This is the time, one of the ambitious and the one that makes me so curious than the others. “From the New World” is one of those who doubted me what was so good about this show and I’ve always heard many people mention it as their personal favorites. In addition, this anime is also directed by A-1 Pictures. For the first time, the show didn’t quite hit me at the beginning which combines two vague stories about its world, character, background, and others. The opening is quite disturbing with the background of the past and the future which is the main major of this show. But, I don’t know there will be anything else waiting in front of me.

Shin Sekai yori 01

From the New World” does have a mysterious yet kinda dark background and full of twist. After a few jump cut and time skip, we would meet with Saki, a young girl which I don’t really know what just happened. Saki who was in a temple did a ritual which I didn’t know what the point was made me little confused. So, we will jump again where Saki joins in a school that teaches about telekinesis and things related to it. The background is quite peaceful but it creates a mysterious impression especially the music in a hamlet with a slightly dark flashback but so ambiguous.

Shin Sekai yori 02

Although I don’t want to say this, the show really reminds me of “DARLING in the FRANXX” because the situation of the characters don’t know anything about the society they live in. In addition, it reminds me of “Psycho-Pass” because the theme slightly leads to dystopia but doesn’t into it too. The variation of characters focusing on these five characters: Satoru, Saki, Maria, Shun, and Mamoru. With a nice little thing, these characters might be voluntary because the design is so minimalist yet quite cute. It’s your typical anime characters but these characters are really going of nowhere. The animation is awesome for the first time even though it’s minimalist. The background is so detailed, the use of the color, it brings such a flow yet solid but feels alive.

Shin Sekai yori 03

From the New World” made a vague impression in my mind which I don’t really know where this anime ends with. I hope, this anime can be included in my personal favorite along with other psychological or thrillers which I really love it. This anime just has so many mysteries waiting in front of the story. I also don’t know what they think about this anime for those of you who have watched it. Bottom line, you could say it’s not too memorable in addition, but “From the New World” is full of mysteries in it which it’s so dark to be further studied and reviewed again.


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