The Ancient Magus’ Bride [FIRST IMPRESSION]

This is the one of the series which I most anticipated after watching the three-episode OVA from 2016 to 2017. Watching the OVA has succeeded in making me feel curious in a magical beauty featured in this anime. No less, the background wasn’t too clear in the beginning and immediately began into the narrative at once. The manga itself is one of the overwhelmingly popular and got an anime adaptation which is also pretty much for the slice of life anime that tells about the magical concept. For some people, they don’t like it because it’s too boring and not too obvious while this anime has a concept which is at least so real for a fantasy and magic anime like this. On both sides, it’s not disappointed in both ways on the slice of life to the fantasy.

The story focuses on Hatori Chise, sold to the auction to become a slave. She has a vague background, for now, which it’s pretty bleak to understand. From this point, a magician Elias Ainsworth bought this child to be his student who was also used as the bride. For the first tale, there is nothing you can understand in this anime. The used of a background which is at least set in the human world but a little touch of magic in it. Kinda reminds me of “Little Witch Academia,” set in a magic and modern world. Elias teaches things about the knowledge of the world of magic starting from the woods, fairies, and as they should, things that relate to it themselves.

At the time when I first watched this anime a few years ago which I mean in here is the OVA, there is nothing I can find except seeing a vast beauty of the world of witches and fantasies. A little touch which I don’t know how to explain it as the main point of this anime feels real for the world that created in it. For Chise, she deserves a warm welcome to Elias considering her own ability is also a general concern for people who want to buy her. However, that ability is what makes her become a person who is exiled in a society like the stories of the main characters who initially became independents to people who are more useful in the future. The relationship between Chise and Elias are like a student and a teacher in general but seems complicated. It reminds me of a novel Rick Yancey’sThe Monstrumologist” about the complicated relationship between teacher and student while both have the same purposes and experience many things.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride” was a gorgeous show for the last season. A series which tells the beauty of a magical world and its contents are the main points of interest in this anime. Various fantasy stories such as fairies, the tree of life, dragon, and other mythologies are provided in this anime. The animation is so fascinating by Norihiro Naganuma along with Wit Studio, this is one of the beautiful anime which I still watch lately after “Land of the Lustrous.” Both of these anime shows a fantasy world with its diversity, “Land of the Lustrous” with its world filled with ambiguity in its background and “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” which is full of fascinating beauty of mythological creatures in it.


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