Movie – 21 Jump Street [REVIEW] – They’re Too Old For This Shift

IMDB Rating: 7,2/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Phil Lord
Writer: Michael Bacall
Stars: Jonah HillChanning TatumIce Cube

21 Jump Street is a comedy movie made by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller which’s also an adaptation of the TV series in 1987. Even so, 21 Jump Street is a movie with results that can’t be denied again because it was executed successfully by the director and the actors. Starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube, 21 Jump Street is a movie you don’t want to miss anymore. The audience will look back on a TV series you’ve watched and made back into a comedy and more absurd to watch.

“21 Jump Street,” tells about two young policemen named Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) who also came from the same high school. Both of them have very different personality and fortunes from Schmidt who was a nerd with his physics skills and had difficulty approaching women until Jenko that’s very popular because of his handsome face and an athlete. After meeting again, they decided to be friends because each has complementary advantages. Even so, their job isn’t to take care of a dangerous criminal world but to be in a park police position. However, their captain named Dickson (Ice Cube) gave them a secret mission to disguise themselves as high school boys and trace the drug networks that circulated in the school. They were back in their high school and had to mingle with other teenagers.

Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street (2012)

Do you know why this movie is so good and entertaining to watch? Yeah, because the two idiots actor Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill managed to make all the audience because of their silliness. The characteristics of their personality are truly unique and innocent to be witnessed. Channing Tatum describes a man who always had a poker face and Jonah Hill who was innocent, weak, and lacked confidence at all. In essence, they work as silly police who are very contrary to their appearance. Both actors have managed to portray each character so that the audience who watch it will not be bored and will laugh constantly.

Dakota Johnson, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Rye Rye in 21 Jump Street (2012)

Each joke brought in this movie’s never boring so it’s easier to understand by every audience even though there’s also a joke that contains adult elements but all that’s very entertaining. When compared with the original version, 21 Jump Street could be regarded as having a very disastrous result for many viewers because many critics would think that this movie might be something new to watch. However, all that changed when everything was witnessed what 21 Jump Street is presented. The action scene is very cool to be accompanied by elements of humor and comedy, all of it has been written very neatly by its screenwriter. Sometimes, there’s a very touching scene and there’s also a scene that produces a level of surprise.

Overall, 21 Jump Street is a light comedy action film that’s highly recommended by everyone. This film managed to change the minds of people who initially thought this movie would be so ugly to watch. 21 Jump Street is a remake movie that you will never miss again. However, this film also features several cameo versions of its TV series. Therefore, sometimes there’s a sense of nostalgia coupled with cuteness.


Movie – Wreck-It Ralph [REVIEW] – When The Game Is Over, The Fun Begins

IMDB Rating: 7,7/10
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Rich Moore
Writer: Phil Johnston
Stars: John C. ReillyJack McBrayerJane Lynch

Yeah, maybe you can say that Toy Story is a film made by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios the best as well as the first ever. The success was followed by two sequels that aren’t less interesting and touching. Then, Wreck-It Ralph is in the eyes of the audience in 2012 which is almost similar to the story with Toy Story but involving arcade game video characters. Therefore, this film can be said to evoke nostalgia and memories about arcade games we’ve played for a long time.

Wreck-It Ralph Screenshot 1

“Wreck-It Ralph,” tells about Ralph (John C. Reilly) as a villain in an 80s game programmed to destroy a dwelling called Niceland. Because of his character, he always gets opposition from a hero character named Felix (Jack McBrayer) and his magical hammer that can fix any damage Ralph made. Due to his hero’s actions, a medal was always awarded to Felix in every game round and won an affectionate award from other characters in the game. Contrary to Ralph, he becomes disgusted with the treatment he receives just because he’s a bad guy. Ralph then intends to prove that he can also be a hero and deserves a medal like Felix. That intention then encourages Ralph to jump into another game. The decision to jump into another game brings Ralph into a dangerous adventure where he enters into an FPS game Hero’s Duty and meets with Calhoun (Jane Lynch) into Sugar Rush game meeting with Vanellope (Sarah Silverman).

As usual, Disney always presents an animated film that’s quite different from other animated films. Wreck-It Ralph can be regarded as a successful film featuring funny elements, humor, colorful, characteristic, to a conflict that makes the audience feel touched. Just like any Disney or Pixar movie, Wreck-It Ralph always inserts a moral message in it and a very touching drama. Ralph who’s an evil character tries hard if he can also be a hero. Not just Ralph, other characters such as Calhoun and Vanellope certainly have a background that can make the audience to sympathize with the character.

Wreck-It Ralph Screenshot 2

Wreck-It Ralph is a movie filled with diverse stories. Sometimes the plot always makes the audience surprised, the problems that pop up and will be solved in total slowly, until the animation that makes us not to look out of the screen. Speaking of Wreck-It Ralph, the film focuses on an old and classic arcade game like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more.

Overall, Wreck-It Ralph is a very cool animated film from Disney and Pixar. It’s suitable for all ages and is suitable for family. For those of you who want nostalgia about old games, pixels or something like that, Wreck-It Ralph is the most recommended movie. Of course, this movie is present for you who are non-gamers.

Movie – The Hunger Games [REVIEW] – May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

IMDB Rating: 7,2/10
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Suzanne Collins
Stars: Jennifer LawrenceJosh HutchersonLiam Hemsworth

Finally, I’ve finished watching this movie. It’s been a long time since I wanted to watch this movie. Some of my friends say, “Hey, watch The Hunger Games.” And sometimes they wonder if just me who have never watched this movie. And then I watched it now because I made this movie as my college reference. So, what’s the result? Some are good and some are not. The Hunger Games can be said is a teenage movie that is so overrated in my opinion. In the adaptation of the novel entitled by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games has made a lot of inspiration that we see now there are so much movie-themed like The Hunger Games.

“The Hunger Games,” tells about a world that was devastated by a nuclear war that caused the United States to split into several areas. In an area called Panem, an event of survival games reality is always held every year. Twenty-four teens each consist of 12 males and 12 females. They will be selected randomly where they will represent 12 districts of Panem. They will be released in the wild until only one person will survive. The winner of this event will get an honor, fame to the provision of food for his family. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) are two teenagers elected to represent District 12.

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games (2012)

What The Hunger Games presented was an inhumane film because the Tribute battle of 12 districts was shown live through a reality show. If equated with Battle Royale, arguably The Hunger Games is also like that. Although I have never read the novel, I am astonished by Suzanne Collins how she can take an idea that produces an unusual story. From what I read from some articles, Suzanne Collins takes inspiration while watching TV at night. While changing the channel on TV, he sees a gaming show showing several people competing to win a prize and then he sees a footage of the Iraq war. From here he takes inspiration by combining a classic and contemporary.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amandla Stenberg in The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games reminds me of an adaptation film from James Dashner called The Maze Runner that has the same background and almost similar story elements. The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross features cinematography in order to make the audience not feel bored when watching the movie. But does it work for me? I don’t think so. Gary Ross from the beginning of the movie made a cinematography that made me sick. Gary Ross always shows the effects of shaking camera from the beginning, action, up to the time of the dialogue as well. Although some people will say good, for me isn’t. But, the whole story got me carried into that world. Starting from the exploitation of the wilderness image for a long duration that isn’t boring even though the first minute is very convoluted.

Overall, The Hunger Games is the best novel adaptation ever. Although I just watched it, this movie didn’t seem to die. Many people say that The Hunger Games is so different from the novel, I don’t care because I haven’t read the novel at all. I also just don’t accept how people always equate The Hunger Games with The Twilight Saga because the two films are very different at all.

Manhwa – About Death [REVIEW] – The Verge Of Life And Death

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,41/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Psychological
Author: Sini (Story), Hyeono (Art)
Serialization: Naver Webtoon

What will happen next when we die? How is death? What will we see next? Is it a light to get out of the tunnel or will we meet again with people that gone forever? No one knows what death is, what we will face next and how it proceeds. This Manhwa will bring us in the process of death. About Death is a manhwa I’ve been reading in the webtoon for a long time. Reading this manhwa seems to have its own sensation because there will be BGM that can evoke this comic atmosphere when reading it.

“About Death,” tells the story of humanity and the reality of what people must face after death. This Manhwa contains a short story that shows us what life means. We will only see “God” about how he speaks to people who are in the midst of life and death.


It is actually quite difficult to tell how the contents of this manhwa. In essence, “god” speaks with a human gripe about why he died and what his response to life was. Sometimes, the reader will begin to understand how this comic works in part and sometimes also be difficult to understand. This manhwa gives us the emotion we have to accept. Moreover, reading this manhwa with BGM makes us feel like we are also inside. This comic will teach the readers how we should be grateful for what we already have, thankful to Almighty God that we are alive today because no one knows when death will pick us up. In each story, we will be shown characters who have experienced death and reincarnated again to face “god.” In his conversation with “god”, sometimes we see humans as beings who never grateful for what has done in his life. They sometimes don’t accept about what just happened. Some stories also sometimes bring a very grateful character about what is given by “god”. What is clear, this comic brought its readers with mixed emotions. Sometimes bring happiness and sometimes bring sadness.


The art that presents this manhwa is very different for Japanese manga. There are two perspectives that exist in this art. First, the encounter between man and God is described as black and white as if in another world. And secondly, the life experienced by man before his death is described as colorful art. It’s like we are also in it and very much felt when reading it. What is clear, I love how the author is working on art that is very simple but charming to look at. One of the uniqueness of reading a comic in webtoon is sometimes available BGM is there so, the atmosphere to read comics is felt. The BGM in this Manhwa is very interesting ears for the readers. Its atmosphere is built so softly by the readers that will fit with what is told about in this manhwa. With the story combined with its BGM, this manhwa seemed to mix up our emotions slowly.

Overall, reading this manhwa as we will understand about what life is. Sometimes humans are never grateful for what they already have. What is clear, About Death is a comic that is perfect for everyone to read.

Game – Borderlands 2 [REVIEW] – The Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade

IGN Rating: 5,4/10
Genre: First-person Shooter, Action Role-playing
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Director: Paul Hellquist
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nvidia Shield

Who wouldn’t want to play a Borderlands series from Gearbox? The big changes from the first series make Borderlands 2 is the most hybrid game in 2012. There are many new things that we can get from this sequel, how he combined a two gameplay into one game is one of the greatest achievements of the Gearbox. In fact, playing this game-no little bit of boredom in it. Of course, this game has the same purpose for both sequels.

“Borderlands 2,” takes the timeline after the event of the first 5-year series. The previously Vault Hunter named Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick managed to find “the vault” in Pandora and managed to destroy the aliens inside. However, the consequences must be in charge by this Vault Hunters. The opening of the vault makes a precious mineral Eridium appear and spreading around Pandora. This attracted a large company called Hyperion Corporation led by Handsome Jack to stop by Pandora and try to mine as many of Eridium as possible. Generation Vault Hunters-also appeared and consisted of Axton, Maya, Salvador, and Zer0. The four of them have the same primary target of Hyperion that is now growing into a tyranny. A conflict that revamped Pandora also began again with the help of the rebels named The Sanctuary who will help The Vault Hunters.

Screenshot B2

For this series, Borderlands 2 indeed still have a strong bond from the first series it. In Borderlands 2, we will still see four characters with a new face view but still have the same skills in each character. Players also still have the freedom to edit the characters you want. But is that all that makes Borderlands 2 so unique? Apart from all that, Borderlands 2 still presents the feel of RPG and FPS with the same gameplay from the previous series. Players will find similar things like in the first Borderlands, the number of main missions and side missions that are so much from the previous series, as well as the weapons that the players will get so much earned during the play.

The most important thing for Borderlands 2 lies in the idea of a game and the characters are made as unique as possible from the first series. The presence of a new skill system is also no longer a one-way, but the skill will play a role each of the existing skill trees. The stereotype is the same from the first series but it is still a bit different from this game. For example, the character Zer0. Zer0 characters who were introduced as melee fighters characterize the ninja because of the katana he uses it. Although Zer0 has a thick stuff, this character is still building a range fighter with weapons that players want.

B2 Screenshot

Gearbox still presents a fairly large weapon with uniqueness in every weapon. Not apart from the level of scarcity, the weapons in this game almost most aren’t possible to find the same weapon both playing single player or multiplayer. Therefore, the player will try to make his character look unique and it is definitely different for every person who is in Pandora. Borderlands 2 is an addictive game that keeps repeating the incident. We will be made to complete hundreds of side missions, join with another player, increase the difficulty level, and repeat it again.

Borderlands 2 is a completely different game compared to the first series. Gearbox shows us how the random system it creates makes a new experience every gamer playing so unique that there is no limit whatsoever. However, there is one more thing we can get than the first series that didn’t exist. In the first Borderlands, we know that killing many enemies and completing missions as many as possible is one of the things that our characters can get a lot of experience so it will be very fast to level up. And here it is, Gearbox presents a new system called Badass Rank as a side quest to help strengthen the player character.

Borderlands Glitch

Badass Rank has a system with a fairly simple way each working. The player will have a mission by killing or collecting an existing target with a certain number limit so that we will get a Badass Rank that exists. For example, we will be made to collect a money of 200,000 or kill some enemies with a specified amount. Once completed, the player will get a token in order to collect the badass rank. You will be given an opportunity to upgrade the player’s character permanently in percentage form. The good news, Gearbox makes this system unlimited. So, this Badass Rank will continue to appear even though players will often complete from existing quest.

In this Borderlands 2, Gearbox tries as much as possible to make the map even wider than the first series. So, Borderlands 2 isn’t a game that can be played by one player only but it will be much better if played in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode allows the player to better maintain the level of fun and guaranteed the player’s probability to get rare items that will be very easy to get. The cool part from this Borderlands 2, not infrequently you will find a lot of good players here. It’s very rare to get toxic players, Borderlands 2 has pretty decent players because most of the high-level players we sometimes share the rare weapons they get.


Overall, Borderlands 2 is a super addictive game that you will play endlessly. The plot in this game is also very pronounced, the items are very diverse, side quest is quite a lot, AI is smarter, and skill tree more plays its role. It all looks good and unique so that the weaknesses are closed.

Movie – Premium Rush [REVIEW] – Ride Like Hell

IMDB Rating: 6,5/10
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: David Koepp
Writer: John Kamps
Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez

How about a movie that’s about someone who’s being chased by the police and using a bicycle? Perhaps, it is very rare to get a movie like that. But this movie says “no”. Someone who used a bicycle while he was chased again by police on the highway. Moreover, if riding fixie bikes are pretty hard. I once rode a fixie bike and it was pretty hard for a regular bike. Moreover, if the speed can be up to 5-6 gear.


Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a bike courier in Manhattan. A bicycle courier service is needed in Manhattan because an item can deliver up very quickly and immediately. Wilee is very different from other couriers. If some bike couriers use bikes with 5 to 6 gear with brakes, Wilee prefers Fixie bikes with gear 1 without brakes but has a great speed. Passing urban Manhattan at incredible speed, Wilee suddenly receives a mysterious package requested by his ex-friend named Nima (Jamie Chung). Wilee was even being chased by a corrupt policeman named Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) to hand his an envelope.

This film is very clear because it focuses on the Thriller genre filled with scenes of the chase. The only difference, the theme he raised about a bicycle courier who was chased by the police. When compared to fixie bikes with mountain bikes, I better choose mountain bikes. The fixie bike requires us to pedal the bike incessantly, while the mountain bikes are not. In this film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his skill how a person is pedaling a bicycle with wind speeds to avoid using brakes.


This film has a very dark impression and very bleak like other Thriller movies. Cinematography used is High-key lighting, style with very bright and bright depiction. Due to the high-key lighting, the aura of the Thriller film is not felt at all. However, David Koepp managed to set the course of the film to be very tense for the audience. The use of the camera is also very smooth when following the fast speed of movement Wilee so that the audience will be carried as if was on a bicycle as well.

Premium Rush uses a nonlinear storyline. The plot is what makes this film also has a little thriller sensation. The audience will initially be shown a scene where Wilee crashed into a taxi and was badly injured. Since then, the story will reverse how Wilee got caught in the event. The storyline of this film is very similar to Reservoir Dogs or other non-linear films. But I can say this movie is very similar to Reservoir Dogs.


Overall, for you Action-Thriller fans I would suggest watching this movie. Especially for fans who really like the nonlinear film. The film is also arguably still has shortcomings, especially the storyline that looks simple. However, his cinematography masks the deficiency. So, this movie is very interesting and entertaining to watch.

Game – Spec Ops: The Line [REVIEW] – The Middle Of Unspeakable Situations

IGN Rating: 8/10
Genre: Third-person Shooter
Publisher: 2K Games
Developers: Yager Development, Polygon Magic, Darkside Game Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux

Third Person Shooter is a genre game that has its own impression like Resident Evil 4, Gears of Wars, Uncharted. There are is the most successful games of all time. Some competitors have started to lose his idea to bring something different. Many are stuck because of a very simple cover mechanism, thus making players not interested in the contents of the game itself. For this game, a player has a very strong first impression. Starting from a solid storyline but making adrenaline racing fast until the visualization and themes raised very explicit.

“Spec Ops: The Line” takes on a post-apocalyptic theme, where the city of Dubai got some disaster of the worst sandstorms in history. The natural disaster caused the inhabitants to seek a shelter. Reinforcements help evacuate Dubai residents flow from all around the world. The Americans also sent 33rd Battalion troops led by Colonel John Conrad to assist with the evacuation. However, this unit disappears without a news. Walker, a member of the Delta Force special forces assigned to enter the city of Dubai and look for the presence of Conrad. Together with Adams and Lugo, his mission began. However, there are some mysteries that make this mission doesn’t go smoothly. The condition of Dubai that has no authority to make armed groups appear to rule this city of Dubai. Starting from Insurgents born from the inhabitants to the CIA secret agent who somehow appeared there too.

SOTL Screenshot 3

I also just finished this game. But, I don’t know what to say about this game. Although from the side of the gameplay, actually nothing special. Like the TPS (Third Person Shooter) game, you’ll only see health and bullets. The only thing that makes this game unique is a strong enough simulation system that is more directed to the arcade. This game also provides some environmental effects that will certainly help to defeat the enemy. Like the fragile glass effect that contains tons of sand. If it broke it, it would be easy to pass each enemy. Players can also command Lugo and Adams for your own set of targets. Unlike other games, this game has an AI system that is so strong that it makes it feel comfortable to play. You can also use cover-shot so you can flank it. Spec Ops: The Line also presents a rather difficult level of difficulty, even for normal difficulty levels.

SOTL Screenshot 1

The first impression of this game is very common. Similar to other genre games, this game presents a very ordinary gameplay. However, you will change your mind when you reach a certain plot in this game. For example, you will be prepared several options that could affect the story like the moral values and real human values. For example in one part of the story, where Walker, Lugo, and Adams are trapped in a situation where they are faced with the game being “judges” alive. You must shoot one of two people who was hanged alive by the rebels. The first person was an American soldier who executed six innocent people for no reason. Meanwhile, the second person is corrupt who blacklist the small people, although he never killed them with his own hands. Each trip, you will find options like this throughout the game. This game also shows how the war was very brutal, even shown explicitly.

SOTL Screenshot 2

The uniqueness of this game is also one of them a very neat story. The plot presents some images of warlike rebellion, violence, cruelty, and some other things. The plot also presents a plot-twist that makes the players will be made goosebumps. As an underrated TPS game, there is no need to distinguish gameplay anymore. Although this game comes as a game that has its own uniqueness, this game also still has some disadvantage. Like a very unattractive cover system, visuals, AI, and even rarely checkpoints are pretty far away.

Overall, if you are a gamer who like TPS or action, I strongly recommend playing this game. This game’s also very suitable for you who are very fond of the plot-twist story. You will feel a concept that becomes the standard for games in this genre.