Manga – Crows [REVIEW] – It Is Known As Crow High

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,24/10
Genre: Action, School, Shounen
Author: Hiroshi Takahashi (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Champion (Monthly)

Crows is a manga that adapted from 1990 to 1998 by Hiroshi Takahashi. For nowadays, Crows are better known for its movie as Crows Zero which tells about a high school that crowded with men who are very affectionate about fighting. I remember when Crows Zero used to be a very trending in my school while following his character style, shouting like a movie, and acting like a school thug just like in a movie. Although like that, in fact, I only see a glimpse of this movie and I’ve never been watching the full movie at all. So, many of my friends are talking about this movie in school and I can only see the scene of the fight only. At that time, everyone was talking about this movie except me who could only understand what they were saying. However, Crows is an unbeatable manga as well as Crows Zero movie. So, I want to try to review this manga.

“Crows,” tells about Harumichi Bouya, a second-year who recently transferred to Suzuran, a school full of mischievous boys. Harumichi just wanted to get himself to be number one at that school and while doing so he turned this school system into a school that would be a big influence on other schools.

Crows 01

So, Crows are actually no distinct from the live-action because this manga is also a sequel to Crows Zero manga. For those of you who don’t know, Crows Zero tells about a childlike Harumichi Bouya named Takiya Genji in the same hope as while Crows takes the story after Takiya Genji graduated from Suzuran. So, this is a prequel to the previous Crows Zero. For those of you who haven’t read the manga or watching the movie maybe you can enjoy both of them but for me actually, it has no connection at all but the background where it’s still in Suzuran. So, what exactly are this Crows? Does it contain only a bunch of unruly, mischievous people or do it have more stories to tell? Actually, Crows present a fresh story and not too impressive drama to redundant. This is a shounen manga you can enjoy. You want to see blood or a fight until fall on the ground, it’s all here. In addition, Crows also present us a comedy that can make us laugh and teach us about the neverending about friendship.

Crows 02

I might write this review a brief in here but I’ll also try to analyze it first. For the stories presented in this manga, it’s no different from other shounen manga. However, it tells about a gang fight to an epic fight that makes us tense when reading this manga. For the artwork, this manga reminds me of Great Teacher Onizuka and Slam Dunk though both have different stories but remind me of the artwork. In addition, this manga also reminds me a bit about Beelzebub that almost the whole story tells about one person who is very fond of fighting. However, Beelzebub combines several genres of supernatural. The overall artwork, this is a cult classic manga that brings us to an era where manga still has its own impression inside. The drawback in here for me that I don’t like is the ending of this manga. This kind of case is the same as Beelzebub’s adaptation of anime that is more imposing so we wonder why it’s so straightforward. I’m trying to not to tell a little spoiler in here but the characters that appear suddenly at the end of the story for somewhat reason and it just disappear so, I don’t know what’s really going on here. But, I love the whole comic.

Overall, Crows is a must read the classic manga. A shounen manga that seems just a fight but there is a little magic touch in this manga so we always read it without stopping. The artwork that seemed very classic in the era of manga 90s and teaches us what is a friendship. If you’ve read this manga, there’s a sequel called Worst even though I haven’t seen it yet.


Manhwa – Girls Of The Wild’s [REVIEW] – Learning To Fight And Stand Up For Himself!

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,79/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School, Harem
Author: Hye-Jin Kim (Art), Hun (Story)
Serialization: Naver Webtoon

I remember once when I first read this manhwa because from its artwork that so detailed and colorful to the innate story that is very emotional and has a moral message in every scene in it. But that is just my first impression of this manhwa when approached into climax. I was immediately shocked by the storytelling that changed so dramatically that I didn’t want to read it even though there was a bit of interest as well. I wondered with the author himself why he wanted to finish this comic with a climax that was so destroying the whole story. This case is the same as Usagi Drop manga and I remember right away so this is the feeling when your favorite comic has just ended with an unsatisfactory ending.

“Girls Of The Wild’s,” tells about Wild’s High school which is an elite school devoted to women. This school has a uniqueness where women must fight in arena martial arts classifying from boxing, sword-fighting, taekwondo, and other martial arts. They had to fight even though it was brutal and sometimes there are even died. After 42 years of this school was built, this school just opened for men and the first person who enters this school is Song Jae Gu. He got a three-year scholarship without paying any attention to his value and without thinking, he accepted it. For the past two years, he has been living with his twin younger siblings. But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of the Wild’s League, Song Jae Gu unconsciously calls her “monster” because he is disturbed by her existence. However, In Gyi Yoon is just an ordinary girl like a normal schoolgirl. Jae Gu will endure his daily life during his school days, surrounded by many beautiful and painful girls and learn to fight in order to preserve him.


Actually, this comic has a slightly good impression in the beginning. We will be introduced to the characters in this comic and the introduction of its character is also so unique, even told with its background as well. Song Jae Gu is the protagonist of this manhwa. He is just an ordinary man who doesn’t have a luxurious life, always bully in the past, and have a simple life with his two younger siblings. However, he learns a lot when meeting Dal Dal Choi who has sweet lips, Moon Young Lee who is a bit tomboy but very good at boxing, and In Gyi Yoon, the queen of Wild’s school but she is just an ordinary girl who likes Jae Gu. All of the characters itself are introduced to the background and the way of recognition is also unique, the writing of its story as well until the artwork is really detailed and so colorful. So, it’s like a harem comic but a manhwa version. I also like the harem in here because it doesn’t contain ecchi or sexuality stuff that encourages many men to enjoy it. On the basis of it, the romance in here is a romance to a drama that’s so cliche.


However, I’m only surprised by this author who has changed the element a little bit too. At first, this manhwa is an action comic that is so stunning and draws some adrenaline to be enjoyed. Maybe because I also read this manhwa in Webtoon and I know very well how bad the comment section in Webtoon especially in Indonesia. In the end, the unique element of this comic disappears after its genre only focuses on its drama instead of this is an action. The romance story in here is also like a manga or anime Nisekoi that divide the two side of the readers of this comic. In the end, the best impression I got in this comic turned worse until I didn’t want to read it even though I had to. However, I like the parts of some scenes that show a person’s life to teach us to always appreciate life. Like Jae Gu who has a simple life. He’s just someone in general until his lucky time, he meets all three of this main heroine that changes his life, tells how the real meaning of life and always helps Jae Gu while in despair. In addition, there are much more than Jae Gu’s life such as In Gyi Yoon who has a comfortable life but he doesn’t want her life established by her family. She just wants to have something simpler than a wealth that will make her happy when it’s not.


The art in this comic is fantastic. Hye-Jin Kim is taking part in the artwork somehow she drawing the character in full of details in it, every scene, and all of the parts. The action is also so cliché like the ordinary manga as well but the unique part is told as the story of the martial arts itself. So, the action here is also so logical that the intrinsic story is also simple. For the part of the drama as I said before, sometimes and somehow make us so touched even cried when reading this comic and that for some people because this manhwa is also preferred by some women. So, there are also many shortcomings in this comic although there are so many unique characters here both protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters. For the whole total other than the shortcomings, I assume there’s nothing wrong to read this comic although I’m also a bit sorry for this.

Overall, Girls of the Wild’s is an action comic to romance drama that can also be enjoyed by every reader whether it’s male or female because on the other side sometimes this comic is dominated by women. The character of the story so developed at the beginning of the character, the introduction of such a unique character to the background is explained in detail, the artwork that drawn in such detail makes the eyes like to see it again, and the moral message that we get as you read this comic. Apart from that, there are also many shortcomings in this comic but you can enjoy it if you let it go.

Movie – The Matrix [REVIEW] – The Future Will Not Be User Friendly

IMDB Rating: 8,7/10
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Director: Lana Wachowski
Writer: Lilly Wachowski
Stars: Keanu ReevesLaurence FishburneCarrie-Anne Moss

The Matrix is a 1999 sci-fi movie made by The Wachowski Brothers which is considered to be the most successful and best sci-fi movie of the year. But if you’re discussing this movie in this times right now, The Matrix is just a movie that became history. Especially the visual effects and some pretty stupid costume and cringe for some people who watch it now. But I consider as normal things for me. The Matrix has become a pop culture where there are so many things that related on the internet like the red pill and blue pill scene that become a meme ’till a slow-motion effect that’s used for some of the parody. The Matrix is the inception of a movie where we are led to a life that we keep questioning in daily life like a simulated world, an enslaved human being, and a terrible future. Apart from that, this is just a fictional story so don’t bring it with your heart.

“The Matrix,” tells about Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is a hacker aka Neo who meets Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and tells Neo that he is The One. Having made it out of the Matrix and explore into the world where man is, Neo is The One that chosen by Morpheus where Neo can provide a peace of mankind based on Oracle (Gloria Foster) predictions. Neo initially wasn’t sure whether this was true or not after he knew that his existence could threaten mankind.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix (1999)

First of all, I was embarrassed because today I can watch this sci-fi noir film that’s so mainstream in society. But I love this movie from every aspect, it has pretty crazy characters, cool accessories, costumes that balance the action scenes, and much more crazy stuff you will find in this movie. These crazy ideas offered by The Wachowski Brothers, I don’t know how to describe it but this is a classic and most retained thing. A system which we think whether the world we live in is actually an illusion and a simulated world, the existing world that controlled by aliens and technology that has overcome the world. Sounds likes a very stupid thing to believe but think twice more because this is a fictional story. The first impression I got from this movie is a scene that originally was a fight from Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss. The rest of it, I don’t understand what this movie explain to me, what is the purpose, how is the plot, and so on. Initially, I don’t understand until in time where some dialogue that made me understand little by little.

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss

For a movie filled with crazy ideas like this, I like the part of the story where humans are a simulated. In addition, I also like how the computer is really sophisticated and far from the future. Like for example, you can create your own simulation world, what you want to do in that world, and you can make anything. I also love how the computer in this movie works like in the Neo scene where he learned some martial techniques that are immediately installed in his head. And in an instant, he immediately took over everything. It was the craziest thing I ever see in my life. Speaking of Neo, I like the actor who plays this character, Keanu Reeves. People thought that anything Keanu Reeves did and his acting was the worst thing ever. Actually, Keanu Reeves isn’t an actor who can be said that way because I see Keanu Reeves as an actor sometimes has a cool acting in it or sometimes fails. His movies such as Speed, John Wick, Constantine, Point Break, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure are good and cool movies. What is clear, he is not an actor like that because I also like it. Laurence Fishburne who plays Morpheus isn’t more plentiful in here and Carrie-Anne Moss who plays Trinity also not too monotonous. However, the costumes comparison between Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves may seem a bit ridiculous to Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss that looks badass. Besides, I can’t get rid of Natalie’s character from Memento.

The Matrix (1999)

For the plot that presented by The Wachowski Brothers, I think there are shortcomings and I don’t like it. Actually, I don’t want to say this but in the end, it looks just the same in my eyes. Like Divergent, this movie has embedded an element of romance that looks cliche so I sometimes feel annoying because how can a sci-fi movie with full action suddenly appeared a drama scene in it. Maybe some people look really like, ordinary, or even have the same thought with me. One more thing I want to discuss in this movie is a scene that’s very famous in pop culture. Whatever it’s, it is nothing but a slow motion scene where Neo avoids the bullets. This scene actually I’ve often seen it on television that even made a parody in other movies. Therefore, this movie won an Oscar award in the category of Best Effects, Visual Effects.

Overall, The Matrix is a movie that has a lot of phenomenal and memorable scenes in it. For the first year, visual effects are the most unique thing in years because of the scarcity of movies that have an effect like this. I can’t wait to spend the whole trilogy of this movie. Is it likely to be slightly different, or very good, or even worse than this? The Matrix will never be dead because it’s so phenomenal.


Movie – 22 Jump Street [REVIEW] – They’re Not 21 Anymore

IMDB Rating: 7,1/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Phil Lord
Writer: Michael Bacall
Stars: Channing TatumJonah HillIce Cube

After 21 Jump Street that made in 2012 and successfully reap many positive responses, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller now make a sequel to this series. In fact, 22 Jump Street is also as successful as its prequel. A comedy that featuring a kind of characteristic jokes that the whole world can understand is not an ordinary thing. Most American comedy films are very difficult to understand the joke because the joke that used is indeed only Americans themselves who can understand. 22 Jump Street is not a movie like that. With an explicit theme and disgusting impression, 22 Jump Street is a comedy crime action movie that can make us laugh out of loud.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street (2014)

“22 Jump Street,” tells about a case of drug trafficking called WhyPhy on a campus. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) now have to tackle the case by disguising students where students here have mixed dorms, are free to drink, and much more they do on campus.

Although 22 Jump Street reinvents its unique, the jokes in the previous prequel, the movie is actually a lot more fun than the prequel because the comedy that used in here is very much on its punchline. The conflict in this movie also tells the story of a drama from our bromance Schmidt and Jenko like the prequel before. Behind it, 22 Jump Street always presents a hilarious comedy as long as you watch this movie. Like 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street is not recommended by children because the content and the comedy is very difficult to understand for children and a lot of F-words in it that have become commonplace in this movie. The jokes in this movie also look relaxed so we are always made laugh by this movie. The characteristic parody, a sarcasm comedy, even a racism comedy of each character. Apart from that, this is just a fictional story so don’t takes it seriously.

Schmidt and Jenko

In addition, there are many different types of jokes that used in this film, of course, the action and crime genre was never forgotten. All the foolishness of these two idiots always makes us laugh because their behavior is sometimes ridiculous but unique. These behaviors are similar to a movie Mission Impossible but in parody version. Regardless of crime genre or crime-like films, there must always be a plot-twist even though the plot-twist is not got much attention. Although we already know who is the villains in this movie, we still watch it even though we think that this movie is pretty easy to guess. The moral message in this film is a bond called friendship that can solve the problem. The stronger the bond, then we will be more compact in solving a problem. In addition, they can also understand each other.

Overall, 22 Jump Street is not the best comedy movie just like its prequel. However, I can tell which is more fun and which ones look normal. Though like that, I like these two series. A crime movie that can be watched casually and does not require a high level of accuracy will be perfect for you. The scenes are memorable and amazing until the entertainment looks relaxed will make you feel at home with this movie.

Movie – Dunkirk [REVIEW] – When 400,000 Men Couldn’t Get Home, Home Came For Them

IMDB Rating: 8,3/10
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Fionn WhiteheadBarry KeoghanMark Rylance

Warning, this review contain a spoiler!

2014 was a great year for Christopher Nolan after his movie Interstellar got positive response and criticism from some critics and viewers. 2017, Christopher Nolan wants to make something big again like Interstellar even though it may not be as good as Interstellar or other movies that he made. Dunkirk is also a film adapted from a true story and is said to be the second shortest movie ever made by Christopher Nolan. And this time, Dunkirk brings something different from other war films and Christopher Nolan still brings us an unrivaled masterpiece.

“Dunkirk,” tells about the rescue action of allied soldiers from 4 different countries such as England, France, Belgium and Netherlands about 380.000 people. These soldiers are cornered and stranded on a beach located in Dunkirk, France. This film will tell about 3 different viewpoints such as The Mole, The Sea, and The Air. These three parts will take a different time from each other that will later be connected into one whole story. The first point of view is The Mole that tells Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) a surviving British soldier to get back home. The second point of view is The Sea that tells Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance) a local resident who piloted a small ship with his son Peter (Tom Glynn-Carney) aiming to save the army. The third point of view is The Air which tells Farrier (Tom Hardy) and Collins (Jack Lowden) a Royal Air Force pilot who tries to defeat enemy combat aircraft.

Fionn Whitehead in Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk’s actually not a war movie that can be digested just like that. Although the core story here is very simple and very difficult to understand, Dunkirk tells an unusual war movie. From all three points of view, it will be sustainable that will meet at a certain point. This point of view is also to be told in turns and has a back and forth groove. Yeah, that’s how Christopher Nolan’s movie always produces a movie with a new style.

Dunkirk is also actually not filled with convoluted dialogue. In essence, this dialogue is presented briefly, solidly, and clearly or may not be obvious to witness. Dunkirk is a movie with a promising and very real visualization to watch. In fact, Hans Zimmer back again by filling the soundtrack of this movie along with Richard King so that the audience who watched this movie feel the dramatic atmosphere as well as tense.

Cillian Murphy in Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk is a film with the acting debut of one of the members of One Direction, Harry Styles who plays a soldier named Alex. Therefore, this film has a very high level of enthusiasm so know that one of the personnel of One Direction involved in this film. Even so, I’m not one of those people. Actually, I don’t want to say this but Harry Styles is able to compete with famous actors like Tom Hardy and the main character Fionn Whitehead. Harry Styles can be said to be an excellent actor by debuting in this great movie. Tom Hardy is also capable of displaying his acting is very good although his face just hidden behind the mask.

Actually, I don’t want to say this but this review has a great spoiler to read. I want to talk about the pretty epic ending. In the ending of this film, Christopher Nolan with his very genius idea execute a three point of view that I explained before that very dramatically and emotionally. With that idea, Christopher Nolan shows us a scene at the ending where German planes want to destroy the soldiers. The unique part here, three viewpoints are shown in turns at the exact same time with what the scene was. In essence, his ending made me surprise when watching this movie.

Overall, Dunkirk isn’t an ordinary war movie featuring lots of gun with a pretty loud explosive to watch but Dunkirk is a film with a cinematography that is very different from the others. Christopher Nolan still makes his fans full of surprises from what Nolan made of it. I hope someday there is some epic film kile this or other Christopher Nolan that will meet our surprise.

Movie – 21 Jump Street [REVIEW] – They’re Too Old For This Shift

IMDB Rating: 7,2/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Phil Lord
Writer: Michael Bacall
Stars: Jonah HillChanning TatumIce Cube

21 Jump Street is a comedy movie made by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller which’s also an adaptation of the TV series in 1987. Even so, 21 Jump Street is a movie with results that can’t be denied again because it was executed successfully by the director and the actors. Starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube, 21 Jump Street is a movie you don’t want to miss anymore. The audience will look back on a TV series you’ve watched and made back into a comedy and more absurd to watch.

“21 Jump Street,” tells about two young policemen named Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) who also came from the same high school. Both of them have very different personality and fortunes from Schmidt who was a nerd with his physics skills and had difficulty approaching women until Jenko that’s very popular because of his handsome face and an athlete. After meeting again, they decided to be friends because each has complementary advantages. Even so, their job isn’t to take care of a dangerous criminal world but to be in a park police position. However, their captain named Dickson (Ice Cube) gave them a secret mission to disguise themselves as high school boys and trace the drug networks that circulated in the school. They were back in their high school and had to mingle with other teenagers.

Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street (2012)

Do you know why this movie is so good and entertaining to watch? Yeah, because the two idiots actor Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill managed to make all the audience because of their silliness. The characteristics of their personality are truly unique and innocent to be witnessed. Channing Tatum describes a man who always had a poker face and Jonah Hill who was innocent, weak, and lacked confidence at all. In essence, they work as silly police who are very contrary to their appearance. Both actors have managed to portray each character so that the audience who watch it will not be bored and will laugh constantly.

Dakota Johnson, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Rye Rye in 21 Jump Street (2012)

Each joke brought in this movie’s never boring so it’s easier to understand by every audience even though there’s also a joke that contains adult elements but all that’s very entertaining. When compared with the original version, 21 Jump Street could be regarded as having a very disastrous result for many viewers because many critics would think that this movie might be something new to watch. However, all that changed when everything was witnessed what 21 Jump Street is presented. The action scene is very cool to be accompanied by elements of humor and comedy, all of it has been written very neatly by its screenwriter. Sometimes, there’s a very touching scene and there’s also a scene that produces a level of surprise.

Overall, 21 Jump Street is a light comedy action film that’s highly recommended by everyone. This film managed to change the minds of people who initially thought this movie would be so ugly to watch. 21 Jump Street is a remake movie that you will never miss again. However, this film also features several cameo versions of its TV series. Therefore, sometimes there’s a sense of nostalgia coupled with cuteness.

Movie – Elysium [REVIEW] – A Man Takes On A Mission That Could Bring Equality To The Polarized Worlds

IMDB Rating: 6,6/10
Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Writer: Neill Blomkamp
Stars: Matt DamonJodie FosterSharlto Copley

Have you ever played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare before? Or have you ever watched a movie with the same director with this movie District 9 before? If both of that thing you’ve done, maybe Elysium isn’t a movie that’s rare to hear any more. A film made by Neill Blomkamp may not be as good as District 9 which is also made by himself. But with the support of some great actors, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster can already prove that this movie will also have expectable results. The reality is like that but for myself, it seems very quickly bored if watching over and over again. But far from it, Elysium is a movie with a unique story and can predict how the earth portrays in the 22nd century.

“Elysium,” takes the time far away in 2154 where the earth has turned into a stretch of land due to the near extinction of plants. War, disease, and poverty were the most common on earth in that year. Elite people who have good wealth economically and socially decide to move to a colony in space named Elysium where this place is a residence of everybody’s dream and can live eternally there. While those who can’t afford to be willing to live on earth that has polluted with pollution and can only dream to live in Elysium sometime in the future. Max (Matt Damon) is an orphan who also has a dream to live there and promise to his orphaned friend named Frey (Alice Braga) to invite her someday. Time after time, Max then forget his dream. At the time he was working in a factory, Max was dying and made him not have much time to 5 days. The only way to cure himself is by going to Elysium and using an immortal capsule that can cure all sorts of diseases. Is Max able to survive within 5 days or is he just desperate?

Matt Damon in Matt Damon (2007)

Elysium does have a unique story. Moreover, this film predicts a state of the earth in the 22nd century that’s described as the earth is already damaged. If associated with the present time, there is a project that’s almost similar to this film that is a registration to a colony called Asgardia. Could it be, the half population of earth will be gone because some of that may be going to that colony. Elysium is a tangible proof depicting a world that will take place in the 22nd century where the laws of nature will prevail again. Wealth is everything and those who don’t have it will use the laws of nature as much as possible. However, one person must be able to get ahead in order to break that rule so little by little there will be many people who follow it.

Sharlto Copley in Elysium (2013)

The film also tends to have a fairly short storyline. The duration of the film is also not up to 2 hours. In fact, watching this movie may be somewhat dissatisfied with the duration isn’t up to two hours. In fact, the story in this film is very interesting to be followed by the support of actors who have different characteristics. All of that already has a requirement that this film can be said the best sci-fi movie of that year. In fact, the plot and the story of this film are not brought battle and hit to be witnessed. Apart from that, Elysium actually is a sci-fi movie that must be watched. Some scenes can be viewed in great detail from the scene of the fight, the action that tends to be brutal and the main character that feels tortured sometimes. However, the story of this movie is somehow forgotten so that if watching this movie for the second time may be boring.

Overall, Elysium is a sci-fi movie that must be watched by fans of science fiction movies because I also tend to be very fond of films that tell the technology, the future and so on. Although there are many shortcomings in it, Elysium can be a very interesting and entertaining spectacle to watch.

Movie – World War Z [REVIEW] – Remember Philly!

IMDB Rating: 7,0/10
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Director: Marc Forster
Writer: Max Brooks
Stars: Brad PittMireille EnosDaniella Kertesz

World War Z can be regarded as an apocalyptic zombie movie that’s very different from the others although it can’t make the audience into a hype and feel amazed. Adapted from the novel by Max Brooks, World War Z isn’t what we’ve expected especially those who’ve read the novel or maybe not. If we compared by Resident Evil that has so many series but getting more worse, World War Z can make the audience to see a bunch of zombies from the expectations we want.

“World War Z,” tells about a virus that’s spreading so fast can make half the city turns into a zombie. This virus has a fairly fast period of approximately 12 seconds. The result has become a global mess with death everywhere and the infected population is increasing. Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former UN agent who re-assigned as a team in order to investigate the origin of this virus. Together with his wife and child, they must be able to survive the emergence of the zombies.

Brad Pitt and Daniella Kertesz in World War Z (2013)

I really don’t want to say this but World War Z is a real apocalyptic zombie movie, how the world is on the verge of being critical and has very little chance of saving the world or maybe not at all. Marc Foster with a tremendous CGI really produced a zombie movie that could be said to be a real zombie movie. This’s exactly what the zombie fans want, a very epic apocalyptic movie with a zombie-like a tsunami wave to how the main character in this movie must make decisions quickly and precisely.

Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Sterling Jerins, and Abigail Hargrove in World War Z (2013)

World War Z also comes with a movie that can warm the hearts of the audience. How can it be like that? This film also presents a drama element like a family movie that can make the hearts of the audience to be partially affected. This element makes a film that originally was a zombie apocalyptic movie somehow turned into a family movie. This element makes all the elements of action and thriller it’s not felt so that in the end we are only made touched by the drama element. But I was not bothered by the element because it was all written with some famous screenwriters like Matthew Michael Carnahan who wrote State Of Play, Drew Goddard who wrote The Cabin In The Woods, and Damon Lindelof who wrote Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Overall, World War Z is a movie with a story that is not too dramatic and not cheap though there is little drama in it. However, this film can be said as a real zombie movie. The storyline of this movie is very neat and very epic to watch. Brad Pitt managed to show great acting in this movie.

Movie – Journey To The Center Of The Earth [REVIEW] – Same Planet, Different World

IMDB Rating: 5,8/10
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Director: Eric Brevig
Writer: Jules Verne
Stars: Brendan FraserJosh HutchersonAnita Briem

Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a film adaptation of a novel by Jules Verne. However, this film has nothing to do with the novel at all, although it’s still a bit offensive. Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a movie made by Eric Brevig who worked on several visual effects from famous movies like Men In Black, Pearl Harbor, and The Day After Tomorrow. If you keep in mind, it looks like this movie’s really similar to someone who has watched it on TV because this movie is also often displayed over and over on TV. However, this film also received a lot of negative responses from critics who criticized this film.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

“Journey To The Center Of The Earth,” tells about a professor named Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) recalling his old memories of his older brother Max Anderson (Jean Michel Paré) who disappeared for 10 years while his research traveled to the center of the earth. When he woke up from sleep, he immediately went from sleep to his research lab which is also used as an office. That’s when he heard the news that his lab would soon be closed. This makes Trevor very sad because the lab is the only memory left by his brother. Back home with great regret, he has been waited on by the wife of Max with his son Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) to leave Sean on vacation to his uncle’s house. At the same time, he received a box containing the remains of Max memories. In this box, there is a book called ‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth.’ Trevor then opens one page at a time and finds the codes he has seen before. It made him go to the lab with Sean to check the files on his computer. Once matched, it turns out that all the code is exactly the same and Sean who participates in it turns out there’s a map of a single signal from the transmitter where he’s once doing the research. When Trevor reexamined the dots, he immediately realized that this point was a point that was the result of a study with his father. This point will then take them to a mountain Snæfellsjökull, Icelandic. Starting from here, their adventure finds a world that is at the center of the earth begins.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Although some people would find this movie really good or anything, maybe not for me. Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a film from Jules Verne’s novel adaptation. However, I don’t see the sensation that tells the title because this movie is also the remake of 1959. This version doesn’t carry even the exact same story with his novel. In fact this film is very different from the adaptation of the novel alone. The story of this film is just a professor who was inspired by this novel by Jules Verne so wanted to dig deeper into the puzzle made by Jules Verne and the code left by his brother. However, this film also has its own uniqueness because this film is made more recently than previous versions, especially this film has started to rely on visual effects rather than from previous versions. Actors who play this movie also seem to be reliable. Moreover, he also played in the films of the most popular series The Mummy. By the way, Josh Hutcherson who has played in The Hunger Games is also here. In fact, he’s still about 9-10 years old.

Overall, this movie is actually not too bad because this movie is also very suitable for all of you. Stories in this movie also sometimes seem boring and pace this story is so fast. Even so, it all depends on you want to enjoy this movie using your own imagination or something like that.

Movie – Mad Max: Fury Road [REVIEW] – Only The Mad Survive

IMDB Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: George Miller
Writer: Brendan McCarthy
Stars: Tom HardyCharlize TheronNicholas Hoult

A remake of the movie that once starred by Mel Gibson this seems to have given birth to something new for this Mad Max series. For Mad Max: Fury Road, this series offers its audience with crazier and thrilling action supported by a fairly crazy visual effect as well. Although the story here is very different from the previous series and picked up from a different timeline, Mad Mad: Fury Road is a film played by Tom Hardy and has managed to become one of the best film remakes ever. In fact, this film also gets 6 Oscars Award in Best Achievement in Film Editing, Best Achievement in Costume Design, Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Achievement in Sound Mixing, Best Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Achievement in Production Design in 2016.

“Mad Max: Fury Road,” tells about the earth that has become an earthy ground after the nuclear war. Human civilization turns into chaos where water and food are very difficult to obtain. Therefore, the law of nature becomes one of the people must be able to survive, the strongest will win. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) is an unidentified nomad who on his way was suddenly caught by a bunch of War Boy led by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). Under his leadership, people live in deprivation where everything is controlled by Immortan Joe. A War Boy Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) had betrayed Immortan Joe and planned to escape with a large rig car and some of his subordinates who couldn’t stand the leadership of Immortan Joe. War Boy-was hunting her, where one of the War Boy named Nux (Nicholas Hoult) took Max as a blood sac because of lack of blood. An adventure around the land of the middle of nowhere like hell where the romp between Immortan Joe, Furiosa and Max begins.

Tom Hardy

Actually, I don’t see what’s interesting from this movie if reading the synopsis only. The story is very cliche and very simple so at first, I didn’t want to watch this movie. However, all that changed after watching the whole course. Although the story here is very simple storytelling, Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie from beginning to end we aren’t aware that this is a movie. With a theme that carries the post-apocalyptic, we think initially this film will contain elements of fiction in it. Honestly, the story in this movie actually looks very stupid because the pace is too rushed. What I’m amazed by this film is the action chase in the land of nowhere broad and endless. It has a little dialogue here and more rely on the action of Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Hugh Keays-Byrne.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

The development of the character as a whole has also been very impressive to describe a survival world. A world where nuclear radiation contamination, arid soil, lack of food, and water supplies make people come back to natural law. This movie is also actually not too complete if there’s no sequel because there are a lot of some questions that appear in our heads. Although some people have been watching the series from Mad Max before, the character of Max here actually isn’t described as dominant. What exactly is Max’s past and why? All that’s still full of questions but the good news is, this movie will get its sequel entitled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Hugh Keays-Byrne in Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

We are talking about visual effects where this film is a movie with a very crazy visual effects for me. Therefore, this film’s getting a lot of positive response from some critics who looked from a different perspective. With a 3D cinematic visual effect, the audience will be created as long as the movie is amazed by its visual effects. Backgrounds, the world of nowhere, the cars of war, the chase, the sandstorms, to the background of the animated music group played by a guitarist who uses the fire guitar, all of which made the whole audience wowed in every minute.

Overall, Mad Max: Fury Road is definitely a movie that’s never missed for fans who love action and thriller. Even this movie can offset the Box Office movies that aired later that year including Avengers: Age of Ultron. A remake made by George Miller’s something that shouldn’t be missed.