Anime – Attack On Titan Season 2 [REVIEW] – The Dark Secrets Of Their Own Members

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,47/10
Genre: Action, Military, Mystery, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studios: Wit Studio
Author: Hajime Isayama
Seiyuu: Yui Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Marina Inoue

Attack On Titan became the most overhyped anime in 2013 the first season. It has a great story, dark atmosphere, diverse characters, Levi the most favorable character, and a nice great art. However, the news that the second season is always delayed because of the live action that many people say is a waste of time and the movie is bad, the second season finally appeared last year even though I’ve just watched it. I don’t see the hype that’s in this series and people prefer My Hero Academia second season compared to this series. Not to mention, this series only gets 12 episodes that the first season gets 25 episodes. In this series too, there are many shortcomings and complaints from the audience and hardcore fans of this series ranging from Levi who’s not too much take the part, too much filler, more focused on the drama, and it’s boring rather than the first season. But, I want to delve deeper into this series.

“Attack On Titan Season 2,” tells about Eren Yeager (Yuki Kaji) and other 104th Training Corps members trying to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they were getting ready for another titan, they were blocked by the invasion that took place in Wall Rose but unleashed many unresolved mysteries. Trying to save the wall, they get a lot of information about the titan and the dark past of the members.

AOTS2 01

Attack On Titan Season 2 it’s more like they did a downgrade to the previous series. Honestly, I didn’t read the manga so maybe I misinterpreted it. After the events that gave rise to the great mystery of the previous season, this series will answer the previous mysteries that you still think can’t find the answer. But, maybe because I’m watching it whether have a lot of spoilers everywhere, I’m just looking more intense and action than the story again because the internet it’s just pissed me off. This series is more likely to lead to the element of mystery where we will find out who the villains among other characters. Not to mention, this second season is more likely to drama up to the number of filler open. It doesn’t show pretty the same action scene as done in the first season. Some are also good, especially during the protagonist against the titan. It’s well-choreography like you watching a UFC or MMA fighting. The second season will also bring more plots-twist that attracts some intense and plots of missed holes. However, the second season also brought back mysteries that are more likely to be disturbing. Perhaps because the second season experienced many high expectations and not to mention the delay of each year that just appeared 4 years later. Therefore, those who watch this series may be so much expected from what the first season presents.

AOTS2 02

The art is pretty same as the season one. But, I was saying that Wit studios did the decline. The choreography is cheaper than the CGI. Some of the action I witnessed was too solid even though the choreography was good. The backstory that comes out of now where also makes the mood more decreased when we are on fire. This is what makes this series both become more diminished demand because some lack that makes a great exposure to the first season. Therefore, it’s a mistake if a minor downgrade from the first season becomes more impressed mediocre in the second season. Nothing different, it’s more like a standard at all and one of the average seasonal anime. The opening song is great and I agree, it’s overrated. Linked Horizon came back with his song “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” with the same vigor as he presents in the first season. The internet makes it a meme and an anime song that’s overrated but easily forgotten. I’m not really commenting on the seiyuu here because it’s pretty decent like the season one. Hiroshi Kamiya doesn’t really take a big part. Same as Yui Ishikawa and Marina Inoue. The soundtrack it’s pretty damn good. Sawano Hiroyuki is more likely into rock, loud, and climactic songs. Depending on the standpoint, here I prefer the soundtrack to more heavy and rock compared to the first season. Apart from that, not much I want to describe.

AOTS2 03

The characters do a lot of reductions and disappearances. Eren Yeager whos’s the main protagonist but unlike other main characters. His nature is unchanged and not exaggerated. So also with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert which is the main characters become more decent especially Mikasa. She doesn’t take much part in here. Moreover, Levi who can be classified as the most favorite and coolest character in this series suddenly became a lost role. His appearance is small and this character is also not very participating in the action. The first impression when the first episode will be more focused on Sasha Blouse along with its backstory. Her nature doesn’t change, there is no shortage and no excess. In this series, the story focuses more on Krista Lenz and Ymir along with their secrets and backstory. In addition, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover are the huge triggers as well as major spoilers in this series. In a way, this series divides the two stories from the previous 4 characters and interconnected. Other characters it’s more like the same, some are missing parts and some are lacking the part of the first season that many take parts. At least, all of it makes this series to be more enjoyable especially in the action scene and plot-twist that presented. But there are some shortcomings or I don’t know what I want to call it. This series is more divided into two sides at the same time. There is no antagonist nor protagonist. This is also what makes me feel like I don’t want to follow it again but made curious about this aspect. The Titan that we know is the most hated creature of all the characters in this series, makes me more sympathetic towards them. If you don’t understand, maybe you can try it yourself. There is nothing bad and that is good. In fact, it’s just the opposite. By connecting these aspects, there are two warring sides. Therefore, I can predict that the third season will be more likely to be political or someone’s notion, wrapped with intense action.

Overall, I don’t think the second season is much more interesting for fans because it’s come back that many people prefer My Hero Academia. This series can be fairly good for you who just enjoy the action everywhere, like shounen. However, both seasons experienced much decline. Nothing special and not overly overhyped. It’s decent, the story is more hanging and made curiously. Fortunately, the anime is not playing with us and take this seriously because the third season will soon appear in next season. So, I still haven’t read the manga. But overall, it’s medium and mediocre look.


Anime – Attack On Titan [REVIEW] – The Man-eating Abominations

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,49/10
Genre: Action, Military, Mystery, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studios: Wit Studio
Author: Hajime Isayama
Seiyuu: Yui Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Marina Inoue

In addition to My Hero Academia’s third season while it’s running, Attack On Titan will also not miss. The third season that will be aired this year’s summer became an anime that one of the most anticipated, especially out there. Attack On Titan is the same as My Hero Academia. I’ve watched this anime before college and had time to recap this anime for a moment. Although some people think this anime is the most “overrated” series ever, the fact is just like that if for myself. But, this series is also what I enjoy because this series is actually not too overhyped but failed like the Sword Art Online series. Attack On Titan is one of the best anime ever made during this decade because of the rapid development of this series to be a trademark in an anime industry.


“Attack On Titan,” tells about a mankind being cornered by a creatures called titans, causing humans to build a wall and protect them. What makes these giants more dreadful is the sense when they eat humans not because of hunger but for no apparent reason. In order to keep mankind afloat, they build a defense like barriers that survive 100 years without any titan attacking. However, that peace makes a colossal titan destroy the outer walls until the number of titans enters. This makes Eren Yeager join a Survey Corps, a military unit that keeps the chaos going on outside the walls. Attack On Titan tells of Eren along with his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and his childhood friend Armin Arlert, whose together enter into the unit to fight the titan before they eat mankind.

AOT 01

Attack On Titan presents us a story far from beyond of 100 years. One of the things I’m amazed about this is the technology that some have started to be sophisticated and already in there beyond. But, this is Attack On Titan. Humanity in that year lived in a wall divided into 3 even titan can’t knock it down. There are Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. These walls also represent their districts where the outer walls are “low,” the walls of the two is “workers” or something like that, and the deepest or third wall of the government and its “wealthy” people. So, this is more like a satire in real life. The first episode of this anime has presented us just how epic and dynamic this anime is. It’s like a rollercoaster that has gone faster first, suddenly walked slowly, and the action that’s more intense make this rollercoaster speed so fast that cannot be stopped. We will be introduced by Eren Yeager, someone who has just seen his mother eaten by a titan in front of him and becomes a nightmare until a huge revenge for himself. Same as Mikasa Ackerman, a support character for the main character who will play a lot in her own role. The first impression of watching this anime presented many plots of holes that will have to be patient to wait for the answer. The art and the animation is really great suspense and masterpiece. Wit studio shows their drawing skills with stunning results. I mean, I rarely get an anime that combining 2D as well as 3D at the same time. Even though I got it, I thought some were weird so it’s better to be 2D. But, not for Attack On Titan. The visual is made in detail with dark saturation colors leaving a gloomy impression on this anime. Some of the visuals sometimes present a bright saturation in order to describe the calm atmosphere in some of the scenes. Then, sometimes a jump cut happens here where the quiet atmosphere becomes gloomy. The choreography is also described in great detail and anxiety, especially in the action scene. The cinematography is good at taking angle cameras so we’ve never seen this before. This is also strengthened in the visual aspect at the time of opening but this is also a minor problem because the opening shows more spoiler as well as Tokyo Ghoul.

AOT 02

The music is really damn good. Linked Horizon takes part in the first opening as well as both. The songs combine two different languages such as Japanese and German. However, the music is still tingling in the head. The swiftly played tune, the lyrics of a soldier and a passionate song became a song that is also overrated to this day. “Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai” by Yoko Hikasa is actually good although my mind is pretty dim. Same as the “great escape” by Cinema Staff. Yui Ishikawa as a Mikasa Ackerman is really cool with her cool voice for female characters. Similar to Violet Evergarden with the same character but there’s a little improvisation that makes a cool character and sympathy. Yuki Kaji as an Eren Yeager I think I don’t see the privilege and different from other characters that he fills the voice. Marina Inoue as an Armin Arlert is a bit weird because of her male character but it’s really fit with that. Hiroshi Kamiya as a Levi is really damn great. I mean, it’s a gem. His characteristics that I’ve seen so much more than any other character is really cool here. In fact, his character really fits his seiyuu. For others, there is nothing I can value anymore even though I think everything is good.

AOT 03


The character is the same as shounen anime in general. But, there’s something different because it’s not like a shounen anime that I know. In Attack On Titan, all of the characters are told up and backed with powerful storytelling with only 25 episodes are enough. This is about a friendship, rival, betrayal, pains, dark backstory, depression, and many more. They’re all diverse and have different attributes. The role is also played as nicely as possible whether it’s main or supporting characters. There are Eren who have stubborn personality, Mikasa who’s cool but great, Armin with his intelligence but always depression, Levi who’s cool and overpowered, Sasha who often eats potatoes, Annie that always lonely, Hange who love to research a titan, Jean who considers Eren as his rival just because of jealousy with Mikasa, and many more. The part I like is also the recruitment of expedition soldiers arc who make me intense but emotional in it. This scene is also not all characters will go inside but later will be told separately. I think this is not stereotypical in shounen anime because it’s logic that they used. This anime also sometimes has memorable moments and precious in it. There is emotional, drama, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, action everywhere, blood, gore, and much more. Sometimes, these scenes depress us in some views because the author also doesn’t hesitate to kill a good character that has a big or small role. But, this is I like about this anime. Unlike other shounenAttack On Titan has shown its gloom early in the episode.

Overall, Attack On Titan is one of the overrated anime, I admit. But, it’s really good by the way though I’m not into the genre. Sometimes, despite spoilers, I usually just enjoy the action rather than the stories that I already know. The overall aspects are excellent. Established a story about humanity far away 100 years ago, a fantasy where titan and man wage war. The animation is really appreciated for combining 2D and 3D very well and very intense choreography that made severely by the studio. The theme song is really good because it’s Linked Horizon. The diverse characters make this anime even better and give a good story of each character, although there are several plots of holes. If you haven’t watch it, just watch from now on if you have time because this anime is getting away from its popularity even the third season will be aired in next season.

Get Wreck


Day 10 of 30 Day Anime Challenge. I don’t know what to say first but it’s time to discuss our topic this time titled, “Favorite Fighter Anime.”

Anime fighting is very cool to watch. Moreover, among men who love the anime action. Anime action is very much, call it mainstream anime such as Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and the most important is Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. Among that anime, all people definitely know that anime. For some reason, I really like this kind of genre but I just don’t really like the anime like that. The anime that I watch isn’t much different from the others. Call it, “Durarara!!”


“Durarara!!” Set in Tokyo’s downtown, Ikebukuro district. The city has its own uniqueness including rumors and warnings about anonymous gangs, and the most commonly encountered urban legend is “Black Rider,” a rider driving a jet black headless motorcycle around a city street.

Mikado Ryuugamine is always amazed by the beauty and life of that city. He was invited by his childhood friend to move to Tokyo. On his first day, he hopes to see the Black Rider. His request was granted on his first day. However, many interesting events that aren’t inferior to the Black Rider. Like the city residents who look ordinary itself, colorful of Ikebukuro, and unique people that he met.

I really like this anime because of the background story, the character traits are introduced in detail, and the visuals are very good. The plot is unlike other anime that using a nonlinear and character recognition is also introduced in their respective viewpoints.

Of all the characters that exist in this anime, Heiwajima Shizuo is a fighter (Maybe he isn’t exactly a fighter). From his childhood, he has got the power that can lift any object and throw it away. He’s emotional but always beat his enemy with just one punch. Shizuo has a rival named Orihara Izaya. When meeting, Shizuo and Orihara always fight. Shizuo also has a very caring person with his friends, especially with Ryuugamine. Since Shizuo is the strongest member in Dollars, Shizuo always helps the problems who facing Ryuugamine.

Okay, we have to end it this time. Indeed many other fighter anime that I like. But, if Durarara!! May not be exactly anime action. Although this anime many getting hated, I really like this anime.