Mitsuboshi Colors [FIRST IMPRESSION]

Now, I want to step back after enjoying some heavy themes anime although “Girls’ Last Tour” and “Land of the Lustrous” isn’t a heavy theme that it didn’t too heavy. This time, I wanna watch some cute little things about kids who enjoy their daily life in a town, “Mitsuboshi Colors.” Now, I just don’t know what to say. Clearly, this is still just beyond the limits and is still appropriate in it. So, I just want to say nobody will swat on my house or my room when watching this anime. This is some kind of deja vu which I mostly watch anime like this at the times that I don’t wanna remember.

So, the show tells about “Colors,” a group including three young girls with a mission to protect and bring peace to their town. There is Yui as the leader, Sacchan who is always being cheerful and stupid, and Kotoha who always plays video games but always caring. With various kinds of problems, they do some things such as saving a cat, completing a game, or whatever it is like the kids always do. There is a “pops” jokes, Saito as the police officer, and various other adult characters who fill the slice of life story part cute girls doing cute things.

This isn’t a show that doesn’t need to be caring away any serious matter. This anime sometimes reminds me of being a child as they usually do although I also spend a lot of time playing video games in my house. Sometimes, this anime is also different from a light slice of life anime that I usually watch. Unlike this anime, every scene or we can say the three children they did was able to make me laugh where this kind of case is different from a slice of life anime I’ve ever seen. Is it charm? Yes, this anime is also sometimes charming in certain scenes and filled with various cuteness in it like the characteristics of Yui as an innocent leader and always crying as you want to protect from anything that makes her cry. If you do that in reality, I don’t know what people will think or you will be arrested. Saito, on the other hand, only filled a side story where the three children always prank him but sometimes the opposite.

Saito on the other hand also liked to prank the three children in an absurd and strange way. There is Daigorou who has a toy shop and likes to make his own game for the three kids. The game is usually in the form of finding a password to open a safe, looking for what’s in the middle of the town, and giving the three kids an RPG toy. It’s just so much charming and funny things that I forgot real life, an anime that can sometimes get you carried into a peaceful environment and don’t want to get out of the zone. A solid anime for a slice of life anime in general. Not too serious but only as a refreshing, not for other things.


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