Anime – Durarara!! x2 Shou [REVIEW] – A New Threat Appears

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,11/10
Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural
Studios: Shuka
Author: Ryohgo Narita (Story), Suzuhito Yasuda (Art)
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, Miyuki Sawashiro

After the first introduction in 2010, the fanbase quickly spread just like Baccano! proved that this series became a success for the future again. Although like that, the second season is just given 12 episodes only while the first season is 24. The fanbase on the internet is growing more, especially fangirling, some people also consider that this series doesn’t need to make the sequel because it contains nonsense. A series that doesn’t have a core at all doesn’t need to be made, to be there, even the first season is enough to make the new series again. But Durarara!! x2 Shou comes with an endless story about the character who has to deal with some gangs and new insane people, introduces the characters that are not far insane than before, and will certainly contain something exactly the same as the first season.

“Durarara !! x2 Shou,” tells about a peace which finally arrived in Ikebukuro, nothing more to worry about. Even so, someone puts a huge bounty on Celty Sturluson (Miyuki Sawashiro) where all the gang members look for their whereabouts. On the other hand, Mikado Ryuugamine (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) is approached by Aoba Kuronuma (Hiro Shimono), the mysterious underclassman with unknown intentions knowing the true identity of Mikado. Since these incidents, a threat from the killer who wears a different mask every time he is committing a crime which made a mess at Ikebukuro. As with different place but related events, Ikebukuro is in another conflict that causes chaos everywhere.


By far, Durarara!! x2 Shou still can’t be separated from what is presented from the plot and the storytelling. Telling a character with a linear narrative style from one point to another, it will return to the story of what the character experienced and will continue later. In this second season, the main character will face a new character who suddenly knows the true identity of him. This season may be more to a determination of the main character whether he still wants to stick to his choice or want to leave it. The story will focus more on his viewpoint so some characters are missing and lacking in the role. Perhaps this is why the second season is more likely pass than the first season or because this season just gets a few episodes. If the previous season tells about an event from where and what’s the point, this second season is more to the character that’s forcibly wanted to get into the story but sometimes their steal each other. If the first season does need a more 20 character recognition, why in this second season do the rooms? But I understand why the second season is more referring to the characters stealing each other’s roles because, in the end, it will all meet in a vantage point that blends in the main character’s answer at the end of the story. Nothing much to say about the art. It’s mediocre and same as the prequel. Simple but unique in character development. I think Shuka studio understands how Brain’s Base minds are in the face of this issue. There is nothing to pay attention too because there is nothing to see. Similarity, it’s similar to a historical anime 91 Days. But, I haven’t watch it yet and just glimpsed the visually.


The soundtrack is practically similar to the prequel, but not as memorable from the first season. The location of the sound effect, jazz, and piano ballad, the parts are not lost from all these aspects. All the seiyuu also didn’t change at all, still performed with full of performance and uniqueness. So, same as the art. I don’t need to add every detail because there is nothing else to analyze. The characters take on more of their roles and focus more on the main story that the main character experienced. I see that Baccano! didn’t forget the role of all the characters, although focusing on the main characters that are interconnected from the event as well as different times but always pay attention to the tiny details. Durarara!! x2 Shou prefers to the original character of the main character, the manner of the main character is more precise. Some people on the internet always distinguish who is the best, Baccano! or Durarara!!. I think both have their own uniqueness neither each way despite having a similar storytelling. Durarara!! is more focus on the city which becomes the main story, I think this second season is more lost than the first season which more pronounced. But, the next season may be more to something than what they want to present. In fact, maybe this will be the time to fix any shortcomings that seen in this season. The post-credit as well also slipped some twist at the end which means there will be a new character perception, I think. If you still didn’t understand what you want to enjoy for this second season, I think you should watch it again. This second season isn’t worse than I expected because there are still some aspects that still follow the first season like the same storytelling, weird characters that do weird things, and you can still see your favorite characters in this anime. It’s pretty much enjoyed with the little acknowledgment of the plot holes that were in the first season as well as some confusion. What I’m amazed is, what is the meaning of the title? Well, you can interpret in your own way.

Overall, maybe I’m compelled to admit how I love this series even if they made a new season again, I’ll keep watching it even though the story becomes a mess. Durarara!! x2 Shou isn’t as bad as we think. In this series, we will be taken from the decision of how the main character will be confronted in two options that are still unanswered, some of the twists are also still existed so sometimes I’m surprised when I watch this. Baccano! and Durarara!! are the two series with different storytelling from the anime in general and I hope, there’s anime like this again beside those two anime because I’m also bored with all the cliche that always appear every season. This season is worth watching if you are still curious about the first series.


Anime – In Another World With My Smartphone [REVIEW] – The Secrets Of The New World

MyAnimeList Rating: 6,80/10
Genre: Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Fantasy
Studios: Production Reed
Author: Eiji Usatsuka (Art), Patora Fuyuhara (Story)
Seiyuu: Katsumi Fukuhara, Marika Kouno, Yui Fukuo

When an anime has become way too far, then the anime will get a lot of hate. Anime doesn’t really look at how a story it goes, whether the story which presented will always be far from expectations rather than using a logic. I know, there is so much anime that combine something absurd but far from an odd impression. In fact, it’s the opposite. In Another World With My Smartphone fascinated to be a different anime from its own but forgot how to interpret. KonoSuba can be an anime with everything in it absurd but didn’t forget what it wants to show. One Punch Man is an anime with the main character is OP without weakness but still have intentions and didn’t forget the motivation and his goal. In Another World With My Smartphone didn’t use it all in terms of character, background, story, even want to go beyond it. In Another World With My Smartphone is one that missed from anime I’ve ever watched.

“In Another World With My Smartphone,” tells about Touya Mochizuki (Katsumi Fukuhara) who was struck by lightning because of God’s inadvertence. As an apology, God offers him an offer and an opportunity to live again in a fantasy magic world. Touya is happy to accept the offer with a request to keep his smartphone so start his adventure in a mystery world. Starting from his adventure in this new world, Touya finds himself filled with magic where he uses it and makes cute girls interested. These girls are Linze Silhoueska (Yui Fukuo) and Elze Silhoueska (Maaya Uchida) the twins, Yumina Urnea Belfast (Marika Kouno), and Yae Kokonoe (Chinatsu Akasaki). These girls accompany Touya with a romantic frustration but help each other to discover the secrets of this world.


In Another World With My Smartphone is a good anime at the beginning, for me. This anime managed to get me interested in how far an isekai genre is growing from the usual. In Another World With My Smartphone brings us a mixture of the main character who is offered to live in a world that full of magic and fantasy. From here, a plot hole pops up. There is no obvious reason why “God” in this anime is such like that because until the end I watched the last episode, I never got the answer. But I don’t care because the story still goes on and on until he meets the twin heroine cliche who will accompany the main character to a trip without a purpose. First of all, let’s say that KonoSuba is the inspiration of this anime. Even KonoSuba which I think is absurd, they still cover a plot hole even though it seems to be funny and ridiculous. What if the light novel’s explained? Maybe I’m also wrong because I never read the light novel but, this anime clearly wants to make the second season by presenting a curious case after post-credit. Stupidly, I still seek what will happen next. From the beginning, I already know where this anime will go. Like, High School DxD where we already know what the end of the story is. Even so, High School DxD alone has the purpose of the character. School Days which is said to be the worst anime ever have a goal about what they want to convey to their audience. In Another World With My Smartphone is just an anime with OP main character that has no weakness at all, even embarrassed Kirito from Sword Art Online. The conflict that just came out and concluded with a very short time made me think what it looks like again, whether it will be like this again, like that, or there is a plot-twist? Nope, don’t expect that roughly. You will not find such things like those. The art is so bad which I want to watch Mars Of Destruction again. Production Reed took a lot of hope about making this anime. I don’t know, Rainbow Days can be said as their best anime. The art is flat that you can notice all of the errors in this anime. One of the most noticeable by the audience is when the main character sitting in a horse-drawn carriage while learning a new magic or I also forgotten this scene. From here, the camera angle is taken from below the main character and from here the big error is so obvious. The main character with long calves as though they were Code Geass characters although the anime is said to be as good, short stomach, and small head. I still remember how embarrassing and cringe it was when I saw this scene even though I had forgotten it in what episode exist. In addition, when the main character fighting against the bad guy who out of nowhere and one of the characters using sand magic. From, here again, the color of the sand and its texture is very different from what is in reality. I mean, it’s a stupid thing to bring a logic in anime for some people but does they want to finish this project quickly?


One more thing I hate the most is the transition. Anime in general certainly presents a transition in the middle duration of every single episode but not for this anime. The transition always comes just like that and the director uses this technique to make punchlines from the jokes where they want to make the audience laugh instead. By the way, it’s also irony when the visuals on the cup are made very detailed rather than the characters and animations that didn’t match our expectations. The soundtrack is mediocre, a typical anime with sound effects that I can’t find some of its lacks. Takumi Itou I think he does a great job but sometimes, the placement of the song and sound effects is always wrong in some scenes. For seiyuu, Katsumi Fukuhara as Touya Mochizuki is very good for his debut that plays the main character even though there is no emphasis at all, nothing is exaggerated and nothing is lack. Some people consider it annoying but for me, he is very good for his debut. Maaya Uchida as Elze Shilhoueska is not very impressive, considering that she’s filling out the voice of Rikka from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!. Sumire Uesaka can be considered the most interesting of all, just as Sanae from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!. For some of the others, they are mediocre and do exact things as Katsumi Fukuhara. The opening and ending theme song isn’t too memorable and not too catchy, for myself. Both of these songs are like songs that I often hear in some isekai or fantasy anime in general. But, they are bad which mean I’m not into it. No well-development in the character aspect. It’s just a character that dies inside without any sense and soul at all. Touya Mochizuki is the character of the overpowered character who’s so extraordinary. Nothing can beat this character of all the characters, even embarrass all the strongest characters in all the anime that I’ve watched. In this case, I don’t see whether there is any development at all. He is just a character capable of copying all the powers that exist in other characters just by one looking. Don’t be surprised if he also can be fairly predictable, there is no intent and purpose at all why he wants to live in the fantasy world.


For summaries, they are all the same. The existing heroine doesn’t intend to help the character, it’s more to the feelings of all heroines. There is no obvious reason why all heroine in here loves the main character. It’s like a typical harem anime. High School DxD can be said to be the one harem anime that I don’t like but there is some logic and thought reasons of all the characters that exist. For the overall, there is no simplicity. Rather with the character that goes out of nowhere and can apply just about anywhere in the world that he lives in. What’s more, everything is predictable. It’s really hard to watch an anime that push myself into the deep as hard as I can. This anime doesn’t seem to have what I often feel in watching some anime such as nothing. All I got was the sense of interest in watching the first episode that I thought was a unique story, combining elements of isekai, harem, and a smartphone. But, this is just an insult for some shounen anime that has motivation from zero to hero. An anime that has no purpose, no adventure at all, and a heroine with no clear intentions to love the main character just because of his kind action. For some reason, KonoSuba still has a goal and plan where the main character also wants to seem silly which have no purpose at all. In fact, there is no sense at all after watching this anime. It’s simply like a running conflict that out of nowhere and directly modified by the main character with his power. Besides, the fanservice that doesn’t really matter I don’t know why it just happened in episode 9 for example if I’m not mistaken. Then, the atmosphere turned serious. This is the one part which blows my freaking mind.

Overall, In Another World With My Smartphone is like a comedy that failed unsatisfactorily in building the humor. The story that still feels like a lot of its plot hole and an OP without any weakness even embarrassed Kirito from Sword Art Online. This is the type of anime which you wanna watch and you laugh because of the lack. There is no intention why we want to watch anime like this because it is uncomfortable to start something and stop in the middle of the range. I don’t like that despite how bad it is, I’ll do it anyway. The question that immediately flew through my head was, “why am I pushing myself to watch this show?” The answer is it’s so bad that is good. Same as The Room, watching this movie, again and again, feels no one can beat it because it’s so bad that I want to watch it again. This is one of the anime that made by a team in a fast way, no intent at all what we get. But, it’s worth watching because it’s not that good but we can laugh with the badness which means I also pretty appreciate this anime.

Anime – Mr. Osomatsu [REVIEW] – It Come With Being Sextuplets!

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,18/10
Genre: Comedy, Parody
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Author: Masako Shitara
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Yuuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Ono

Mr. Osomatsu is like an anime with American sitcom version but it’s a Japanese version. Perhaps, Mr. Osomatsu can be compared to that because the absurd and random comedy became a particular to restore the classic anime of the 60’s. From the adaptation of Osomatsu-kun, this is what a phenomenal thing. The manga has also successful along with the anime version for the same success at the time. There are many aspects of why Mr. Osomatsu became an interesting representation for Japanese audience themselves because the comedy version itself is absurd in the Japanese version and is viscous with their culture. Although like that, almost partially didn’t recognize this anime by many people outside Japan. Not as popular as the other parody anime that has made its fandom spread on the internet, Mr. Osomatsu can be counted still in the time. This is an anime that brings the classic elements inside, simplified a pretty well-known pop culture in Japan there at that time, and combined all the famous pop culture today.

“Mr. Osomatsu,” tells about the Matsuno family with six siblings: the leader Osomatsu (Takahiro Sakurai), the cool Karamatsu (Yuuichi Nakamura), the full of reasons Choromatsu (Hiroshi Kamiya), the anti-social Ichimatsu (Jun Fukuyama), the hyperactive Juushimatsu (Daisuke Ono), and the compassionate Todomatsu (Miyu Irino). Although they are all almost 20, they are so lazy and have no motivation at all to find a job, preferring to live as a NEET. Sometimes, they try to find a job and get an interview, they have always rejected in a unique way apart because of their unique properties. From trying to find a girlfriend to find a suitable job, their daily lives never go smoothly along with the stupid activities they do, weird, but full of adventure. Although they are depressed by finding ways to be part of the community, it’s very unlikely that they can get through it.


It’s really weird if I want to discuss what Mr. Osomatsu wants to convey to the audience. In short, it’s like a random comedy focusing on the six NEETs that are identical twins. There is no core story that wants to resolve the conflict, there is only a random comedy and sometimes come from out of nowhere. In addition, the characters also focus not only on these six NEETs but in the episodes seem random. Sometimes focusing on Iyami, Totoko, Chibita, Dayon, and Dekapan. Despite using rather classic comedy and difficult to find such jokes, sometimes Mr. Osomatsu cannot be separated from how modern their creativity. No wonder there are so many parodies which it’s apparent to me and I look exactly so I get the jokes for that because Mr. Osomatsu doesn’t immediately introduce how it works. The first impression I got in this anime is so weird, mind-blowing and funny at the same time. They directly combine anime such as Uta no Prince-sama, Attack on Titan, Haikyu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Assassination Classroom and even pop culture anime such as Naruto and Sailor Moon. The first episode is mindblowing because it combines all the existing parody and breaking the 4th wall which is so unique in it’s they used. So, maybe some people think that this is too much and very exaggerated but that is the way in which the anime perform because they want to build their own characteristic. Some are also not just parody anime, but popular movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mad Max, Spiderman, Saw, and etc. Although the anime is purely a comedy, sometimes this anime is way too far to make the audience suddenly change the mood. Sometimes, there are some scenes of drama that immediately appear in the middle of the comedy that although some of that make me touched and sad when I watch it. The art is really weird, absurd, but taking it in a funny way. For anime that still uses the classic jokes, the visual and the animation are also not separated with a slightly classic style though it looks like a modern anime. For an anime that made by Studio Pierrot, maybe some of us are surprised that the studio is working on popular anime such as Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, GTO, Beelzebub, and etc. However, sometimes some of the segments have the same art as the other anime in general for the part as they parodied the characters of ikemen. For the total effort, I think I don’t have to criticize how the visual and the animation because this part has the comedic element and wants to raise the punchline. I also don’t feel surprised if the jokes seem similar to Gintama, apart from Yoichi Fujita who directed both anime.


Let’s talk about the seiyuu because there are so many people who want to animate this classic thing which it’s very famous in there. They are Jun Fukuyama, Yuuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Ono, Hiroshi Kamiya, Takahiro Sakurai, and Miyo Irino. But not only that. Even the supporting characters such as Kenichi Suzumaru also compete. Maybe those of you may already know all of the seiyuu. They also have enough role for all the characters and their parts. No one wants to expand and no one is denied. Everything is helping each other and covering who’s the most dominant in here. The opening and the ending song is catchy but not memorable. The soundtrack seems to be made as absurd along with the song and the lyrics. So, I don’t feel memorable through this part I also recognize is bizarre. The characters have a unique personality, considering that the 6 main characters are the sextuplets. But as we watch it, we can really differentiate which one is this and that. Starts from Osomatsu which means lame or ill-prepared in Japanese. He is the oldest brother of the sextuplets. His characteristics of wanna try to become a big brother sometimes funny and failed because of his super-chaotic brother. Secondly, Karamatsu who has improvised and cool tough character although sometimes ignored by all of his brothers. Third, Choromatsu who has a logical nature as well as the character that clarifies the punchline or simply as tsukkomi. His slight otaku character until himself ever saw masturbation by his brother which makes this character has his own normal way that makes him funnier. Fourthly, Ichimatsu who has an antisocial character to his brother but more friendly with Juushimatsu. Considered a “joker” of all his brothers, his passionate fondness for cats and jealousy for Karamatsu because he’s more confident than him makes his character sometimes have the other side of all. Fifth, Todomatsu’s who has a double-faced character toward his brothers. Sometimes he also plays the straight man between them. The last, Juushimatsu who has the most idiotic character from all. His talkative and passionate nature sometimes comes out of his character in some parts.


In addition to the sextuplets, characters supporting also sometimes support and enter into the middle of the sextuplets. Chibita who regards the sextuplets as his rival, Totoko who is a bit selfish and wants attention to the sextuplets, Iyami with his catchphrase “Sheeh!” who inspired John Lennon, Hatabou, Dekapan, and Dayon, all of these characters have their own unique characteristics, their own impressions, and their own comedy apart from the sextuplets. In fact, this is a show that’s suitable for all ages although there are some jokes is pretty mature, Mr. Osomatsu is a light comedy anime that is very nice to watch. By the way, this anime is also one of the anime that I dropped 2 years ago because of time up to the many anime that I follow at the time so I lay off for a while for this anime. The temporary time is two years old but thankfully, I can finish this sitcom anime. Indeed I heard that some of the people especially in Indonesia really don’t like this anime because of the humor isn’t funny and the jokes are rather classic so they don’t like this anime. For me, this is a gold. A comedy or anime is not supposed to focus on something just cliche but things that relate to all kinds of absurd and weird are included.

Overall, Mr. Osomatsu brings us an anime with a fresh and original idea, adapting the classic work into pop culture in Japan, and making a new improvisation for people who still lay with a three-dimensional Japanese cultural comedy. With all sorts of stories that make a funny comedy, sometimes exaggerated, and sometimes not funny, Osomatsu-san becomes the grain if a comedy isn’t supposed to contain ideas that we have seen so often. The sextuplets present all sorts of excitement and other absurd things along with the auxiliary characters that always go into the story section which making this anime even funnier. Sometimes made with the drama segment but sometimes it always helps us to relieve stress because of this anime. Obviously, Osomatsu-san is worth watching and can be watched by all ages although a pretty comedy that contains an adult theme that is not noticeable.

Anime – Durarara!! [REVIEW] – Ikebukuro’s Most Colorful Inhabitant

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,29/10
Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural
Studios: Brain’s Base
Author: Ryohgo Narita (Story), Suzuhito Yasuda (Art)
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, Miyuki Sawashiro

One of the shows that I highly recommend and have a unique and great story, Durarara!! I think this is one of the anime that makes me feel watching at home. Just like Baccano! because they both are the same author. Baccano! can be regarded as Quentin Tarantino if he directed it. Durarara!! focusing on a city where characters become subplots. This anime doesn’t require an explanation of how this anime works. There are no main characters who want to look much or less. In Durarara!! this anime uses a technique that tells the story about a character that doesn’t know each other but related in a city. So, I will fully review how this anime works.


“Durarara !!,” tells about a district downtown in Tokyo where there are a lot of strange rumors, anonymous gangs, and a dangerous person. One of the most remarkable is the Black Rider, a headless black biker who appears on the streets. Mikado Ryuugamine (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) has long been interested in being able to enjoy the city’s surroundings and his childhood friends invited him to move to Tokyo. The first time he saw the Black Rider on the first day of his arrival, his wish was instantly replied. But apart from some of the supernatural that occur in the city, the ordinary people who also seemed to, along with the Ikebukuro colors, mingled everything and caused events to transpire in the city.

DRR 01

The main story will focus on the one that we think he is the main character. Mikado Ryuugamine was invited by his childhood friend in a city in Tokyo district Ikebukuro. This district is known for the strange rumors that are always popping up. One of the famous is Black Rider, a headless biker. The first impression I get is that I think this is just an ordinary life of an urban and societies. But, there is no main character. All of them play a role with the intent and purpose each other and don’t grasp at all. The story will be fully run on Ikebukuro only. There is no change of places, even if some characters sometimes tell the background of his life before coming to Ikebukuro. Clearly, this is like a story that shifts the flow, telling each other, not related but related in a city. Baccano! telling the storyline in a non-linear way and a different timeline while Durarara!! also like that but with a city that focuses on it. If you’ve ever seen Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, maybe the summary might be that way. What is clear, Durarara!! keep a story that prepares a twist that you’ll meet. For anime which worked by Brain’s Base, I think is enough to say that. Similar to Baccano! but Durarara!! intends to create an atmosphere in a boring and absurd way. But I don’t see the resemblance to D-Frag! though is one studio. The visual and animation is executed dim by the contrast and saturation. The selection of the coloring feels like it seems wanna make their audience tired. In addition, it’s kinda weird when the portray of unauthenticated characters is colored as gray. But, the director also has a reason why he did it because in one episode will be explained by way of interpretation. This anime also doesn’t seem strange if there are so many references that you get. For example, Isaac and Miria from Baccano! always appear as a cameo in this anime considering that these two anime have the same timeline after the anime, maybe. In addition, some are also shown without any parody style. Nothing strange and I think it’s funny and weird.

DRR 02

It’s kinda mainstream but I love both the opening and ending song. Nothing can get rid of it in my head. The song is so nice to hear especially “Uragiri no Yuuyake” and “Trust Me.” Some are also good and it feels very memorable though it’s been a long time since I watched this anime. Makoto Yoshimori as a composer is also freaking amazing. He mixed up an element that felt heavy like a gang that fights each other with the soundtrack like in urban areas. But, “Akogare no Hinichijou” is fantastic too. I like the use of this song when the background told in the late afternoon as if signing the day is over, waiting for the day tomorrow. This song is also very familiar with “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven, as there is little improvisation in it. This anime invites a lot of seiyuu that is almost completely known. You can say like Hiroshi Kamiya as Izaya, Daisuke Ono as Heiwajima, Miyuki Sawashiro as Celty, Mamoru Miyano as Masaomi, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Mikado, Kana Hanazawa as Anri, Jun Fukuyama as Shinra, and many more. The rest, everything also performs well and match the role of their character. The characters are very good. The role and characteristics are made with different personalities. Mikado with his character who doesn’t know any situation that he just visited and get many unique experiences, interesting, and sad that he lived. Masaomi, his character who is completely cheerful and always helps Mikado who is always depressed. Anri, her character with a completely boring personality and her big breast. But her dark past made her that way but far from boring expectations. Mikado and Masaomi are also one of the characters that will be fully focused when reaching climax. Celty is the badass of all characters. He is a headless rider with a less scary nature. On the contrary.

DRR 03

It’s kinda ironic when characters that infrequently have their own background have more fans than the characters themselves. If you know, Izaya and Shizuo are the answers. I love Izaya more than all the anime characters I’ve ever seen. He is like a Joker who brings chaos by everyone even a city. His passion is like make him want to enter in the part of the story, his manipulative nature, and fight against a race it’s in behind the scene. Therefore, he also has a lot of haters than I believe but in good ways, he is also well-liked. Shizuo is also like that. His character who hates violence and his strength that beats normal human beings make this anime more focused on this character. In various stories, these two characters are rivals who always fight every time they meet. You especially fangirl are also careful when they are both meet because I know what kind of reaction you are taking out. But this is also part of the problem. Because of the many characters who want to tell and be a part of the story, sometimes this anime always escape from the character. Sometimes just appeared, sometimes just disappeared. Durarara!! is certainly an anime type that suits me because it’s so rare to find anime like this which do different storytelling from others. However, sometimes this anime is also boring and there is only a dialogue that I think isn’t so important that the characters always say it over and over again. But that never changed the fact that I put this anime in my favorites list. It’s awesome to watch it over and over again, changing one’s mindset for the anime and always be surprised by the plot twist. For the first season, this anime can be somewhat hanging due to various unfinished plot holes as well as a high curiosity.

Overall, Durarara!! is certainly a show with a unique storytelling, a variety of different characters, up to a twist that will wait for you. This anime is not much in demand by some people like Baccano! which some of my friends almost all don’t know or are lazy to watch it. Durarara!! is one of the anime I recommended, although sometimes the tone is always put down in some episodes and makes the nuance so decreased that it dropped by people. This anime may not be very suitable for you who just want to find some action because completely, only a few are contained therein. Fully, it’s dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue. Sometimes, this anime makes me think that an anime or a movie doesn’t really matter how it ends and starts where it’s told. Just like Baccano! which has a non-linear story, or Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan movies. But, Durarara!! is a guaranteed exhibition that I recommend.

Anime – Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma [REVIEW] – High-stakes Cooking Showdowns

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,55/10
Genre: Ecchi, School, Shounen
Studios: J.C. Staff
Author: Shun Saeki (Art), Yuuto Tsukuda (Story), Yuki Morisaki (Story)
Seiyuu: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Risa Taneda, Minami Takahashi

This season, there are a lot of good anime to watch. Not to mention, long-awaited sequels like Steins;Gate and Tokyo Ghoul became the most popular anime of the season. In fact, Steins;Gate 0, which has just aired several episodes have already gained top 10 rated anime in MyAnimeList beating the first series. Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma may be practically one the popular too. The manga that has become successful before the anime has proved that this anime is at least widely known by many people. The story is unique but absurd, combining things about culinary and cooking with accompanied explicit or ecchi in it. However, Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma doesn’t discuss around that but introduces us to a good culinary culture within Japan and other countries. It’s like MasterChef’s anime version but in a different context.


“Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma,” tells about Souma Yukihira (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) from his childhood up to 15 years old has helped his father work as a chef in their own restaurant. For years, Souma has sharpened his skills, creativity, and expertise in order to attract the attention of his customers. His dream is to be a head chef in his family restaurant. But when his father suddenly closed the restaurant in order to test his cooking skills by traveling around the world, he sent Souma to Tootsuki Culinary Academy, an elite cooking school where only 10 percent of their students graduated. The school is known for its style of “Shokugeki” or “Food Wars,” in which students fight by making food with high bets. As Souma and his friends try to survive in extreme lifestyle in Tootsuki, the challenges in his stays, expelling his years of expertise his father has taught him.


Food Wars! focuses on the main character’s Souma Yukihira, someone who works as a chef with his father whos running a restaurant. I think the story is not too much to say. It’s like typical shounen anime, impersonating a character that deliberately hated by everyone until it constantly sides with him. It’s about an extreme cooking school’s Tootsuki, the school that is one of the world’s largest cooking schools. Everyone from outside the country came all the way to school in there. Included with the introductions of the character that will be explained later. But for the story, this leads to an introduction. We will be introduced what it’s Tootsuki, how the system is, who is the master, the terms that are in there, and much more. In addition, I also proud with the author of the anime as well as the manga. He understands exactly how recipes and how the presentation. Not only that, he also understands the outside if Japanese food including Jōichirō Special Rich Ramen that uses a recipe of tempeh from Indonesia. I mean, yeah. It’s overproud but I’m more into the author who is very familiar with all kinds of culinary cultures from around the world. The art is mediocre, I don’t see what the privileges are in this aspect. J.C.Staff may always present us an animation and a visual that is not too exaggerated but there are no shortcomings. They never lower their own tones and even raise them. They prefer to be in the middle of a balanced rather than take some effort that I believe might be in vain. In this aspect, there is not much I see. It’s mediocre like other anime that they made. But, don’t get me wrong if the part where the characters are fantasizing, an ecchi with explicit content, and also the times where the presentation of the food is great. I mean, nope. Don’t get me wrong because I can only judge from the other side only. Nothing interesting, just mediocre.


The opening song is really damn good, but it’s overrated. “Kibou no Uta” by ULTRA TOWER is one of the anime songs that I will always hear again and again. But that’s just one that makes me memorable because the other opening and ending song don’t make me think twice. “Rising Rainbow” by Misokkasu is mediocre, as well as “Spice” by Tokyo Karankoron and “Sacchan no Sexy Curry” by Seiko Oomori. It’s not really memorable but it’s good. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Souma seems like he’s cool. Just like when he fills the voice of Kazuto from Sword Art Online or Sora from No Game No Life. He always carries his own distinctive voice, no different from this anime as well. Stay the same but it’s cool. Risa Taneda as Erina is the one that makes me shocking. How the times when she became Kaori from Your Lie In April became a character that’s inversely proportional. Her personality is also different. Erina with her trope being a tsundere with Kaori who’s a bit of a tsun-tsun when compared to her. I know she also filled out the voices of void characters like Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond The Boundary even Xenovia from High School DxD New and Yukina Himeragi from Strike The Blood that made no difference at all. But the two of them are the most dominant among the others. I’m not saying the others are bad or anything like that but they’re also pretty good including Minami Takahashi as a Megumi.


The characters are very diverse. Although there are many plots of holes that didn’t tell in detail, I think the first season is just an introduction. No more deepening and it will be given in the next season. Souma Yukihara, I think his character from being an antagonist to a superhero, deliberately making himself hated by people like something I’ve seen before. Erina Nakiri is just being the main heroine with characters improve little by little. Although she is also not particularly touched on in this anime as well as many plots holes of this character, she is the main tsundere in this anime. More like annoying trope is hated by many people. Megumi Tadokoro is the main heroine too that gradually focuses on her. Her character is weak, crybaby, but all of that in good ways. In the reserve with the main character, she becomes a character that can stand alone. All the supporting characters are also diverse as Takumi Aldini who claims to be the main rival, Ikumi Mito with her feelings to the main character, Hayama Akira with a badass first impression, Ryou Kurokiba with two personalities, and etc. All of that’s still has to be deepened again for other characters considering this anime also aired with 24 episodes with a full introduction. I remember that I watched this anime by way of a marathon. If you say enjoy, I completely love all episodes. Sometimes a match between the chefs containing intense, getting some knowledge about food, fanservice that satisfy the audience’s desires, and etc. But Food Wars! is probably more than that. This anime is also not too dominated by a female audience because the first impression of this anime has been impressed like that. Some may like it because I also have friends like that, love something like this and she’s a girl. Could be, this anime at least can be enjoyed by all people such as men or women depending on how they understand the explicit content.

Overall, Food Wars! is a worth watching. If you want to find something about cooking or culinary combined with ecchi spices in it, this anime will definitely suit you. By combining the shounen element inside, but the first season is still in character recognition phase. There are some plots of holes that are not very clearly conveyed although some various characters make the anime more interesting to watch. If you want to find something that has a comedy or a bit of harem, Food Wars! is definitely the answer regardless how you can take this anime.

Anime – Perfect Blue [REVIEW] – Excuse Me… Who Are You?

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,32/10
Genre: Dementia, Horror, Psychological, Drama
Studios: Madhouse
Author: Yoshikazu Takeuchi
Seiyuu: Junko Iwao, Masaaki Ookura, Rica Matsumoto

Black Swan is one of the thriller movies starring Natalie Portman and directed by Darren Aronofsky. We know that the anime industry is one of the most commonly used references to Hollywood both nowadays and the past. You can call it like Ghost In The Shell with The Matrix, Paprika with Inception, All You Need Is Kill with Edge Of Tomorrow, and much more. One of that is this anime too, Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon. He has managed to distribute some of his work, although a little and became one of the most influential directors of Hollywood. Especially for Darren Aronofsky who makes Black Swan thanks to Perfect Blue. After watching this anime, I can say that Black Swan is a mainstream despite getting a positive response from critics. But, Perfect Blue made me realize that anime should not be a cliche because anime like this has been around since the 90s. Same as Serial Experiments Lain, the mindfuck level is exactly like Perfect Blue and I hope there is still an anime like this in the modern era.

Pâfekuto burû

“Perfect Blue,” tells about a pop idol group CHAM! that has entertained his fans for 2 years. However, Mima Kirigoe (Junko Iwao) announced herself to quit the group and take her new career through acting. She hopes that her fans will continue to support her despite her departure. However, her life’s changed drastically when she came out. In order to get rid of her image as a pop idol, she took on a role in a crime drama series where her acting skills became more demanding and taxing, especially on Rumi Hidaka (Rica Matsumoto), her manager. A fan who is very obsessed with Mima started stalking her existence. Not to mention, a website that doesn’t know the fact begins to impersonate her life along with her details, life history, but not her who made it. One by one, she begins to interfere with her who cannot distinguish reality and fantasy.

PB 01

The story focuses on an idol, Mima Kirigoe. She is a lead member of a trio pop group called CHAM! who turned her career into a solo actress. So, this is the terrifying begins. If I want to compare it to Hollywood, Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream is pretty same as this. The depth level is directly proportional to the end until I don’t want to watch for the second time. It also makes me feel like this always happens in the real world. Internet, heavy obsession, stalker, rape, until murder, all of that is told in satire ways and detail. Satoshi Kon describes it very well. A line of reality and fantasy as well as if this happens in the real world as well. You know, someone like this exists a lot like I’ve seen this before. But Perfect Blue described it a few years ago. It’s about an identity that doesn’t know who’s spreading it on the internet, about someone who has no life, about someone who thinks she’s taking the right path and doesn’t fit of what she expects. Therefore, those of you who haven’t watched it should be focused exactly on what is on screen. Don’t look elsewhere because you’ll be confused with the ending. I also don’t know if the ending is a plot-twist or not because I have to think twice even three times after watching this anime. After I got the answer, it was hard to make the interpretation even it’s so difficult to believe with intellect. It’s the same with Serial Experiments Lain that makes me think with the ending. Satoshi Kon has succeeded in making a story far from being a story with a fresh and original concept. One thing I want to tell you. This anime has a lot of explicit content like rape, nudity, violence, and blood. So, don’t think that this is one of the anime you want to find but it’s not.

PB 02

The art is great back in the 90s. So, those of you who still lay with the nowadays anime may be difficult to adapt to the old anime. Nothing you expect from here. But here’s the part I like. The old anime has an art that is so realistic even hard to compare with the nowadays anime. I know, there are so many good anime that can even be said masterpiece in this modern era. But back in the old days, this is a freaking fantastic. The animation and visuals that depicted in this anime seem so realistic even made as realistic as possible. If you still don’t understand, you can try Studio Ghibli’s works and you will know how it feels. In Perfect Blue, everything is described in detail even a little tiny detail as from small things even figures characters are portrayed as the main character. One that really felt for me is the rape scene. No spoiler, this is one of the scenes that makes me disturbing even creepy while watching it. In fact, the sensation seems like reality in the real world. The thing that makes me creepy in addition to the scene is also the scene when approaching climax. Maybe because I’m too serious during watching this, I can’t even tell which is realistic and which is a fantasy in this anime. This is also what I like. The cinematography can be spelled out so brilliant once to use in an anime. I mean, it’s more like Stanley Kubrick’s works. The jump cut from one scene to another, the relationship between the imaginative character and the real-life that mix all of it, close up to zoom out of the same scene but different interpretations, almost all these techniques used in this anime. One scene that made me draw my attention is the bathtub scene that’s also used in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream.

PB 03

The music is more like the same as Requiem For A Dream that composed by Clint Mansell. Both are very creepy and disturbing, but very memorable at the same time. Initially, I thought the opening scene of this anime is not too gloomy even I don’t know if the person that reviewing this is always distorted. Sometimes, pop music also exists and I think is pretty catchy. The other, Masahiro Ikumi has managed to scare me with the various suspense scores that he made. Junko Iwao, I think, is great and outstanding when filling Mima Kirigoe voices. There is no shortage and it’s great. The characters are one of a great storytelling. Mima Kirigoe builds her own character with great depths little by little. Her very innocent face at the beginning of her career became an actress, full of grim, fear of something around her, and a distressing expression of fantasy and reality. However, when I want to find out who is the best character in this anime, I will answer Me-Mania. His character has a perfect storytelling even just using gesture and a little dialogue alone, he managed to develop his character even we known at the beginning of its appearance. The first emergence is predictable how the characteristic of this character because he only displays with gesture only. Of course, assisted by the cinematography that is so smooth from Satoshi Kon. He is a character that is centered on everything and helps the character to build his own story. This anime is perfect for you who want to look for a mindblowing anime or complex story. Although it’s only a movie and less than two hours, Satoshi Kon brings us to a story that we cannot even distinguish reality and fantasy. This anime also has a fast pace so the audience isn’t made bored with the complex story. But, I don’t recommend this anime for those of you who really don’t like the explicit content that excessive. Blood everywhere, disturbing scenes, nudeness, rape scenes, and other obscure elements for certain people.

Overall, Perfect Blue is a mindblowing anime that you would not imagine how the outcome is. I also think that this is one of the anime that breaks typical anime stereotypes and people who still consider anime it’s just for children. But, this is 2018 and I rarely get people like that in this era. It’s having a satire story about the real world and reality of the internet, the art, and the animation, the characters that are also shown with more human being and realistic nature, to the plot-twist endings, mindfuck, even have to watch over and over again to be able to understand the ending. This is about fantasy and reality where they are united into one that I will never forget if I’ve experienced one of these masterpieces made by the legendary. Hopefully, there’s nowadays anime like this. Not too spectacular and not too deficiency.

Anime – Attack On Titan Season 2 [REVIEW] – The Dark Secrets Of Their Own Members

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,47/10
Genre: Action, Military, Mystery, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studios: Wit Studio
Author: Hajime Isayama
Seiyuu: Yui Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Marina Inoue

Attack On Titan became the most overhyped anime in 2013 the first season. It has a great story, dark atmosphere, diverse characters, Levi the most favorable character, and a nice great art. However, the news that the second season is always delayed because of the live action that many people say is a waste of time and the movie is bad, the second season finally appeared last year even though I’ve just watched it. I don’t see the hype that’s in this series and people prefer My Hero Academia second season compared to this series. Not to mention, this series only gets 12 episodes that the first season gets 25 episodes. In this series too, there are many shortcomings and complaints from the audience and hardcore fans of this series ranging from Levi who’s not too much take the part, too much filler, more focused on the drama, and it’s boring rather than the first season. But, I want to delve deeper into this series.

“Attack On Titan Season 2,” tells about Eren Yeager (Yuki Kaji) and other 104th Training Corps members trying to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they were getting ready for another titan, they were blocked by the invasion that took place in Wall Rose but unleashed many unresolved mysteries. Trying to save the wall, they get a lot of information about the titan and the dark past of the members.

AOTS2 01

Attack On Titan Season 2 it’s more like they did a downgrade to the previous series. Honestly, I didn’t read the manga so maybe I misinterpreted it. After the events that gave rise to the great mystery of the previous season, this series will answer the previous mysteries that you still think can’t find the answer. But, maybe because I’m watching it whether have a lot of spoilers everywhere, I’m just looking more intense and action than the story again because the internet it’s just pissed me off. This series is more likely to lead to the element of mystery where we will find out who the villains among other characters. Not to mention, this second season is more likely to drama up to the number of filler open. It doesn’t show pretty the same action scene as done in the first season. Some are also good, especially during the protagonist against the titan. It’s well-choreography like you watching a UFC or MMA fighting. The second season will also bring more plots-twist that attracts some intense and plots of missed holes. However, the second season also brought back mysteries that are more likely to be disturbing. Perhaps because the second season experienced many high expectations and not to mention the delay of each year that just appeared 4 years later. Therefore, those who watch this series may be so much expected from what the first season presents.

AOTS2 02

The art is pretty same as the season one. But, I was saying that Wit studios did the decline. The choreography is cheaper than the CGI. Some of the action I witnessed was too solid even though the choreography was good. The backstory that comes out of now where also makes the mood more decreased when we are on fire. This is what makes this series both become more diminished demand because some lack that makes a great exposure to the first season. Therefore, it’s a mistake if a minor downgrade from the first season becomes more impressed mediocre in the second season. Nothing different, it’s more like a standard at all and one of the average seasonal anime. The opening song is great and I agree, it’s overrated. Linked Horizon came back with his song “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” with the same vigor as he presents in the first season. The internet makes it a meme and an anime song that’s overrated but easily forgotten. I’m not really commenting on the seiyuu here because it’s pretty decent like the season one. Hiroshi Kamiya doesn’t really take a big part. Same as Yui Ishikawa and Marina Inoue. The soundtrack it’s pretty damn good. Sawano Hiroyuki is more likely into rock, loud, and climactic songs. Depending on the standpoint, here I prefer the soundtrack to more heavy and rock compared to the first season. Apart from that, not much I want to describe.

AOTS2 03

The characters do a lot of reductions and disappearances. Eren Yeager whos’s the main protagonist but unlike other main characters. His nature is unchanged and not exaggerated. So also with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert which is the main characters become more decent especially Mikasa. She doesn’t take much part in here. Moreover, Levi who can be classified as the most favorite and coolest character in this series suddenly became a lost role. His appearance is small and this character is also not very participating in the action. The first impression when the first episode will be more focused on Sasha Blouse along with its backstory. Her nature doesn’t change, there is no shortage and no excess. In this series, the story focuses more on Krista Lenz and Ymir along with their secrets and backstory. In addition, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover are the huge triggers as well as major spoilers in this series. In a way, this series divides the two stories from the previous 4 characters and interconnected. Other characters it’s more like the same, some are missing parts and some are lacking the part of the first season that many take parts. At least, all of it makes this series to be more enjoyable especially in the action scene and plot-twist that presented. But there are some shortcomings or I don’t know what I want to call it. This series is more divided into two sides at the same time. There is no antagonist nor protagonist. This is also what makes me feel like I don’t want to follow it again but made curious about this aspect. The Titan that we know is the most hated creature of all the characters in this series, makes me more sympathetic towards them. If you don’t understand, maybe you can try it yourself. There is nothing bad and that is good. In fact, it’s just the opposite. By connecting these aspects, there are two warring sides. Therefore, I can predict that the third season will be more likely to be political or someone’s notion, wrapped with intense action.

Overall, I don’t think the second season is much more interesting for fans because it’s come back that many people prefer My Hero Academia. This series can be fairly good for you who just enjoy the action everywhere, like shounen. However, both seasons experienced much decline. Nothing special and not overly overhyped. It’s decent, the story is more hanging and made curiously. Fortunately, the anime is not playing with us and take this seriously because the third season will soon appear in next season. So, I still haven’t read the manga. But overall, it’s medium and mediocre look.