Game – Borderlands 2 [REVIEW] – The Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade

IGN Rating: 5,4/10
Genre: First-person Shooter, Action Role-playing
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Director: Paul Hellquist
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nvidia Shield

Who wouldn’t want to play a Borderlands series from Gearbox? The big changes from the first series make Borderlands 2 is the most hybrid game in 2012. There are many new things that we can get from this sequel, how he combined a two gameplay into one game is one of the greatest achievements of the Gearbox. In fact, playing this game-no little bit of boredom in it. Of course, this game has the same purpose for both sequels.

“Borderlands 2,” takes the timeline after the event of the first 5-year series. The previously Vault Hunter named Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick managed to find “the vault” in Pandora and managed to destroy the aliens inside. However, the consequences must be in charge by this Vault Hunters. The opening of the vault makes a precious mineral Eridium appear and spreading around Pandora. This attracted a large company called Hyperion Corporation led by Handsome Jack to stop by Pandora and try to mine as many of Eridium as possible. Generation Vault Hunters-also appeared and consisted of Axton, Maya, Salvador, and Zer0. The four of them have the same primary target of Hyperion that is now growing into a tyranny. A conflict that revamped Pandora also began again with the help of the rebels named The Sanctuary who will help The Vault Hunters.

Screenshot B2

For this series, Borderlands 2 indeed still have a strong bond from the first series it. In Borderlands 2, we will still see four characters with a new face view but still have the same skills in each character. Players also still have the freedom to edit the characters you want. But is that all that makes Borderlands 2 so unique? Apart from all that, Borderlands 2 still presents the feel of RPG and FPS with the same gameplay from the previous series. Players will find similar things like in the first Borderlands, the number of main missions and side missions that are so much from the previous series, as well as the weapons that the players will get so much earned during the play.

The most important thing for Borderlands 2 lies in the idea of a game and the characters are made as unique as possible from the first series. The presence of a new skill system is also no longer a one-way, but the skill will play a role each of the existing skill trees. The stereotype is the same from the first series but it is still a bit different from this game. For example, the character Zer0. Zer0 characters who were introduced as melee fighters characterize the ninja because of the katana he uses it. Although Zer0 has a thick stuff, this character is still building a range fighter with weapons that players want.

B2 Screenshot

Gearbox still presents a fairly large weapon with uniqueness in every weapon. Not apart from the level of scarcity, the weapons in this game almost most aren’t possible to find the same weapon both playing single player or multiplayer. Therefore, the player will try to make his character look unique and it is definitely different for every person who is in Pandora. Borderlands 2 is an addictive game that keeps repeating the incident. We will be made to complete hundreds of side missions, join with another player, increase the difficulty level, and repeat it again.

Borderlands 2 is a completely different game compared to the first series. Gearbox shows us how the random system it creates makes a new experience every gamer playing so unique that there is no limit whatsoever. However, there is one more thing we can get than the first series that didn’t exist. In the first Borderlands, we know that killing many enemies and completing missions as many as possible is one of the things that our characters can get a lot of experience so it will be very fast to level up. And here it is, Gearbox presents a new system called Badass Rank as a side quest to help strengthen the player character.

Borderlands Glitch

Badass Rank has a system with a fairly simple way each working. The player will have a mission by killing or collecting an existing target with a certain number limit so that we will get a Badass Rank that exists. For example, we will be made to collect a money of 200,000 or kill some enemies with a specified amount. Once completed, the player will get a token in order to collect the badass rank. You will be given an opportunity to upgrade the player’s character permanently in percentage form. The good news, Gearbox makes this system unlimited. So, this Badass Rank will continue to appear even though players will often complete from existing quest.

In this Borderlands 2, Gearbox tries as much as possible to make the map even wider than the first series. So, Borderlands 2 isn’t a game that can be played by one player only but it will be much better if played in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode allows the player to better maintain the level of fun and guaranteed the player’s probability to get rare items that will be very easy to get. The cool part from this Borderlands 2, not infrequently you will find a lot of good players here. It’s very rare to get toxic players, Borderlands 2 has pretty decent players because most of the high-level players we sometimes share the rare weapons they get.


Overall, Borderlands 2 is a super addictive game that you will play endlessly. The plot in this game is also very pronounced, the items are very diverse, side quest is quite a lot, AI is smarter, and skill tree more plays its role. It all looks good and unique so that the weaknesses are closed.


Movie – Premium Rush [REVIEW] – Ride Like Hell

IMDB Rating: 6,5/10
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: David Koepp
Writer: John Kamps
Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez

How about a movie that’s about someone who’s being chased by the police and using a bicycle? Perhaps, it is very rare to get a movie like that. But this movie says “no”. Someone who used a bicycle while he was chased again by police on the highway. Moreover, if riding fixie bikes are pretty hard. I once rode a fixie bike and it was pretty hard for a regular bike. Moreover, if the speed can be up to 5-6 gear.


Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a bike courier in Manhattan. A bicycle courier service is needed in Manhattan because an item can deliver up very quickly and immediately. Wilee is very different from other couriers. If some bike couriers use bikes with 5 to 6 gear with brakes, Wilee prefers Fixie bikes with gear 1 without brakes but has a great speed. Passing urban Manhattan at incredible speed, Wilee suddenly receives a mysterious package requested by his ex-friend named Nima (Jamie Chung). Wilee was even being chased by a corrupt policeman named Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) to hand his an envelope.

This film is very clear because it focuses on the Thriller genre filled with scenes of the chase. The only difference, the theme he raised about a bicycle courier who was chased by the police. When compared to fixie bikes with mountain bikes, I better choose mountain bikes. The fixie bike requires us to pedal the bike incessantly, while the mountain bikes are not. In this film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his skill how a person is pedaling a bicycle with wind speeds to avoid using brakes.


This film has a very dark impression and very bleak like other Thriller movies. Cinematography used is High-key lighting, style with very bright and bright depiction. Due to the high-key lighting, the aura of the Thriller film is not felt at all. However, David Koepp managed to set the course of the film to be very tense for the audience. The use of the camera is also very smooth when following the fast speed of movement Wilee so that the audience will be carried as if was on a bicycle as well.

Premium Rush uses a nonlinear storyline. The plot is what makes this film also has a little thriller sensation. The audience will initially be shown a scene where Wilee crashed into a taxi and was badly injured. Since then, the story will reverse how Wilee got caught in the event. The storyline of this film is very similar to Reservoir Dogs or other non-linear films. But I can say this movie is very similar to Reservoir Dogs.


Overall, for you Action-Thriller fans I would suggest watching this movie. Especially for fans who really like the nonlinear film. The film is also arguably still has shortcomings, especially the storyline that looks simple. However, his cinematography masks the deficiency. So, this movie is very interesting and entertaining to watch.