She’s Too Kind To Death


Maybe it’s time for some depth, sadness, and tension in it. Too dramatic. However, we have reached the 12th day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge and the discussion this time is, “Saddest Anime Scene.”

There are so many sad scenes in the anime. Usually, there are in the romance genre, the death of a good character that is so sadistic, as well as other characters. This sad scene that usually makes the fans cry when watching it. Anime I’ve seen so much like AnoHana, Your Lie in April, and Clannad is an anime that has often made the audience crying. I also cried when watching anime. The anime that made me cry was like The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and My Love Story!!. However, there is one of the saddest scenes in my own opinion (Although not crying) that is Chelsea’s death from “Akame ga Kill!”


Previously, I’ve reviewed this manga. If you don’t know, I will try to explain the synopsis. Tatsumi, a young man from the village went to the capital to find work and save his hungry village. However, he was deceived and almost killed by officials there. Fortunately, he was rescued by a Night Raid. The subgroup of the revolutionary army. Initially, because has a great skill of swordsmanship, luck, and courage, he was forced to join the night raid. Although initially, he didn’t want, after seeing the behavior of the capital is cruel once. Tatsumi has really supported the night raid.

The saddest here is this Chelsea character. Death is too sadistic to watch. Maybe for those who haven’t watched, I just don’t want to show this way of death. However, for those who have watched it, I apologize for having reminded her again of this incident. Of all the anime I watched, maybe Chelsea’s death was the most sadistic.

We have to end it here. There are so many of the saddest scenes in the anime. However, this is a scene and death that’s not worth seeing. For the topic of tomorrow, we will discuss “Anime Character You Are Most Similar To.”


Villain Is Better Than Superhero


It’s already the 9th day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Time really feels very fast to live in this world 😀 But, for our topic this time, we will discuss a topic called “Best Anime Villain.”

In anime usually, villain character is more cool and better than the superhero character. Call it like Death Note, A Certain Magical Index, Future Diary, Akame ga Kill!, and others. Typically, the villain in the anime is very much favorited by all of the anime fans even though they are the bad guy. But, I also have the best anime villain. And it’s called, “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.”


Code Geass is a story where the world is divided into three superpowers: Britannia (America), Chinese Federation (Asia), and European Union (Europe and Africa). The story is set in place at Britannia, Japan on August 10, 2010. Britannia also launched a new destructive weapon named “Autonomous Armored Knight.” Britannia’s mission is to bring Japan down with its citizens and also want to do freedom and change the name of the country. Because of the incident, Japan has always been touted as, Elevens.

Lelouch vi Britannia is a Britannian prince sent to Japan, along with his sister Nunnally vi Britannia, by his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, after his mother Marianne vi Britannia, was killed. Nunnally becomes blind and can’t walk because of the trauma of her mother’s death. Lelouch eventually always took care of his sister when in Japan during the war. After the war ruined Japan, he finally met his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi, who one day will destroy Britannia.

This is the best anime villain for me. This anime is also very popular among anime fans because of this Lelouch character. Lelouch is the man who leads the rebellion and is often touted as Zero. His strength is given by C.C. But, he used in wrong ways by killing his family and his friends. Although like that, Lelouch is the coolest character of all anime villains including in all anime. This anime can also be considered very overrated in America itself.

Anime villain is very cool because of its characters. Have a very cool personality in the eyes of anime fans even women love it too. Okay, this time we end up here. We’ll discuss another topic tomorrow.

Manga – Akame ga Kill! [REVIEW] – A World Of Unimaginable Corruption

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,10/10
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Shounen
Author: Tetsuya Tashiro (Art), Takahiro (Story)
Serialization: Gangan Joker

Blood and sadistic. Those two words could explain this anime. The anime is highly overrated but hype in mid-late 2014. Tetsuya Tashiro who became a social media talk because of the animation featuring sadism, some of the characters who are always killed, and moe but soulless killer. If associated with the anime “Attack on Titan” may be practically the same degree of sadism. But, story level might be better “Akame ga Kill!” than “Attack on Titan.” But, I will not review the anime. I will review the manga.

Akame Ga Kill Manga

“Akame ga Kill!” Tells about a young man named Tatsumi recruited by Night Raid, a corrupt government rebel organization. At first, Tatsumi came to the city to earn money to raise his village from poverty. On the way, Tatsumi was robbed and lost all his property and helped by someone named Aria. One night at Aria’s residence, Night Raid attacked. Initially, Tatsumi tries to save Aria from the execution of an assassinator named Akame. After knowing the real identity, Tatsumi killed Aria. Because of his talent, he was immediately recruited into one of the members of Night Raid.

So, why am I not reviewing the anime? Why must the manga? Because the anime and manga are very different. In a way, anime it makes me disappointed than the manga. If make the season two of the anime “Akame ga Kill!” Maybe impossible because of the ending is just like that. But, if the manga there may be hope for the next sequel. In fact, Takahiro himself had announced: “Hinowa ga Yuku!” Is the next sequel to be published on June 24. The anime self-own by White Fox studio. At first, the story “Akame ga Kill!” Interesting enough to read and watch. For some reason, there is no improvisation of stories that come out of the dark theme. The action that too often displays the joke makes the anime and the manga has lost his impressed. The plot is also very easy to guess and make everything destroyed.

Overall, Akame ga Kill! is more than enough to show the cruelty, action, and violence in his manga. But, the anime itself is too disappointing and very overrated for me. Especially also in the story that’s too cliche and easy to guess. But, if you are very curious about anime, maybe I recommend just reading the manga itself.