Anime – Violet Evergarden [REVIEW] – An “Auto Memory Doll”

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,56/10
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Author: Kana Akatsuki (Story), Akiko Takase (Art)
Seiyuu: Yui Ishikawa, Daisuke Namikawa, Kouki Uchiyama

Violet Evergarden is one of the anime’s novel adaptations written by Kana Akatsuki and Akiko Takase that won the grand prize in the 5th Kyoto Animation Award program’s novel category in 2014. Originally, I saw the PV on the internet. The beauty of the artwork attracted the attention of all audience who wanted to watch this anime. Some people say that they are not seeing for what they want. They just say that KyoAni only focuses on the artwork and the animation details rather than a boring story. I also watch this anime just for seeing that beauty of the visual, not to enjoy the story at all. But, this anime is one of the best anime in Winter 2018. It’s not wrong if many people say that this is overrated. Do they not know the term overrated itself? Actually, it’s not like that. Violet Evergarden extends their storytelling so brilliantly and taught us to sympathize with someone.

Violet Evergarden GIF

“Violet Evergarden,” tells about a war that remained for 4 years has ended. Violet Evergarden (Yui Ishikawa) is a young girl who is also sent to the battlefield. She was then hospitalized after the last war where she only remembered a word spoken by her dearest but didn’t understand what it meant. After she returned to normal, she started her life working at CH Postal Services after she also got a new family. There, she works as an “Auto Memory Doll,” someone who works in putting people’s feelings and thoughts into words. Violet started her life as an Auto Memory Doll, a trade that would make and search for herself until her dearest spoken word.

VE 01

If I summarize the whole story of this anime, there is someone who wants to find a meaning about “love.” In addition, I can also summarize it like crying, crying, and cry. Each episode presents the main character or support’s crying. Nothing distinguishes it. But, this is only a parable. Violet Evergarden has a flush set in the post-war. Moreover, this anime takes the place after the world undergoing its redemption of post-war. In this anime, we will be introduced to the story of Violet Evergarden, an “Auto Memory Doll” who hasn’t been able to find her true identity. Born with a dark past until she considers being a weapon, she was taken to a job where she could write a letter. This is the interconnection between the main character and the letter. Each episode is so heartwarming, charming, sad, and happy. Followed by the characters or clients that she will meet in each episode, this is where the anime will act and how to make their audiences cry. From the beginning, Violet Evergarden’s character has no emotion at all, and even some people say that she is more like a puppet who has no feelings. Little by little, Violet transformed into a person who had feelings and was not fascinated. Likewise when writing letters. The words she used often contain that are rough and overwhelmed military. Little by little, she can pour her emotions into the relationship between the characters she encounters. This is also what makes me feel cliche due to the use of the same storytelling. More like succinctly, meeting, past, regret, crying, to the problem-solving along with happy cries. But, it’s just like this because Violet Evergarden taught us more about sympathy than what you want to get and expect from the beginning.

VE 02

The artwork and visuals that made why I was interested to watch this anime. Every time some of the PV came out on the internet, I always watch it. Each episode is always spoiled with animation that runs in great detail both the main character, background and supporting characters. This aspect is reinforced when KyoAni shows the dark past of Violet with the darkness of war and the climax section which is depicted full of intense, action, but mixed with drama. The transition between day and night is also made as beautiful as possible because this aspect is also what I like. Nothing is too exaggerated here because KyoAni keeps and expects everything in this aspect. The trademark of this studio is no longer underestimated because I already know how the results. Both opening and ending song, I love it. “Sincerely” by TRUE has lyrics that illustrate the background and feelings experienced by the main character especially in the part of lyrics “Why am I crying right now? How should I answer my heart?” which illustrates exactly how Violet progresses little by little that how she understands her feelings. She was crying but she didn’t know why. Same as “Michishirube” by Minori Chihara as emotional as the opening song, especially on the “An irreplaceable treasure, a nameless flower sleeps peacefully.” where the name Violet comes from the flower but is still asleep inside her. Therefore, the development will be a treasure that no one can replace. Talking about Violet can’t be separated from the seiyuu, Yui Ishikawa. Her character just as she fills Mikasa Ackerman’s voice from Attack On Titan. But, when comparing it, there is a lot of improvisation that she’s doing here. The character she plays emotionless until people think her unfeeling like a doll. But, I’m always surprised how her character always smiles to cry suddenly and it makes me more sympathetic, again, for this character. What’s clear, the character and the seiyuu has managed to create a character and a whole voice to Violet Evergarden.

VE 03

Violet Evergarden has the characteristics that I mentioned. It’s still unclear the story of how she didn’t have a parent that makes me feel unfinished because her past only focused on the times where she was treated by Gilbert Bougainvillea until she became a deadly weapon by the military. The development character is also not too impressed dash so I like carried away by her as well. The supporting characters also maintain the atmosphere experienced by Violet in every episode. However, Cattleya Baudelaire and Benedict Blue are not clear characters and don’t really connect strong affinities to Violet. Other characters such as Erica Brown and Iris Cannary connect the bonds in several episodes. I don’t know about the light novel so, I would not consider this as a major problem. What makes Violet Evergarden has it all? The answer of all is not too excessive and doesn’t degrade and raise the mood of the whole audience. So, this anime has an emotional story and heartwarming. Some people also say that some of the stories that are in the episode immediately brought to the inside because of their experience also felt bounded. For example, a loved one dies in war, a melodrama between parent and child, the stereotypical of those who judge a reversed society, a person who revenge for seeing others from his past, a someone who’s estimates for all his problems so as to burden himself, and someone who stuck of love simply because it came from the royal family. Stories that are presented are also felt so realistic even though this anime is a fantasy. So, Violet Evergarden is an anime that suits you guys who want to look back for emotional drama thing but don’t contain darkness.

Overall, there are a lot of morals up to the lessons that you’ll get from this anime, actually. Violet Evergarden presents a story that runs slowly and boring, to be honest. But, I would not recommend this anime for those who still lay, don’t really understand a drama, and don’t really like a drama. Some of the responses of people I read through his review say that this anime focuses only on the cliché part of the filler in every episode. I also think like that and I consider it as a minor problem as I mentioned. But, that’s the way the anime runs because it’s back again that this is a drama, not an action. If you want to find something charming and animation that made the details as beautiful as possible, Violet Evergarden is the answer because this anime will certainly make you stranded in such a way. What a true beauty in Winter 2018.


Anime – Your Lie In April [REVIEW] – A Single Melody Can Bring In The Fresh Spring Air Of April

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,89/10
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Author: Naoshi Arakawa
Seiyuu: Risa Taneda, Natsuki Hanae, Ayane Sakura

Who is not familiar with this masterpiece of an anime? There is no doubt that this anime is a winner in the anime division of the 2016 Sugoi Japan® Awards. Your Lie in April is an anime with a simple yet thrilling, upset, and laughing story at the same time. And the fact of this anime is all who watch this anime cry. Again, I’m not on the list of people like that. The anime that made by A-1 Pictures is always just present us how beautiful an artwork they bring it like Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, ERASED, Anohana, Fairy Tail, Seven Deadly Sins, and others. Of course, this anime also presents us a masterpiece that is so beautiful when viewed from the artwork alone. But, is this anime story as good as its rating?

“Your Lie in April,” tells about Kousei Arima (Natsuki Hanae) is a genius pianist who always dominates the competition so it is known by young musicians. They called him a “machine” under his mother’s harsh teachings. After his mother died, Arima had a mental disorder who could not hear his piano voice even though his hearing was okay. Two years later, Arima never again touched a piano and considered the world as merely a talentless gray. He just lived his life with his best friend Tsubaki Sawabe (Ayane Sakura) and Ryouta Watari (Ryota Osaka) until one day, he met a beautiful girl violinist named Kaori Miyazono (Risa Taneda) who changed the life of Arima back into music again.

Arima Kaori

As much as possible to never tell the spoiler because the chances are if I tell this anime spoiler excessively, this anime will lose the touch of the story that will make you cry for those of you who have never watched it. For anime like Your Lie in April, this anime has a very cliche story if we got the first impression of this anime. The story of the anime is just a pianist who falls in love with a violinist and his daily life will be made colorful. But, this anime could have caused a deep scar if it was far away watching it. Especially for those who have been watching it may be if remember, this anime will make you depressed. Because this anime takes the existing romance genre, of course, there’s always NTR (Netorare) in every romance anime. This elaborate triangular love will bring us feelings of pleasure and sadness at the same time.

Because this anime’s worked on by A-1 Pictures, this anime has a very beautiful and fascinating graphic for this size romance anime. In fact, this is just a romance but its graphics that make us stunning in every episode. In fact, the graphic of his background and his character seems to look very detailed when viewed from a distance. The anime features four main characters, Kaori Miyazono, which is filled by Risa Taneda, Arima Kousei, which is filled by Natsuki Hanae, Tsubaki Sawabe, which is filled by Ayane Sakura and Ryouta Watari filled by Ryota Osaka.

Natsuki Hanae and Risa Taneda in Shigatsu wa kimi no uso (2014)

In addition to its graphics who always get a positive response from the audience, this anime has a beautiful soundtrack both opening and ending. The first opening was entitled Hikaru Nara by Goose House, the first ending entitled Kirameki by wacci, the second opening titled Nanairo Symphony by Coala Mode, and the second ending entitled Orange by 7!!. The soundtrack in the anime is also very memorable as it presents popular classical music from famous musicians such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Fritz Kreisler, Alexander Scriabin, and others. All the soundtracks in this anime are very good to hear.

Overall, this anime is a masterpiece that is not inferior to other anime. A simple but plot-twist romance story presented at the end of the story has proved that the anime has largely succeeded in making the audience cry like a baby even for those who don’t watch anime as well. For those of you who have never watched this anime, I suggest you must prepare your mentality and a tissue to watch this anime.

Anime – Gintama Movie 2: Kanketsu-hen, Yorozuya Yo Eien Nare [REVIEW] – He Doesn’t Have To Fight Alone

MyAnimeList Rating: 9,06/10
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Historical, Parody, Samurai, Shounen
Studios: Sunrise
Author: Hideaki Sorachi
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Sugita, Rie Kugimiya, Daisuke Sakaguchi

Gintama Movie 2: Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare or Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya is the 2nd movie of the Gintama series produced by Studio Sunrise. This movie is also a bit more interesting than the first movie before just for this movie is slightly different from what are Gintama show to us. For this second movie, we will be made laugh out loud, sad, confused, and amazed simultaneously because for Gintama Movie 2 presents a variety action that is very epic but doesn’t forget the usual comedy that Gintama always present.

Gintama 2

“Gintama Movie 2: Kanketsu-hen” will tell about Sakata Gintoki (Tomokazu Sugita) who is thrown into the future. Beginning of the story, Gintoki got a man who pirates a movie in a theater. Then, he somehow suddenly transported into a world where the city of Edo was stricken with an epidemic called “White Plague.” Thrown into 5 years of the future, Shinpachi Shimura (Daisuke Sakaguchi) and Kagura (Rie Kugimiya) work independently because Gintoki in the future has died. By disguise into an unknown person, Gintoki must reunite Yorozuya in order to investigate White Plague and find the key to the gloomy lie of the future.

For the 2nd movie from Gintama, I would say that this movie isn’t wrong that rated high on the internet. In closing of this anime Gintama, this film presents us all the elements that can be spelled out for the size of a movie like this. Sometimes has a funny comedy, a very touching drama, a somewhat elusive story and a very epic action that is very neat and very unusual. Of course, Gintama still presents something a bit original in it.

Silver Gintama

The soundtrack that was performed in this movie is fairly spelled out for anime movie like this. Genjou Destruction by SPYAIR is one of the craziest and epic soundtracks, perfect for this original movie and the battle presented with a bit of humor is perfect. Anime type Shounen is always present a soundtrack that will pump his audience. However, for this anime has very impressive in presenting a soundtrack.

If we compared by his TV series may be lost in animation because we can’t imagine how the movie from Gintama is a bit different from the anime series. The artwork of an action is illustrated in detail, filled colorful when viewed in good quality. The problem that is here only one if for myself that there is no difference from the artwork of characters from the movie to anime series. All look the same when compared. But that’s just my word. The result is very fantastic when viewed whole.

Overall, this movie can be watched by anyone even for those who don’t watch Gintama can also watch it. Gintama always makes us laugh, touched, even amazed at the same time. However, this movie changes our minds if this becomes more epic compared to its anime.


She’s Too Kind To Death


Maybe it’s time for some depth, sadness, and tension in it. Too dramatic. However, we have reached the 12th day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge and the discussion this time is, “Saddest Anime Scene.”

There are so many sad scenes in the anime. Usually, there are in the romance genre, the death of a good character that is so sadistic, as well as other characters. This sad scene that usually makes the fans cry when watching it. Anime I’ve seen so much like AnoHana, Your Lie in April, and Clannad is an anime that has often made the audience crying. I also cried when watching anime. The anime that made me cry was like The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and My Love Story!!. However, there is one of the saddest scenes in my own opinion (Although not crying) that is Chelsea’s death from “Akame ga Kill!”


Previously, I’ve reviewed this manga. If you don’t know, I will try to explain the synopsis. Tatsumi, a young man from the village went to the capital to find work and save his hungry village. However, he was deceived and almost killed by officials there. Fortunately, he was rescued by a Night Raid. The subgroup of the revolutionary army. Initially, because has a great skill of swordsmanship, luck, and courage, he was forced to join the night raid. Although initially, he didn’t want, after seeing the behavior of the capital is cruel once. Tatsumi has really supported the night raid.

The saddest here is this Chelsea character. Death is too sadistic to watch. Maybe for those who haven’t watched, I just don’t want to show this way of death. However, for those who have watched it, I apologize for having reminded her again of this incident. Of all the anime I watched, maybe Chelsea’s death was the most sadistic.

We have to end it here. There are so many of the saddest scenes in the anime. However, this is a scene and death that’s not worth seeing. For the topic of tomorrow, we will discuss “Anime Character You Are Most Similar To.”