional video that aired in July 2013 was done by Hibari studio which also worked on many popular titles such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun. The TV series is worked on by Orange studio which worked on Black Bullet and Dimension W.

The story itself seems vague when watching the first episode. Not much can be explained in what timeline of the world, who these characters are, and who the real antagonist is. The story is set in a ‘nevertheless’ mysterious future, the characters in this anime called Gems derived from crystalline organisms which were destroyed by six meteors. There is no human or anything exist in this anime. Each of the Gems has their particular roles and fight against Lunarians which I don’t know what the creature is clear about. The story will focus on Phosphophyllite or commonly known as Phos, a young and fragile Gem that not much she can do because of her fragility can’t dive into war. The story will continue to focus on this character where later, she’ll meet Cinnabar, an intelligent gem is isolated at night because the poison in her the body is corrosive.

First of all, what struck me the most yet attracted my attention in this anime is the use of the names of its characters. Phosphophyllite? Cinnabar? Topaz? Ruby? Jade? The author uses a variety of names that exist in gems, crystal, minerals, which I don’t know what a good term to mention. The characters in this anime also describe the characteristics of their several names such as Phosphophyllite the fragile but the most valuable, Jade the most powerful, and Diamond the shiny. There is a lot of associated mineral materials in those characters but I don’t really talk about it in detail. Each transition also has a basic knowledge of minerals, gems and chemical elements which it is quite interesting but I don’t understand a lot about the knowledge.

The story is also like not having much explanation and background of each character and it just always turn from one character to another character. Perhaps because of there are so many characters, the narrative seems to has stuck in. The visual is the most interesting, for now. Although I’m not really into CGI and this is also the first anime I watch that used CGI movement characters. The action is one of the best, the movement doesn’t feel stiff when it comes to this. However, I find too many awkward things in this part which I haven’t been so used to. Perhaps, they are trying to not be quite strange but there are certain parts that I like about in this aspect even if I don’t change my perspectives on CGI.

Land Of The Lustrous is a random pick up where from my watchlist. Many said that the manga is really interesting. It’s also not a cute girl doing cute things type of anime regardless of the characters that exist in this anime is girls. Not girls but it’s more to “genderless” which the terms can describe it. Land Of The Lustrous is one that feels generic and it’s interesting with the visual appearance, especially in the background and the environment which used a bright contrast. Land Of The Lustrous isn’t deep enough when mentioning to the storytelling but you can try it a bit if you want to look for anime with stunning action. Not too it but just my opinions.


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