The Usual Suspects – The Devil’s Greatest Trick Ever Pulled

This is one movie which fascinated me for a few seconds, at the end of the movie, when Kevin Spacey revealed the most criminals and criminal from Keyser Soze itself. Unexpectedly, his name was so well-known after this movie and his 100% victory at the Academy Award in 1996 as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role. In fact, Kevin Spacey himself said in several of his speeches who was the real Keyser Soze. The first time I saw this movie, I’m just like “what the fuck?” and for real, I say it’s from the bottom of my heart, making this movie as one of my personal favorites in the thriller and suspense genre. The second times I saw this movie, it’s still haunting me even many and many times I watch this film still disturbing.

Yet, I understand how this movie is just a “gimmick” for all plot-twist movies. As Roger Ebert said that the movie seems focused on the conclusion itself but doesn’t give any obvious answer about the film. In this case, it’s just like Ebert seems to lose the main focus of what is actually “The Usual Suspects” and Bryan Singer wants to convey. The bad news, I’m just a bit disappointed in how Bryan Singer never made a movie like this again and intervened to work on the “X-Men” series. “The Usual Suspects” is like “The Sixth Sense,” both movies encourage you to take a closer look at the hint to find out what’s been waiting at the end of the film. If you watch closely, you will be able to predict how this film ends. Nowadays, those two films seem to be just a “film” as seen from one-dimensional.

My personal thought on this movie is how to keep track of the plot. Roger Ebert said that he was falling asleep in the mid-duration which is always hard to watch it again and again. Yet, the story was built with a non-linear storytelling, in turn, it will be told how Verbal Kint and his friends ended up in a gun battle on a boat which caused all of his friends died. On the other hand, there is a sub-plot of a mysterious character named Keyser Soze, the most feared mobster in the dark business, the most horrible bad guys, eradicating his family, and his children. Because the story will go on from how the story will be put together starting from their meeting on a police lineup, this is what the real shit begins.

I just found out how Benicio Del Toro as Fenster farted a few times when shooting this movie in a day, following the actors who participated always laughing. In fact, Bryan Singer himself was pissed off because of the actors’ behavior until finally, the editor let the frame become one which isn’t too weird and annoying. The actors are Keaton played as Gabriel Byrne, a former corrupt policeman, McManus played by Stephen Baldwin, a crack shot, Fenster played by Benicio Del Toro as his partner, Hockney played by Kevin Pollak, and Verbal played by Kevin Spacey, a con-artist with crippled legs.

When the spoiler comes, it’s hard to explain this film without spoilers. So, this line contains spoilers.

First of all, Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze. Sure, everybody knows it. There are so many clues in this movie to identify who the figure of Keyser Soze was. The first is Verbal’s way of hiding in a spool of ropes where in his interrogation, he explained that he was hiding behind those ropes which his shadow wasn’t seen while watching his friend killed. The second is a gold pocket watch and gold cigarette lighter. The first opening scene shows how Keyser Soze used the gold watch and cigarette. At the end of the film, Verbal went to collect his items, along with all of his stuff included the gold watch and lighter as he left the police station.

The third is Verbal who says how the urine is thick and lumpy due to kidney difficulties when he was dehydrated. The opening scene shows it. The fourth is the way he smiles when he says that Keaton was the person behind everything. When Kujan turns to Verbal, there is a terrifying smile from Verbal Kint of a second but just disappears when Kujan turns back. The fifth is the first opening scene when he whispers, “How ya doin’ Keaton?” which is kinda similar to the voice of Verbal or Spacey. During interrogation, Verbal slipped by saying “I did kill Keaton” when Kujan was shouting too loud that it couldn’t be heard. Verbal concludes it by saying, “I did see Keaton get shot.”

The Usual Suspect” is, for real, one of my personal favorite movies ever. Sure, watching it nowadays might predictable of what the end of the film was. It’s become one of the movies that still haunts until now. The movie seems to be a “gimmick” of lists from a movie with the best plot twist ever. It’s so rare to get and created a movie like this but this is one of the most yet cult-classic. I can imagine how the reaction of the moviegoers when it first premiered at the time and certainly, I could also speculate there are some people who come out before the movie ended because it’s too dull. One of the films which gave a goosebump at the few seconds the end of the movie, a movie which can be said as a horror of the non-horror movie. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convinced the world that he didn’t exist. In fact, Keyser Soze managed to convince the whole world.


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