Anime – Air Gear [REVIEW] – Ride Hard, Fly High!

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,66/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
Studios: Toei Animation
Author: Oh! Great
Seiyuu: Kenta Kamakari, KENN, Mariya Ise

Air Gear is one of the anime that also makes me fall in love with anime. Although the anime is very old, this anime will be never old. I remember that this anime has aired on a local TV and that’s why I love this anime. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the ecchi part because I don’t know that things like that used to be (For now, maybe yes). Although Accel World and Sword Art Online are anime that makes me an otaku or weeaboo or something like that, Air Gear is also one of them.

“Air Gear,” tells about a city filled with gang members who use roller blades that can move on their own. These shoes are called Air Treck or AT which has a super small motor in the wheels, water-cushion system, and a strong suspension so that AT can move with high speed. How to use not only run but the users can jump, even fly in the sky. They are commonly referred to as storm riders and sometimes they form their own team. They also sometimes have unique characteristics and all of the team has a very valuable emblem. That said, the emblem is called the life of the AT team. If in a team battle it loses, then he must lose some parts and emblems of the team. The captured emblem automatically has to disperse the losing team. Itsuki Minami (Kenta Kamakari) is an Air Treck user who is unconsciously beaten by Storm Riders. Initially, Itsuki wasn’t an Air Treck user since that day he found an AT and a box of stickers from the Sleeping Forest gang. From here, Itsuki wants to drive AT and make his own gang, face some formidable aisles, until he gets a fairly wide area.

AG Screenshot 2

Air Gear is a manga created by “Oh! Great.” Yeah, Oh! Great. That is his pen name. His real name is Ito Ogure. He is also said to be “The King of Fan Services” because his manga often contains explicit images and sex. Behind it, Air Gear has a unique story to read and watch. Air Gear does have a fairly long story to follow. Even the anime is also very unable to be made, only rationed 25 episodes only. However, it has made us satisfied while watching it even though the ending is just hanging.

AG Screenshot 1

Air Gear has the impression of a pretty good story with a slightly beautiful artwork. Although I don’t know about the manga at all, Air Gear has managed to be the best anime I’ve ever watched as a kid. Air Gear takes something we know quite well: the term “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” The characters in this anime are explained very uniquely for each depiction of his character from his nature, how his skills in the field of Air Treck, to how people are drawn by little. When compared with the manga, Air Gear is better to read the manga because the anime seems to be rushed. So, the story in this anime feels incomplete.

Overall, Air Gear is an anime and manga that you should watch and read. A masterpiece of a successful fan service king that proves that anime even though it impressed many fan services, the story is never forgotten and always focused as well. Moreover, this anime is very classic to watch now. In fact, I also want to watch this anime again.


First Anime I’ve Become An ‘Otaku’


So this is the first day for the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I woke up late so far because my insomniac disease got worse. Hahaha, For this first day, I will discuss the first anime I’ve watched.

Hmmm … Perhaps arguably the old-school anime such as Naruto, Captain Tsubasa, Air Gear, One Piece and other 90s anime. If you asked the 90s “what’s the first anime you’re watching?”, they will answer the anime that existed in their childhood. In a way, you will not forget the beautiful childhood and your taste spectacles in your childhood. Nowadays, is very rare to find an anime on TV. Also, it’s very rare to find people who have an interest in anime.

But, I want to discuss the first anime that makes me become a fanatic anime or an otaku. Well, none other than “Accel World.”

Accel World

So the story is, when I was in the third grade of Junior High School, I had a friend who was also a neighbor. In a way, he always comes to my house and vice versa. At that time, I still don’t really know the name A-N-I-M-E. I don’t really like that thing with a smell like that. When I came to his house, he showed me an anime-themed game called “Accel World.” Somehow, he showed me the anime. So I just watched it one episode. But it turns out, I thought it was interesting too. Probably because I play a lot of games, so he showed me the anime. “Dammit, so he’s been an anime fan ever,” I thought. So, I tried to send the anime and then try it to watch at home. After complete that anime, well it turns out like this is like watching anime. So I asked for another recommendation from him and he recommended me “Sword Art Online.” This overrated anime also amazes me when I watch it. Starting from there I was attracted by the Japanese thing and anime. In addition to game-themed anime, I also watch other interesting anime.

Yeah, not too far. Actually, it took a long journey as well to become an anime fanatic. Start from high school, meet one otaku friend, go to Japan events together with many friends, and become weeaboo together lol. Anyway, maybe we can end here for the first day of 30 Day Anime Challenge. For tomorrow, I will discuss “Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far.” So, see you tomorrow. 🙂