Novel – The Godfather [REVIEW] – The Epic Tale Of Crime And Betrayal That Became A Global Phenomenon

Goodreads Rating: 4,37/5
Author: Mario Puzo
Genres: Fiction, Classics, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Historical, Historical Fiction

The Godfather (Mario Puzo's Mafia)

When Mario Puzo’s world seems close in a mafia world which we never thought, “The Godfather” is the greatest classic crime fiction work among all books that discuss the taboo theme about a mafia system. This is the Corleone family lives among several other mafia families such as the Tattaglia family, the Barzini family, the Cuneo family, and the Stracci family. However, readers will focus more on Michael Corleone who replaced his father’s position as a family leader despite his being the youngest brother among his brothers.

The Godfather” is a tale about the rise and fall of the Corleone empire ruled by the godfather, Don Vito Corleone. Originally, Don Vito was a character that sympathized with what he was, loved all his friends and his family, and chose a harmony for other families. There isn’t much to tell for Don Vito’s character but he is the trigger of all. Mario Puzo seems to do various odd tricks in the story starting from how to build these characters which are full of determination and patience for his family to become a character that is nothing more than a supporting character for the main hero, Michael Corleone who originally was an honest character because of his obedience became a soldier until he was forced to become a different person when taking his father’s leadership to be able to continue the legacy of his father and his family.

Don Vito has three children as the supporting characters: Santino who is too strong yet always emotional, Frederico who is the weakest, and Michael who feels balanced for his father’s viewpoints. Tom Hagen is also one of the characters who have a very important role but he always within the reach. He doesn’t fully take on many roles but he is a character that always lost immediately in the story. Johnny Fontane, who is Don’s wayward godson is a character who doesn’t always communicate with a mafia world but asks for help from his father for his career. This character also raises many questions and ambiguities after many people connect it with Frank Sinatra.

For an environment which is widely told in this novel, there are so many unpredictable things that happen outside and inside. Not too many, “The Godfather” always allude to a gang warfare between one family and another and the readers always feel amazed and surprised by the antagonists who always hide in the darknesses of the story. Although the novel is as good as Francis Ford Coppola’sThe Godfather,” the novel seems like there is a clear conclusion about the story but in detail way. The movie feels like a touching drama mafia stories from zero to zero. Michael Corleone’s struggle began with his character who wasn’t very attached to his father’s business to be one of the leaders whose own children didn’t like him. But, if you wanna watch the movie, you better ready because each movie is almost three hours. The novel itself isn’t too focused on the drama.

The Godfather,” in the novel version, is a flaw when it comes to dramatic disturbances which this is a fictional mystery crime. The number of questionable impressions of anything that just happened is so difficult to understand from every chapter from the plot to the characters. In this case, the movie wins a lot more than the novel, which has no value why we oppose it with both. The novel has a clear approach when it comes to the world that was created and tied by Mario Puzo. The movie feels too fast for just three hours which it always comes to the vivid memory. Even so, three hours will never be lost because Francis Ford Coppola’sThe Godfather” is one of the best classic movies trilogy ever.

5 Star

Mario Puzo’sThe Godfather” is very far from a notable criminal world about the mafia. A taboo theme from the perception of many people makes a mafia business far from being full of destruction. It’s not always a thing which is not good for the people mindset who always think in one perspective. Although there are a lot of works that develop and are no less interesting than “The Godfather” which frequently seems solid, this is an all-time classic that everybody, writer, until literary students are obliged to read it. Comparing it to the film isn’t much different from the many references from the novel to the film but “The Godfather” is able to take any approach in all aspects. Watch the movie or read the novel either, everything is defined to you.


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