Anime – Pop Team Epic [REVIEW] – A Real Anime

You can not stop the satirical duo of badass.


Anime – K-ON! Season 2 [REVIEW] – After School Tea Time

"To the me back then, you don’t need to worry. You’ll soon find something you can do, something you can set your heart on." - Yui Hirasawa

Anime – In Another World With My Smartphone [REVIEW] – The Secrets Of The New World

"Of course, if you lose interest in me during that time, you're welcome to cast me aside." - Touya Mochizuki

Anime – My Hero Academia 2 [REVIEW] – The Path To Glory Is Never Easy

"Heroes and villains both thrive on violence, but we're still categorized. "You're good." "You're evil." That's how it is!! Symbol of peace? Hah!! In the end you're just a tool for violence, made to keep us down! And violence only breeds more violence." - Shigaraki Tomura