Movie – Blade Runner [REVIEW] – Man Has Made His Match… Now It’s His Problem

IMDB Rating: 8,2/10
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: Philip K. Dick
Stars: Harrison FordRutger HauerSean Young

Blade Runner is a sci-fi thriller that can be said to be a total failure in income and criticism are very diverse in that year. But why is this movie so much thrilling while there are many negative responses in that year? What makes it so good that the sequel is made? Yeah, I also don’t know why if this movie made a pop culture like an anime version of it, even considered as the best dystopian movie ever. However, this movie is the same as 2001: A Space Odyssey for myself because watching this movie for the first time will certainly be a very boring impression. Watched for the second time leave a lot of answers and watch for the third time, you’ll realize that this is a masterpiece. Especially if the director of this movie is Ridley Scott who also directed Alien, The Martian, and Gladiator. Plus starring Harrison Ford or better known as Han Solo in Star Wars franchise or Indy in Indiana Jones franchise.

“Blade Runner,” set in place in 2019 in the future. Tyrell Corporation is a company responsible for creating replicants, an android that has the same artificial AI technology as humans. Replicants are created to work in colonies outside the earth. Therefore, a rule for replicants is strictly forbidden to enter the earth and they must be killed by a Blade Runner if they break the rule. One day, four replicants made it to Earth and Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) was a Blade Runner who was assigned to hunt down all the four replicants.

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner (1982)

Before I start reviewing, I want to make a statement. Remember when I reviewed 2001: A Space Odyssey that misrepresenting the future? This movie has a similar thing and strangely too, the movie seemed boring for the first time for myself. So this way, it’s 2018 and one year the atmosphere described in Blade Runner will be just like the movie. I mean, this is 2018 and may not necessarily resemble a futuristic city atmosphere in Blade Runner. What I mean here is flying cars, races that are connected in outer space, and humans who can already create android very similar to humans, have feelings, and also have emotions. However, I consider this movie to be the most unique sci-fi movie ever seen since it was produced in the 80s. I also wonder why this movie is so difficult to taken by people in that year too. I give an applause for Ridley Scott who makes this beautiful sci-fi movie. I mean, I recognize his greatness because when compared to sci-fi movies nowadays, I think Blade Runner is the best. People said it makes no sense because maybe those who haven’t watched or didn’t understand the movie.

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner (1982)

These futuristic Los Angeles cities remind me of Len Wiseman’s Total Recall movie, starring Colin Farrell. The atmosphere portrayed from both movies is very similar. A city is depicted so drearily, narrow, damp, and so dirty. Therefore, there are so many movies that represent futuristic but bleak atmosphere thanks to this Ridley Scott movie. What I love about this movie is that Ridley Scott incorporates a classic noir movie element but a futuristic scene with a soundtrack that is perfect to completely describe the atmosphere of this bleak city. In addition to Total Recall, Blade Runner also reminds me of one of the anime Psycho-Pass. But the similarity may be only in terms of the story, where humans are subservient to technology that has vanquished the human brain. And another one, this movie is a thriller with the noir genre so you will not get action scenes everywhere. I myself love this movie like this but I’m surprised this movie is very unconventional from other thriller movies.

Joanna Cassidy in Blade Runner (1982)

Although Blade Runner is a movie with a continuous plot, this movie will tend to be difficult to understand and follow the story because this movie goes with a story that’s so slow with boring characters. The dialogue also sometimes feels brief but from here the audience will understand it. However, the concept of the story built in here is very appealing to this world where humans are more human impressed but lost for killing the replicants. The man who thinks that a replicant is a rebel or something, I see it’s mere nonsense because of the fact that man is the cruelest here. In fact, replicants that are considered dead still have hearts and emotions to understand humans. I also like the last monologue spoken by Roy Batty played by Rutger Hauer. Maybe this includes a small spoiler but the quote that he said was somehow very meaningful with the improvisation of the actor itself. I was immediately touched in this scene as well.

Overall, Blade Runner is a movie that can be seen from anywhere because the movie seems ambiguous and has different perceptions of each person. The sci-fi, thriller, with neo-noir elements, all combined into one with a pretty futuristic city effect. I also want to watch the sequel starring Ryan Gosling. However, I can’t speak with this movie because Ridley Scott managed to make all the audience feel ambiguous to be confused about the beauty of this masterpiece.


Movie – The Disaster Artist [REVIEW] – Meets The Weird And Mysterious, Tommy Wiseau

IMDB Rating: 7,9/10
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director: James Franco
Writer: Scott Neustadter
Stars: James FrancoDave FrancoAri Graynor

All of you may know The Room, a drama movie that’s said to be the best worst movie ever and is said to be a bad version of Citizen Kane. The Room is one of the worst film ever made in Hollywood history and somehow, people are always watching it repeatedly over and over again and people are considered enjoy and exciting to watch. Honestly, I also don’t know how many times I watch The Room. Maybe, five or six times. It’s like, you smell a bad taste in your foods but you still smell it again even though you know the smell is rotten. However, I’m not here to review The Room but I will review The Disaster Artist the biography of Tommy Wiseau, starring James Franco and Dave Franco.

“The Disaster Artist,” tells about behind the screening of The Room. When Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) who aspires to become a famous actor, he met Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) in acting class. They both then establish a unique friendship and headed to Hollywood to achieve their dreams. Tommy thinks that Greg is someone who admired him and Greg thinks Tommy is a person he always trusts for himself. After traveling to Hollywood, they always don’t get a job in acting. Finally, Tommy decided to write and direct his own movie, rent a studio, and make movie sets. Initially, Greg was so excited because his dream finally came true. However, seeing Tommy’s directing ability starts from bad, gets worse, and worse.

James Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017)

The Disaster Artist is a biography movie behind the worst filmmaking, The Room. In spite of all, the overall totals are not all the making of The Room is told but this is a bromance and friendship story between Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. Behind the filming of The Room, I’m actually a little touched by the story of their friendship and the story of Tommy Wiseau who was originally mocked by people until being a unique and famous person in Hollywood. In The Disaster Artist, we will be shown the making of important moments in The Room such as Tommy Wiseau quotes like “I did not hit her,” “What a story mark,” “Oh, hi Mark,” and “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa.” We all know behind the memorable scenes in The Room, which turns out to be an initial story like Tommy Wiseau inspired by James Dean’s quote, “You’re tearing me apart,” and sometimes acting like a ridiculous version of Marlon Brando.

James Franco and Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017)

Behind of all, the movie is absolutely has no boring impression both The Room and The Disaster Artist. I will give an example, what is your favorite movie and does your favorite movie you watch every time or only once? Honestly, there are so many movies I like but sometimes I think I only watch them once. Unlike The Room, a movie that’s said to be the worst movie of the worst we always watching over and over again and no boring impression at all. Although like that, this movie is only focused on the important moments of the movie The Room. Maybe I’m a bit selfish and it’s just a biopic with comedy in it, but maybe it could be added to its duration with a few small moments so it feels detailed inside. But, I really don’t care and I enjoy it too. What I appreciate about this movie is the figure of Tommy Wiseau, the worst actor who created a masterpiece and will never be forgotten, never listen to people’s insults, and always be himself. Same it with Greg Sestero, a figure who always support Tommy despite some conflicts they live.

Overall, The Disaster Artist is a biopic that introduces a masterpiece behind the scenes. There are no people like Tommy Wiseau, thinking of his dream and never hearing other people’s insults, always coming forward, and the proof of him is becoming as successful as it’s now. A bad version of Citizen Kane that we always watch over and over again and teach us what is a friend and support each other. James Franco also arose his accent that looks like Tommy Wiseau and sometimes I laugh when he talks.


I can’t remember the last time I watched anime genre like this or commonly known as shoujo ai. Such genres are usually preferred by men over women because women prefer shounen ai. For those of you who don’t know shoujo ai is a genre where female characters with women love each other but not in the form of lust but in feeling. vice versa to shounen ai, men who like men. So basically, it’s like a gay or lesbian or can be compared to famous movies like Brokeback Mountain, Moonlight, Boyhood, Atomic Blonde, and Call Me By Your Name. For anime, there are so many like this other than Citrus but I don’t know the time I watched the anime like this. Maybe last, I’m watching Yuri Yuri and this is probably the second time I watch it. However, Citrus is not something that can be judged because of its strange element but this is a mellow drama anime that I think is unusual.

“Citrus,” tells about of Yuzu Aihara is a fashionable student who imagines that her first day at school will be the most beautiful and memorable of her life after her mother remarried. However, she didn’t know that she was in a very strict school of discipline. She later found himself with a schoolgirl and council president at the school, Mei Aihara who also became his new stepister. Yuzu then learns about the relationship that makes her  so hate about things around her.

I watched the first episode of this anime, and I don’t know what I want to say about this anime. Citrus is not an anime that anyone can enjoy because people who are new to this anime will assume that this is a very strange anime, especially women. Maybe Yuru Yuri is an anime shoujo ai that can be enjoyed by anyone because there is still a moe element in it. However, Citrus is not such a thing. The other side, this anime explains how a person can become that way because it is betrayed by people. The drama element was also very satisfying to me because despite telling about the relationship between women and women, I enjoyed it as well. Previously also, I’ve seen the trailer of this anime and I don’t know what I can say to this anime. What is clear, Citrus can be the spectacle that I wait the most.



I’ve been waiting for this anime for it since I’ve seen the information and announcements and I’ve been watching this anime trailer and that’s the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve watched the first episode of this anime and somehow I also feel a little annoyed because the story is made to hang so we must wait for the next week. But, this is the feel if you watch an anime that’s on-going. It seems the story is made hanging but better than waiting to finish so we are not too informed. Also, does this season have a little moe anime or another slice of life? I waited for this too. However, this year there are so many anime that we are waiting for its arrival and it is not anime less popular. For Kokkoku, I add value to the thriller this season.

“Kokkoku,” tells about Juri Yukawa living with her NEET father and brother, her retired grandfather, her sister, and his nephew. One day, her nephew and brother were kidnapped by several kidnappers and asked for ransom. They were asked for 30 minutes to give the money to the kidnapper. Juri realized that there was no time to think of such a thing and decided to head it alone. However, her grandfather suddenly arose a mysterious stone Yukawa family heritage to stop the time.

Yeah, this is a psychological thriller and a mystery anime that somewhat have a cliche synopsis or maybe this is something new for us. The manga written by Seita Horie has been completed in 2014 and contain 8 volumes. But what I see from this first episode gives me the creeps because of this mystery element. For those who have watched, this anime reminds us of one anime with the same monster form of Ajin even though I haven’t watched it at all. Kokkoku could be an anime thriller with every element always be a plot-twist in it. And it makes us wonder what will happen in the future, how the fate of all of this character, that character, and what kind of future of the plot. All that you can see in the next Monday.

Anime – BLEND-S [REVIEW] – How Scary She Looks When Smiling

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,66/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Author: Miyuki Nakayama
Seiyuu: Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, Anzu Haruno

This anime is known for its legend opening that becomes a meme when this anime is still on-going. I also didn’t expect that I know this anime just because it’s opening that made into a meme to parody on the internet. However, BLEND-S is a slice of life anime which I certainly like while it’s a slice of life I will love it. A moe that can be enjoyed in Fall 2017 is the thing I’m most proud of because I infrequently get an anime like this for now or maybe there are too many. Instead, let’s review this anime!


“BLEND-S,” tells about Maika Sakuranomiya (Azumi Waki) is a schoolgirl who struggles to find part-time jobs because her look is always scary when smiling. Although like that, she then met an Italian, Dino (Tomoaki Maeno) who is also a manager of a cafe called Stile. This cafe is a cafe that has a unique trait in it that’s serving a customer with a predetermined character. Dino then offers Maika to work at his cafe and Maika instantly accepts it. The problem, Maika is given a sadistic character because of her look that always hurts to her customers.


The synopsis has a resemblance to Working!! which have the same themed, a cafe. But, Working!! taking a backdrop of every character has its own unique personalities directly whereas BLEND-S is not direct. The characters in this anime consist of Kaho Hinata as a tsundere, Mafuyu Hoshikawa as a younger brother, Hideri Kanzaki as an idol trap, and Miu Amano as a naughty teacher but really love doujinshi. For the anime that worked by A-1 Pictures studio, it’s not surprising that the artwork is the same as Working!!. Both anime is also my own favorite anime and it uses a simple but colorful background. What I mean here is the opening of these two anime. All sung by the seiyuu that existed on these anime and for BLEND-S, the opening hears catchy to my ears although sometimes sounded hazy because heard from the first time on the internet being made into a meme. Remember, this is not an anime cute girls doing a cute thing because there are still male characters in here but this is a slice of life with a light comedy in it.

BLEND-S Hideri

The animations manifested are so simple and not exaggerated. Therefore, the imitations effects are still therein and the visuals are sometimes cute if we compare them with the manga. The animation drawn in this anime is very simple so that it can add the effect of each heroine. Although not very detailed and realistic, I like the animation movement that has no uniqueness at all because this is just a simple thing. Yeah, because this is an anime comedy so the use of visuals to animation is limited to give effect cute and the comedy. Some of this anime deficiency is because a simple drawn doesn’t mean the figure characters must be drawn with a half-face. In addition, the role of Hideri and Miu is also not so deepened and detailed by the author although sometimes they also have a slightly awkward relationship.


The characters contained in the anime is also very interesting because it’s supported by all of the seiyuu it. For example, Maika character who has a voice like a typical innocent girl sometimes turns into a cold, frightening voice, with a very patronizing look. So also with the character of Mafuyu who has a voice that doesn’t match the size of her body. Her voice was initially very common like typical adults in general but turned into children when working. For Kaho’s character, I don’t see the uniqueness but her tsundere is also sometimes sweet. In addition, I also like the element of small romance in it like the relationship between Kouyou Akizuki with Kaho Hinata. They both sometimes have a relationship that feels shame to awkward when talking to each other. However, perhaps the author doesn’t want the two of them to have a deep relationship because it will change the perspective of this anime. Likewise with Dino and Maika who have a little relationship that sometimes awkward though I prefer Akizuki with Kaho.

Overall, BLEND-S is an anime slice of life with elements of comedy in it that can be enjoyed by anyone. Simple animation can prove that anime with moe like this can be liked by anyone. Its awkward element is deeply felt inside, seiyuu with its unique sound, and a story like anime slice of life. BLEND-S is a meme that can make the internet a more bizarre place and I recommend to you guys if you like Working !! or slice of life this anime might be perfect for you guys.


Pop Team Epic

I don’t know what I have to respond to this anime but, this is the most absurd anime I’ve ever seen. I’ve known the manga itself because many people say that this anime is a comedy sarcasm meme. The manga itself is a manga 4 comma or manga 4 panels that satirize anime, games, or things that are more popular on the internet itself. This anime is only about 15 minutes with compilations that satirize something.

This anime doesn’t require as many plot at all, so I don’t write to much in here. We just enjoy to watch this anime and we will wonder what really happened. This anime tells about Pipimi and Popuko is a typical 14-year-old girl with the spirit of quipping something and making into a meme. The first episode, too, I wonder if I was wrong or not because the first scene was seen insinuating an anime cliche where the main character woke up, late school by biting a bread in his mouth until students with an idol. So a typical anime I think. I mean, what the fuck is this? In addition, he also satire an RPG game called Skyrim until there are much more than you will see this in this anime. Typical anime like this not everyone who understands because these anime satirize something that becomes pop culture in it or internet things. Hence, I recommend it better to watch other comedy anime than to watch this by force and not know the references.

Anime – Seiren [REVIEW] – Weigh Upon One’s Mind-love

MyAnimeList Rating: 6,35/10
Genre: Romance, School
Studios: Studio Gokumi, AXsiZ
Author: Kisai Takayama
Seiyuu: Ayane Sakura, Shino Shimoji, Juri Kimura

I’ve been infrequently lately to write and review anything again. Yeah, I’m sorry. I haven’t been on holiday until the edge. But, it’s time to start my holiday again, follow the anime in this season, and enjoy it with a relaxing time. Recently, too, I’ve been able to watch anime and I’m here to review this anime. Previously, I ever dropped this anime because I didn’t have much time to finish it. However, Seiren is a slight romance anime that’s many people that this anime is one of the worst romance anime ever. For me, I enjoy it even though there is as well as I can’t stand it by itself.

“Seiren,” tells about Shouichi Kamita (Atsushi Tamaru) is an ordinary male student who is not too concerned about love for planning what to do in the future. However, he wants to try it once by finding three girls who have a future with him: Hikari Tsuneki (Ayane Sakura) who is always excited but soft inside, Tooru Miyamae (Shino Shimoji) who loves video games but has problems with his social life, and Kyouko Touno (Kimura jury) Shouchi’s childhood friend who sometimes has enthusiast manner.

Seiren SS1

So here it is, have you ever played visual novels? If you’ve ever played, maybe you’ll find it easy to understand the story but for those who do not yet play it maybe you will ask yourself what happened in this anime. This anime has 3 sessions from each of the heroine itself and has four episodes in every arc. The first session is the story between Shouichi and Tsuneki where Tsuneki is a figure who always mocks Shouichi’s feelings. For those of you who watch this anime, maybe this session that most people like it but we will see the plot-twist during the second session, where the story between Shouichi and Tooru about video games. I didn’t immediately understand what really happened in this anime. I mean, the first session was built somewhat neatly and pretty much enjoyed by most people. However, all of that will be reset back to the beginning of the Shouichi story but the character of Tsuneki here still exists.

Seiren SS2

The difference is, her memory is changed so as not to connect with the first session. Even so, the second session is the thing I like best among the three sessions because the relationship between Shouichi and Tooru is pretty unique. The third session is the relationship between Kyouko and Shouichi. What I’m really amazed about is Tsuneki’s position. I think Tsuneki’s position here is pretty important in every episode. Almost every episode is present and will have a relationship with the main character. Even so, I suggest not to living up this anime because it can lead to heartbreak especially when you’ve been carried away with the story. Despite, Seiren is actually a light anime with a cute depiction ranging from the character to the nature that makes them even more prominent for an ordinary student. The humor is also a bit mild but awkward, the awkward dialogue, even the scene is so awkward as well. But, this anime isn’t a romance anime that can be enjoyed by anyone because it will make you hurt. So, don’t get carried away when finished this anime.

Overall, Seiren is an anime that’s really unique because I admit also that this anime has a very unique story by dividing the sessions in each heroine. Yeah, because this is indeed the prequel of the Amagami SS so it’s not surprising that this anime has the same elements as this anime. Apart from that, this anime is very light to be enjoyed, has awkward scenes in it as well as a light humor.

Movie – Chinatown [REVIEW] – You Get Close To Each Other, Maybe You Even Get Close To The Truth

IMDB Rating: 8,2/10
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Roman Polanski
Writer: Robert Towne
Stars: Jack NicholsonFaye DunawayJohn Huston

One more thriller movie with plot-twist I like the most. Chinatown is a crime movie directed by Roman Polanski and written by Robert Towne. Starring Jack Nicholson, Chinatown is a thriller movie that somehow so cleverly scripted by Robert Towne. Nothing wrong if he won an Oscar award in the category of Best Writing, Original Screenplay. Chinatown is also one of the first movies I’ve ever watched from Roman Polanski. His directing style is also very different from the others, the music is full of elements of tension like a thriller movie and the memorable feel of horror inside. But is Chinatown the best Roman Polanski movie?

“Chinatown,” tells about a private detective J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) was paid by a woman Ida Sessions (Diane Ladd) to investigate her husband Hollis Mulwray (Darrell Zwerling) who is the head of the water and power department in Los Angeles. During his investigation, J.J. Gittes managed to get a photo of Hollis Mulwray was making out with a woman suspected of being an affair. The next day, the photo appeared on the front page of the newspaper and J.J. Gittes was suddenly visited by Evelyn Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) who turned out to be Hollis Mulwray’s real wife. Gittes then continued the case and later found Hollis Mulwray dead. Gittes was later trapped in a net against which murder, corruption. and incest in this case.

Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in Chinatown (1974)

For the synopsis of this movie, maybe some people are somewhat difficult to understand what happened or some will also understand. What I admit from this movie is a script written by Robert Towne himself. Each scene is always prepared plot-twist, even though small plot twist and unpredictable twist. The twist in Chinatown is not a cheap twist that’s predictable, but it’s a smart surprisingly written by Robert Towne. Chinatown is also one of the most thriller movies that use neo-noir elements in the form of the dark side of a city and human. The issues that occurred in Los Angeles were a corruption, rape, murder, and other dangerous things that happened in the 70s. It also has a strong evidence that the end of the film will be found in one place in Chinatown and its last line quote that’s very legendary and memorable once in every person who watches it’s, “Forget it, Jake It’s Chinatown.” At the time of this quote is mentioned, I immediately feel like amazed during see this movie and immediately understand what really happened in this movie. It’s amazing with the directing of Roman Polanski. By the way, he also becomes a cameo in this movie and you can guess it.

Jack Nicholson and John Huston in Chinatown (1974)

The actors who appear in this movie are also brilliant apart from the very brilliantly written scripts as well. Jack Nicholson who plays J.J. Gittes and Faye Dunaway who plays Evelyn Mulwray. They both received an Oscar nomination in the Best Actor in a Leading Role won by Art Carney from Harry and Tonto and Best Actress in a Leading Role won by Ellen Burstyn from Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. I’ve often seen Jack Nicholson always brings his character that always has its own unique side. Call it One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest which is the best acting ever played from all of his movies. In this movie, his character looks like a bad guy outside. But inside, he is someone who still has sympathy and empathy towards others. As with Chinatown, he plays his character here quite similar to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He is the actor who always gets Oscar nominations every decade.

Overall, Chinatown is a neo-noir movie that must be watched by you who really like a thriller or crime movie. With a script written so smartly by Robert Towne, Chinatown always shows us a plot-twist in every scene. Especially with Hollywood actors that very famous because of his acting, this movie adds nuance. The music in this movie also has a very nuanced tension and fear.

Manga – Bunny Drop [REVIEW] – An Unfamiliar Child In The Garden

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,63/10
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Josei
Author: Yumi Unita (Story & Art)
Serialization: Feel Young

Warning, this review will contain a big spoiler!

I don’t know what emotions I got from reading this manga and I also now understand why people better not to read this manga and prefer to watch the anime or live action itself. Honestly, I actually don’t understand why people think that this manga has a plot twist ending and doesn’t suit their expectations. They also rage about the authors who make the endings like this, not in line with what they think. I am also included but I don’t dispute it. What’s clear, this is something I will never get again.

“Usagi Drop,” tells about a 30-year-old Daikichi coming to his grandfather’s funeral and meeting a child in a garden. His mother explained that Rin was a child born in her grandfather’s dark relationship with her unknown mother. The girl’s then embarrassed towards all her brothers and no one wants to take it because of the scandal. Daikichi finally decided to take care of Rin himself.

Bunny Drop Manga 02

For those who already watch the anime, I recommend not to read this review because I’m here to discuss the time skip part of the anime. For it manga continued, this time the author changed a little story from heartwarming tale into a romantic drama story. Maybe you will find your heartwarming yourself. After the time skip, the adult Rin and the 40-year-old Daikichi must have some problems. The old characters are of course still there but they are old. Kouki is a rather playboy character, Reina, Nabe-chin, and there are new characters to be included. The plot will also have many conflicts: romantic mellow drama between Rin and Kouki, Daikichi, and Yukari, until a family relationship problems from Rin that are still considered children by Daikichi. The rest of you probably will not know if you don’t read it. In the end, Rin decides to marry Daikichi and live happily ever after.

Bunny Drop Manga 01

I actually don’t question the artwork at all like any other slice of life manga or josei. Yeah, I’m giving Yumi Unita great appreciation to her artwork. But, let’s discuss the story problem in Usagi Drop. Starting from volume 1 to 4, we’ve presented a heartwarming tale story in the form of warmth in it. The conflict isn’t overly exaggerated and awkward story from Daikichi with Yukari. Until I read volume 5, maybe the story of heartwarming is not there anymore. There is a romantic mellow drama. This is indeed a big change in this manga. Initially, we prepared a story of warmth that turned into a romance story. But I’m not concerned about the ending itself. Moreover, the relationship between Daikichi and Rin also has a reason why Rin is so fond of Daikichi. Liked here not only with love but with feelings. However, Daikichi alone always sees Rin as a child and will always keep it. Everyone who reads this manga would hope that Daikichi should be with Yukari but that expectation never happened. Yeah, I’m not concerned about the ending and I’m not dragged along with people who go berserk because of the ending problems.

Overall, Usagi Drop is a manga that experienced a big change in it. The story of the heartwarming tale as we know it and change drastically into a story that we never thought. Although people think that this ending isn’t in accordance with expectations or think this is something that is not worth to read, it really depends on you. You guys who want to watch the anime, it’s pretty good. But you will never know and still in hang if you don’t read the manga.

Game – Doki Doki Literature Club [REVIEW] – Will You Write The Way Into Their Heart?

Steam Rating: 10/10
Genre: Visual novel
Developer: Team Salvato
Artist: Satchely, Velinquent
Engine: Ren’Py
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Warning, this review contain a big spoilers. If you didn’t play this game or didn’t completed yet, I recommended not to read this review!!!

On the last day of 2017, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Watching anime? Bored. Watching movies? Bored. So I wanted to find something more exciting to spend this New Year’s Eve than going out. So, Doki Doki Literature Club is the answer. This game is so long I can’t play it again and I’ve heard some people’s opinions about this game. Do you know the result is? I had a very deep nightmare about this game. Even until now I write a review of this game, I’m still scared to death inside. For those of you who haven’t played this game or haven’t finished it yet, I recommend not to read this review before you finish this game because you will not get a surprising impression about this game.

“Doki Doki Literature Club,” tells about the protagonist who was invited by his childhood friend Sayori to join in literature club on his high school. The protagonist will meet other members of the club, Natsuki, Yuri, and the president of the club Monika. The protagonist spends his time at the club with activities such as writing and sharing poetry. Everything went happily and pretty normal until one day, the player realized that this game isn’t about it.


Here it’s, a psychological horror game that I want. Even the atmosphere in this game is still hurt in my head and sometimes I can’t sleep because I always remember it. Even when I write this article, sometimes someone is watching me. This is serious, dude. I am not kidding. However, what’s presented in Doki Doki Literature Club is an experience that you will never get in other games or visual novel. I don’t play too many visual novels, but maybe this game makes me interested to play visual novels. The gameplay that’s presented in this game does have an impression that looks common to a visual novel. The protagonist who has a childhood friend, surrounded by anime girls, and it looks normal early on. Initially, the player just has one goal of this game that is to make a poetry every day and share with each other in the club. At first, the impression presented here is not so bad and ordinary for me until you will find something you will never forget. I know some of you guys have been playing this game before me but, I’m sorry to make you remember this game again.


For two years, Dan Salvato and his teams wrote this game privately. He doesn’t tell us about the trailers nor information about this game. Until September 22, 2017, the game was launched for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. This game is also launched on Steam on October 6, 2017. The experience of enjoying this game is like you see something sweet but not as you expected. Remember when I reviewed an RPG game called OneShot where the characters in that game know our real name and talk to the player or essentially breaking the fourth wall? The same thing as this game did but, breaking the 4th wall here isn’t what you think. I was also surprised at first seeing this game which has a psychological horror genre but the screenshots that are presented are not horror. The characters that can break the 4th wall is Monika the president of the literature club. There are so many plots twisted especially when you meet the incidents where Sayori’s the protagonist childhood friend suicide and glitch sprang up everywhere. Of all the scenes I saw, Sayori’s suicide was the most disturbing thing I ever saw. As you watch this scene, a text appears in the game directory where Monika talks to ‘you.’ At that time, this game will show ‘END’ and return to the menu. However, the difference here is Sayori has been removed in this game by Monika. And you will start the beginning of the game without Sayori’s character.


So essentially, whatever the player does Monika will always be there. Like for example, you choose Natsuki, Monika will delete it. Choosing Yuri, Monika will delete it as well. Along with Sayori. Until all nothing left, Monika will set up her own program while calling your real name and chatting while staring at the player. Yeah, the most creepy and disturbing nightmare to start your new year. I don’t know what I want to think about this game anymore. This game is actually as if the player is free to choose the heroine like other visual novels. You will choose this heroine based on the poetry they like. For example, if you want to choose Natsuki, the player must choose a variety of words that look sweet. If you want to choose Yuri, the player must choose a variety of words that look creepy. And if you want to choose Sayori, players should choose a variety of words that look normal. For Monika, nothing at all. The words that player chooses also describe the personality of the heroine like Natsuki who looks childish, Yuri who looks embarrassed and shy, and Sayori that looks hyperactive every time. Monika also has a female nature but you will see it in the ending of this game.

Overall, Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel horror game that shouldn’t be judged by its cover. This is a clickbait where players want to find a warmth that ends in a pain. The artwork is fairly cool and detailed, sometimes has a touching story despite many plot-twist, the piano music that sometimes invites cheer and happiness, and Monika is the MVP of this game. A game that brings its player into an experience that will always be remembered and I recommend that this game is not suitable for those of you who are easily disturbed and afraid of jumpscare.