Movie – Heat [REVIEW] – A Los Angeles Crime Saga

IMDB Rating: 8,2/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Michael Mann
Writer: Michael Mann
Stars: Al PacinoRobert De NiroVal Kilmer

Heat is a heist drama movie directed by Michael Mann who also directed The Insider, Miami Vice, Collateral, and The Last Of The Mohicans. This film is also a remake of L.A. Takedown that’s also directed by Michael Mann and is an adaptation of the TV movie. After I read some reviews about this movie, Heat can be said as the best heist movie ever. Even this was more than my expectation. Some heist films which always focus on the point always contain excessive themes and seem unlikely. Heat uses two styles of realistic and modern. The final shootout scene in this movie also seemed realistic, simple, and normal to happen in the reality. The background that’s used also feels modern for the film which made in 1995. Moreover, with the action of these two best actors of all time, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro, we don’t need to be underestimated again. This film was also their second movie after The Godfather: Part II where they played in the same movie but never shared a screen. This movie is the real proof that this is an actual action movie. Nothing exaggerated, a great cast, realistic sound editing, and the background that looks modern.

“Heat,” tells about Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his professional criminal crew trying to hunt for a lot of money and ending up with a pursuit from Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) and his team of cops in a robbery police division. This work put Vincent into a trail as they tried to get and work together to capture Neil’s group. Neil and Vincent are two people who have a similar life to their personal lives. Neil is a person who holds the principle by his mentor where he says, ‘Never have anything in your life that you can not walk out on in thirty seconds flat if you spot the heat coming around the corner.’ However, he came out of his character and fell in love with someone. This is a cat and mouse chase whose connects their personal lives.

Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore in Heat (1995)

Heat took a mediocre theme of shooting in the streets, bank robberies, good guy against bad guy, and clichés in the heist movie in general. Although like that, Heat is a different film from the heist movie in general. The main thing that can answer why this film is said like that because of the actors. From the trailer, the film shows the two actors competing in one film on a screen. What I mean here is the coffee scene where the two actors are the first time to compete acting after The Godfather: Part II. If you want to assess how the performance of these two actors, I think it no longer needs to worry about because both actors are performing with the best performance. Al Pacino plays his character as a policeman with a character that contradicts his job. Two times divorced until life with his third wife that becomes a mess, he is someone who’s too obsessive about his work so he doesn’t really care about the people around him. By the way, Natalie Portman also plays in this film as Lauren Gustafson who became the son of Lt. Vincent Hanna. On the other hand, Robert De Niro plays his character as a villain with his cleverness that can make the police drive insane. He has a calm personality, doesn’t talk too much, and prefers to take an action as soon as possible. However, he is concerned with his friend including Chris Shiherlis played by Val Kilmer. Of these two characters, it’s this contradiction that makes the film so good. The bad guy who doesn’t like the bad guy and vice versa. Val Kilmer doesn’t really dominate in here and I think he’s so hard to get into the middle of these two actors. Another cast like Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Diane Venora, Amy Brenneman, Ashley Judd, and friends seems good and no one deficient.

Robert De Niro in Heat (1995)

As I said, this movie is a contradiction between characters. Two main characters is a protagonist that focuses on a subject, woman. With the chaotic life of both of them, I think this movie sometimes displays some sad scenes because considering Heat is also a drama. Despite that, Heat is not solely focused on the aspect. But is Heat just as good as the big cast, not the story? Heat isn’t completely overdoing some action scene. Simply, not too many action scenes here. The first impression is just the recognition of character with various problems, the process of chase between the two side, and the whole is only dominated by conversation. People who still lay with films like this and just looking for the action alone may not be in accordance with their expectations and will find that this movie’s boring. One of the most memorable when watching this movie is the final shootout bank heist scene that exceeded my exploits. The first thing that immediately flashed through my head was a heist video game called PAYDAY 2 and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Not to mention, Christopher Nolan himself is also inspired by this scene where he uses this scene as the opening scene of The Dark Knight. Speaking of the final shootout, this scene is one of the most real scenes ever in the movie. The editing sounds are almost similar to the sounds of real weapons, the cinematographic techniques of the splendid by Dante Spinotti, and the performance of all real performance when using weapons. The actors in this movie are also trained using weapons before shooting the movie. I also wonder why this film didn’t win even nominated at all in Oscar. In fact, this film deserves to get an Oscar award in the category of Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing. By the way, don’t forget the ending that’s also pretty twisty and hard to figure out so the storyline of the two main characters will meet on something that cannot be speculated.

Overall, Heat is one of the best heist movies ever. The duration that presented is almost three hours. Not to mention, this film is more dominant in conversation rather than the action. So, this movie can be a bit boring than you think but the action will make you lose your boredom. For me, there are so many memorable scenes in this movie one of the coffee scene, the final shootout scene, the suspenseful ending scene, to the chase scenes of the two best actors which all I think are memorable. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are two of the best actors who perform their best performances in this film and together compete. The other cast is also like that with sound editing that is pretty realistic, I think this is one of the realistic movies I’ve ever watched. An experience in watching action films only exist on Heat.



Movie – Chappie [REVIEW] – Futuristik As Fok

IMDB Rating: 6,8/10
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Writer: Terri Tatchell
Stars: Sharlto CopleyDev PatelHugh Jackman

What if a sci-fi movie mixes up with an emotional drama like yourself want to be in there and hug it? Well, you got this movie directed by Neill Blomkamp known as District 9 and Elysium. You know, these 3 movies include Chappie belong to the same genre, have a pattern story about humanity, and there is a sympathetic character in it, except District 9 because I haven’t enough watch it. Yeah, these three movies do have the same genre of sci-fi and tell about humanity. But, Chappie doesn’t entirely work behind it. The film is like a story of sympathy from a robot because the Artifical Intelligence is equivalent to humans. You know, it’s familiar with Ex Machina, right? But, Chappie mixed up a story of emotional drama and sci-fi but failed to establish the characters. No surprise if this movie has a lot of negative reviews. As you know, I always take the positives aspect even though I see the ratings of movies or anything else are very low even in drop and contempt. Chappie does present us an equivalent premise of the two films but ultimately fails because that’s not what the director and writer want to convey.

“Chappie,” tells about a city in Johannesburg. The police department reduced the crime rate by using a robot from the Tetravaal company, designed by an engineer Deon Wilson (Dev Patel). A former military Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman) is so envied to Deon since he also designed another project called Moose but Tetravaal and police department are not interested in the project. Deon also managed to develop an Artificial Intelligence but the CEO of Tetravaal’s Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver) told him to cancel it. Deon chose to bring the damaged Robot 22 after a test of A.I. However, he was kidnapped by a criminals Ninja (Ninja), Yo-Landi (Yo-Landi Visser), and Yankie (Jose Pablo Cantillo) where they wanted to stop robot cops. When they see a broken robot inside the van, they force Deon to program it in order to rob a bank and call him Chappie (Sharlto Copley). But Chappie acts like a child and needs training like a baby. On the other hand, Vincent follows Deon and plans to stop them from activating his robot.

Sharlto Copley and Yo-Landi Visser in Chappie (2015)

The premise of this film is cliche and cheap. Honestly, I swear I don’t want. But, this is more like a story about a drama family but it’s pounded with action as well as a dark sci-fi background. Neil Blomkamp seems to want to show us a background about how real life is. The story is like I want to enter into a warm of them but a hard life that I don’t want too. It’s escalated quickly. The opening scene opens with a movie summary, what happens, where it is, and how it can happen. Some of the footage also shows the same cinematography style as used in District 9, even if only for a second. The rest, not like that until the end of the movie. The first time I watched this movie, I feel sympathized towards all of the characters even two gangsters who kidnapped the protagonist and antagonist. This movie doesn’t resemble to produce anything if I watch it twice. The plot is just like that, no changes and no improvements. Everything just stays where it never moves. The antagonist movement is also cliche and easy to suppose. The bad guy loses and the good guy wins. But, it’s kinda familiar with Elysium especially the ending where I also feel sympathy with all of the characters especially the main character who has a purpose, holds the hope that everyone wants, and in the end, he is gone. In short, it’s a happy ending that feels like a bad ending. It’s really weird. But, not with Chappie. I feel Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman are the two actors who starred in this movie. But, they don’t get a part like the starring actor in general. In fact, Neill Blomkamp focuses more on the role of Ninja and Yo-Landi played by themselves. I mean, they are Die Antwoord, a hip-hop group that some of their songs it’s okay but catchy. However, this is the worst. Why should they? Their acting is also okay, average. But I don’t care because Chappie makes everything so warm. Oh, man.

Hugh Jackman in Chappie (2015)

For the actor, Sharlto Copley it’s the best. He managed to portray a person that I also wanted to hug him. His Chappie character is really more sympathetic than all of the characters so I’m got impressed with his character. The character of a baby who tries to learn how the world it works, until he is in the wrong way so that his creators come to make him aware, it’s great and touching. Chappie is the sweetest and warmest character I’ve ever seen. Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman it’s great too but not as Sharlto Copley. Both of them actually have performed well in this movie but their role is too small and more narrated. Hugh Jackman managed to illustrate how the antagonist character cliche has ever existed. Dev Patel I think is just nice but not interesting. As I said, Ninja and Yo-Landi are okay. Not good and not bad but annoying as frick. I’m sorry but they’re the ones who have to star in this movie because of their roles. It should not credit the star at the beginning of the film but not too show its existence. The story also goes so slowly, slowly, and slowly but heartwarming. Then, immediately turn into action, action, and action until the emotional and dark ending.

Overall, Chappie is not really a sci-fi movie about humanity but this is a dramatic story which filled with everything that happens. Sometimes funny, swept, and annoying at the same time. Even so, there are a lot of lapses that exist such as a cut that comes from nowhere, the main character that is missing from next shot and come from nowhere, and a factory that has no security guard even it’s so easy to penetrate and hack. I think is enough to say but there’s always something good about the aspect. Chappie has a moral message that is clear on pulling out especially if this is purely a drama, maybe this movie will be suitably by the family. Don’t listen to the critics who just look for the flaw of this movie but didn’t mention the good aspect. Just watch it and you’ll know what it’s like. Except, if I also mention some lack too.


Movie – Prisoners [REVIEW] – Every Moment Matters

IMDB Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Writer: Aaron Guzikowski
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis

Denis Villeneuve always presents a bafflement in his movies. For example, as I’ve seen such as Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival. Prisoners is a film that’s made on by him as well. This Canadian director finally made a movie that I can say a movie with a labyrinth and most confusing puzzle that makes the audience drive crazy. In this movie too, Denis brings his actors such as Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. We all certainly know who is Hugh Jackman, the actor who becomes the Wolverine in the X-Men franchise and Logan. Recently, he also played in a biography film called The Greatest Showman who earned an Oscar nomination this year for the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song) category. In this film, Prisoners was nominated for Oscar as the Best Achievement in Cinematography. With the wonderful cinematographic by Roger Deakins, Prisoners became a puzzle movie from inception to surface.

“Prisoners,” tells about Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), his wife Grace Dover (Maria Bello), and his teenage son Ralph Dover (Dylan Minnette) and daughter Anna Dover (Erin Gerasimovich) goes to his neighbor Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard), his wife Nancy Birch (Viola Davis), his teenage Eliza Birch (Zoë Soul) and his daughter Joy Birch (Kyla-Drew) together celebrated the day in a lunch party. Anna and Joy want to go play outside and Ralph looks after them. These kids play near an ROV and Ralph takes them home. Later, Anna asks her father to go to his house with Joy to go pick up an emergency whistle and Keller tells her to go with Ralph or Eliza. However, the whole family realized that the children went alone and then vanished without a trace. They finally decided to call the police department and Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) will handle the case. Initially, Detective Loki found someone who was Alex Jones (Paul Dano) became suspected because he was the one who brought the ROV. Later, they find out that Alex is someone who has an IQ like a 10-year-old boy. When he came out with his aunt Holly Jones (Melissa Leo), Keller immediately pushed him from behind. Keller demanded that Alex must be in jail during the investigation but Loki could not help it. When Detective Loki undertook the investigation, Keller decided to kidnap Alex for torture. A case that can’t be mistaken for who’s wrong and who’s right will be an endless maze.

Paul Dano and Melissa Leo in Prisoners (2013)

Denis Villeneuve always brings us a movie with full of intense. Blade Runner 2049 is proof of why this movie received an Oscar award for the Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects categories this year. So likewise with Arrival, won the Oscar award in the category of Best Achievement in Sound Editing in 2017. Both of these movies have the intrinsic side altogether, the story that makes us want to solve the cases that exist in both films and later all, these expectations and intense will arrangements which the audience didn’t expect that. In Prisoners, the premise that presented in this movie is very simple. Kidnapping and captivity are two sentences as well as mystery film that have the same issue. Though this movie goes linearly without anything that preventing it with a flashback, Prisoners is not that easy to understand the way the story goes. The audience will always question “Who’s the kidnapper?” as we watch it, we will be invited into a labyrinth with full of puzzles to explore. In this film, Hugh Jackman and Jack Gyllenhaal battle for acting. The plot of the film will always be shown alternately from these two people, sometimes they are together, and sometimes individually even though they have the same aim of solving the case. However, they both have the uniqueness in bringing out this investigation. Keller Dover is a religiously portrayed character. You can see him that he always praying and saying the Bible verses when he is in a depression. Particularly, this character is strengthened again when he tortured Alex Jones. He just like a tormented character inside, not wanting to do that but being forced because he has been emotionally controlled by this case. On the other hand, Detective Loki is a calm character but sometimes rages in some scenes. He always showed us a mysterious, calm appearance, always astonished by the clue he always fought. However, this character is also augmented where he has promised to Keller that he will resolve the case as soon as possible. In the end, he’s a failure person, a guilty, and as taking responsibility for the case. Both of these characters have their pros and cons. They don’t trust each other and have the same goal, but have their own way to solve them.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners (2013)

In addition to these two characters, this movie also takes a lot of different perceptions when you watch this movie. We as an audience are also difficult to identify which one is right and which one is wrong. Therefore, the atmosphere that built in this movie doesn’t make us fall asleep and is so good thanks to Roger Deakins who always well-develop as unique ways. Although is like that, I don’t like the transitions that always seem suddenly as if the atmosphere of it’s intense has improved but it’s fall and gaping from what will happens next. Some of the ones I always notice from Roger Deakins and Denis Villeneuve, they always show us the sign of the cross and a tree that describes the tree of life. Maybe, Denis Villeneuve wants to convey some message where’s not everyone is always fixated on faith. Some of the ones I saw were also the tattoos of Detective Loki, Keller who always prayed to God, and some of the other characters. The first clue that collected at the beginning is a twig the beginning of the outside scene is shown close up in a tree, and there are much more that relate to both. Some of what I estimated to be a disappointment is when the scoundrel has been found. I will not spoiler here but, maybe I’m just expecting a plot-twist or something. However, this scene seems not to be made like the mystery movies in general. I don’t feel like “Turns out, he’s been a culprit all along!” or things that made me not suspect it so I suppose this movie is a bit predictable. However, I prefer to enjoy the labyrinth rather than the scene when the culprit has been found. I also love the 30 seconds to the ambiguity ending. This scene shows the gesture and face of closes up of Jack Gyllenhaal that full of meaning but without any dialogue, we still didn’t know what happens next.

Hugh Jackman in Prisoners (2013)

Jack Gyllenhaal is the best in this movie. Compared to Hugh Jackman, Jack Gyllenhaal is the best of all. He plays his character with a stinging, cool, calm expression, a gimmick that looks cocky outward but so restless inside. Jack Gyllenhaal is an actor who takes all the spotlight here than Hugh Jackman. Despite that, I also prefer Hugh Jackman who plays in movies like this than he plays as Wolverine. His gimmick and his gesture are very different than watching X-Men or The Wolverine movies. He’s acting is so well, so obvious, so emotional, full of desperate and well-development. The character that looks tortured outside and inside is the Hugh Jackman I like. However, Jack Gyllenhaal is the best if facing acting with Hugh Jackman. Besides the two of them, Viola Davis also played well in this movie. But, she’s not as I think when compared to her when playing as Rose Maxson in Fences. Paul Dano also has a very cool and mysterious gesture in this movie. Although with a little dialogue, he managed to portray a character who has a low IQ in this film. Maria Bello and Terrence Howard have also played well in this movie. Prisoners seem to have a well-cast and great acting across the actors and the actresses.

Overall, Prisoners is a movie that will drive you crazy. This film is full of thrilling and intense of all the Denis Villeneuve films he’s ever made. Although the premise seems very simple, the stories and scripts written by Aaron Guzikowski seem well-written. With the help of Roger Deakins, he showed such a beautiful cinematography. Jack Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman battle acting in this film. Their characters are really good and well-development. The entire actor and actress have also played well in this movie. However, Prisoners is a film that invites its audiences to enter into the enigmatic and endless labyrinth so that in the end, some of the questions that arise are still unanswered.

Movie – Gone Girl [REVIEW] – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’til It’s…

IMDB Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: David Fincher
Writer: Gillian Flynn
Stars: Ben AffleckRosamund PikeNeil Patrick Harris

Warning, this review contains spoiler!

Gone Girl is a film directed by David Fincher. You certainly know who’s David Fincher because the typical style of his films always has memorable noir nuances, especially for this film too. Gone Girl is one example of a thriller movie that brings back the noir nuances in this modern age. This movie is an adaptation of the novel entitled same by Gillian Flynn. I already know how the result is if directed by David Fincher. His films always have a distinct impression from the music that he uses, the setting nuances he describes, in his cinematography how he defines the gloomy atmosphere. David Fincher’s films I’ve watched and reviewed ’till now are Fight Club, Se7en, and The Social Network. Gone Girl is the fourth movie I will review this time.

“Gone Girl,” tells about Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) on their fifth wedding anniversary. On that day, Amy Dunne revealed gone. Under the control of a detective and the media who always dropped him, Nick was described as a man who killed his wife even though he didn’t know anything about it. His calm personality like a braggart bring herself to everyone who has the same question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?

Ben Affleck, Lisa Banes, and David Clennon in Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl brings some of its actors who I think, almost suffocated like Ben Affleck, although his career as Batman in Justice League and Batman v Superman is rising his name back. Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry also starred in this film. I’ve known this movie because David Fincher himself, read all of the reviews and some opinions about the people who’ve watched, and recommended by my friend too. If from the audience’s outlook, I think they say the same points about the ending that they think is anti-climactic. In fact, it’s like that. Gone Girl itself has also received many positive reviews from critics at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb itself also has a high rating. But, what makes Gone Girl a movie with such a rating that so high? The opening scene is so depressing, typical of David Fincher himself. With the distinctive cinematography, he describes a dark city as if it were like a haunted city. The music was also composed as darkly and quietly as possible by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Gone Girl presumably uses the hallmark of David Fincher himself as nonlinear, although some of his films didn’t use the same thing. The plot story will often change back and forth during watching this movie. The story sessions will be divided according to the two scenes such as Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne. From Nick Dunne’s viewpoint, he tells that his wife as a very introverted person, blogger, and has no friends at all whereas according to Amy Dunne, she describes her husband as a lazy, rude person, and only makes herself a sexual encounter. From this two perspectives, there will be pros and cons that who are the villains in this movie. When the beginning of the film, the audience will surely know that Nick Dunne must be the person who killed his wife and the story will bring the resentment of his audience as possible. However, the story will change according to Amy’s perspective how this case is started and the audience will soon find out. From here, David Fincher instantly brings up the plot-twist even though is half the duration of this movie runs away and hasn’t been into climax at all. In this viewpoint, Amy turns out to manipulate her murder, her loss, and the whole thing that happen in this movie. In essence, Amy has manipulated the people around her including her audience. I was also immediately confused why David Fincher immediately upped the punchline in the middle of the movie. But, there is more to be discussed.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl (2014)

After these two points of view are told, these two characters will solve each problem. Nick with his problem of how he can get his name back and Amy with the problem of how she wants to build her plan back. If you are so curious, maybe I suggest you to watching the movie itself because this is still nearly story. In this film, Gillian Flynn may want to describe how the real woman and man figure, according to her. This film describes the women figure if according to Gillian Flynn, don’t judge the book by its cover. Although’s pretty, Amy is a psychopath that haunt her husband and Nick is an innocent but is abandoned by many people. I think there is a hidden message that Gillian Flynn wants to convey about how we estimate each other, especially by its gender and emancipation. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are actors who smashed into each other in this film. Ben Affleck pulled out everything in this movie. He describes his character as a sociopath, according to the people in this film. His character is so awakened in such a way from a person who doesn’t care and looks calm to a character that looks restless so we as an audience sometimes also sympathize with this character, although there are some that I feel annoying as well. Rosamund Pike is also like that. The character that she built was a double-faced person, a psychopath who was able to manipulate the people around her including her husband. David Fincher also put in Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry, I think he’s so awesome and brilliant in this movie. Although he’s only a support character, he can maximize everything. Neil Patrick Harris is such a way. However, he seems unsuitable for a movie like this even though he gets a small portion in this movie. According to Gillian Flynn, maybe she also wants to tell us about a reality from the media. Media that always strike innocent people and can manipulate their readers. I think, she also wants to convey this message so that we can know how the media is so hard to believe that hoaxes are scattered everywhere. I don’t recommend this movie to you who are not yet 18 years old because there are so many explicit scenes everywhere considering this movie is also a bit violent.

Overall, Gone Girl is an example of a movie that redefines the modern noir element. David Fincher with his cinematography and the distinctive nuance has managed to make Gone Girl like a movie with a dark and gloomy felt just like all of his movies. With a story that can manipulate his audience, Ben Affleck returns with his sociopath character and Rosamund Pike with his psychopath character. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris have also played well here. This is a movie that people really need to watch, considering this movie can also make some of the audience will get dozy and will regret its anti-climactic ending. But, this movie is very good for you who haven’t watch it.

Movie – The Hateful Eight [REVIEW] – No One Comes Up Here Without A Damn Good Reason

IMDB Rating: 7,8/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Samuel L. JacksonKurt RussellJennifer Jason Leigh

Quentin Tarantino‘s movies are a brand. A non-linear plot, the punchline dialogues, the memorable characters, and bring an influential culture inside. This is also done in this movie, The Hateful Eight. A movie that also makes me very memorable of the story, the characters, until the existing dialogues. Supported by music that composed by Ennio Morricone, the composer, who loves to create a western spaghetti movies like all of Sergio Leone’s movies, other western movies, this film brings out a unique sensation despite the duration of the film’s three hours. However, this film is not a spaghetti western like the one made by Sergio Leone. In this film, the western culture is made as strong as possible by Quentin Tarantino so that puts a western world that made by himself. This is not a type of movie that is full of action every minute, but this movie will also sometimes make you not feel at rest when you watch it let alone the duration of is too long.

“The Hateful Eight,” set in an event after the civil war. A stagecoach that runs in the amid of snow in Wyoming with John Ruth (Kurt Russell), a bounty hunter with his fugitive, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) hurries to go to a town called Red Rock. Along the way, they met a famous bounty hunter, Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) with someone who considers himself the new sheriff in Red Rock, Sheriff Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). Being stuck in a storm with extreme colds, they ended up staying at the inn in Minnie’s Haberdashery. When they arrived at the inn, they were greeted unexpectedly by an unknown person. Bob (Demián Bichir) claimed to keep this inn when Minnie was gone, Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth) the hangman of Red Rock, Joe Gage (Michael Madsen) the cowpuncher, and General Sandy Smithers (Bruce Dern). Waiting for the storm to stop, these eight people who didn’t know each other at all try to realize that they will not be able to arrive at their destination.


The Hateful Eight is a movie that I can say is so magnificent. The typical element that Quentin Tarantino brought is still there. The punchline dialogues are distinctively unique, the dark comedy that still exists in the previous films, the sincere western culture in it, and the non-linear plot. Everything is very felt one and still there for the movie that made by Quentin Tarantino. The plot is a bit simple and certainly, this is a movie that is not your type because 80% is the most part in one location and is just a talking movie in general. Most use of the background is also inside the stagecoach. However, the plot is sometimes tricky to guess because we don’t know what will happen next. Quentin Tarantino also slip a little plot-twist that sometimes we also we can’t guess it as well as his films. If I compare with this movie, it might feel the same as Reservoir Dogs, the best crime movie according to the critics as well as the debut film of Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs are mostly using a place that only focuses on the warehouse and all of its characters will suspect each other than who’s the villains in this movie. The Hateful Eight is also like that. You will be taken to a cabin with these eight men to suspect each other. Who is the villain and who will start it. There is also a small part of the action scene in it and of course, it will be a bit gore and ultraviolent version of Quentin Tarantino. The dialogues that exist sometimes only focus on politics and racism, sometimes is random so that I also don’t feel bored with the dialogues. I also don’t hesitate if this movie is out of nowhere with N’ words that slip too much every line. So, maybe this is pretty a little racist but this part is what the director himself wants to convey.


Ennio Morricone, the composer, also scored Sergio Leone’s movies. He always makes a music that is very dense and the feeling’s just like we are in it. The film also describes it like that, it seems to us as the audience exists in the movie who doesn’t participate in the dialogue at all but we are like to be in. The cinematography is also so brilliant for the movie that uses only one place. Robert Richardson is so natural with how the next camera takes and moves. He executes all of the corners of the cabin space, each character is shown thoroughly, and the viewing angle he uses is also great. Therefore, he was impressed to build a tense atmosphere in the room. The movie feels very strong inside but, Quentin Tarantino slips something that I think is just reduces the atmosphere. Although Ennio Morricone composes the music in this movie, I think there should be no soundtracks besides Ennio Morricone. For example, “Apple Blossom” by The White Stripes is implanted in the scene of the stagecoach with Daisy Domergue close up face. Honestly, I really like The White Stripes but, putting his song in this movie is something a mistake that it all goes away. Despite that, I also like the scene where Daisy Domergue plays an acoustic guitar with a folk song entitled “Jim Jones at Botany Bay.” For this song, I think it doesn’t plunder the mood of the movie.


The actors that used by Quentin Tarantino also feel so fit and no one can replace them at all. Samuel L. Jackson, a favorite actor of Quentin Tarantino once again shows his intrepidity in this movie. His character is so funny, dark, and the dialog he uses is always the punchline. The part I like best about this character is when he tells his past before being in the cabin even though I will not spoiler here. Kurt Russell also presents his character as full of badass, likable, and most memorable of all the characters that exist. Jennifer Jason Leigh, I think she plays a somewhat quite rogue and masochistic character but she draws his full of nature in this movie. Walton Goggins with his character that has its own faith is also developed in such a way that this character also becomes memorable in this movie. Tim Roth also performs in this film and the favorite actor of Quentin Tarantino on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Demián Bichir, Michael Madsen, James Parks are the real badass too though is notable. However, I don’t understand at all the character that performed by James Parks. I think he is not a character that matches the title of the movie because this movie tells eight people with their particular anger. I do not see the hatred for this character or is Channing Tatum the Quentin Tarantino mean? I don’t understand. The plot of the movie is divided into several chapters and is quite a bit non-linear. This movie will tell the plot with the flow that back and forth before will be met in one film. However, the narrative that created and reading by Quentin Tarantino also somehow appears in nowhere that it becomes to drop the mood of this movie. From some of the reviews I’ve read on the internet, almost all fans of Quentin Tarantino really hate this movie. I’m not a hardcore fan of Quentin Tarantino but, most of his fans say the same points that are not very ultraviolent, there is only speaking scene and is exaggerating. For me, I’m not too concerned about it but some of the things I mentioned are also a lacking. So, on the whole, this movie is the best as long as I’ve watched other Quentin Tarantino movies.

Overall, The Hateful Eight is not a movie you want to enjoy like the movies that directed by Sergio Leone who bring western elements that are so felt but this is a movie with western version of Quentin Tarantino because I admit, he is the one that can make a movie with the mystery that is always unpredictable. Three hours that I thought was very worthy when watching this movie until I also tried to guess who’s the villain in this movie, The Hateful Eight impressed like a western movie that is not western at all. Ennio Morricone built all the nuance with his music and the actors I felt is so fit that no one could replace them. Although I forgot to say that the ending of this movie is pretty ambiguous, I recommend this movie to you for those who like the movie with a twist in every scene or the dark comedy you want to watch.

Movie – American History X [REVIEW] – Violence As A Way Of Life

IMDB Rating: 8,1/10
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Tony Kaye
Writer: David McKenna
Stars: Edward NortonEdward FurlongBeverly D’Angelo

This review contain spoilers!

Racism is something that will always exist inside each of individual human being either directly or indirectly. A racist will not be defeated in human beings even if the government makes some rules about it, the racist will never disappear. In my opinion, the only way that these things would separate from each other’s human self is always positive thinking by the people around you and don’t be too fanatical with anything such as religion, color skin, or race. Speaking of racism, American History X is a movie that overall illustrates how racism is at a higher level. Initially, I’ve known about this movie a long time ago because the actor also starred by Edward Norton. However, I just watched it and this movie impersonates everything. Whatever is in American History X, don’t take seriously what you want to see in this movie because the level of racism is so high that I don’t recommend for those of you who are easy to be triggered or can’t think critically in inspecting the situation.

“American History X,” tells about a bald neo-nazi named Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) killing two black people who tried to steal his car. This killing was not done by the ordinary way but sadistic by Derek. Derek eventually served his sentence in prison for three more years. His brother named Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong) was originally a very innocent person but so admired his brother. He finally begins to follow in his brother’s path as a neo-nazi. After Derek stepped out of prison, for some reason he tried to protect his younger brother so that he could not go beyond to choose the path and not become like him who was maligned. The fact, Derek is a leader and founder of the neoclassical group of neo-nazi KKK in the 90s.

Edward Norton in American History X (1998)

American History X is a crime drama film that’s ready to dishevel the emotions of its audience. Although the movie’s shown explicitly with a lot of inappropriate words to indecent scenes, this movie is a result of how all of the elements are blended into one on the issue of a family of too much violence, make a friends with wrong people, there’s not something bad in life, and a melancholy story that is not so powerful as it’s. Derek Vinyard is a very racist character but born in an ordinary family while Danny Vinyard is a very innocent brother character but have a big trust and respecting his brother even though he knows his characteristics like that. From what you’ve seen, you can guess if this plot will be a melancholy story but not as dramatic as you think. The movie will be told in two parts, the first part tells a flashback of this story in black and white and the second part that tells the present time in color. So, the story is somewhat similar to Memento directed by Christopher Nolan even though these two movies have no similarity to the story at all. The narrative it’s practically simple. The premise, a brother who wants to save his younger brother who took the wrong path as himself. However, the characters in this movie are not exaggerated and all of them are told in alternating and continuous. We can’t recognize which one is antagonist and protagonist in this movie because all of that will take the role in turn.

Edward Furlong and Edward Norton in American History X (1998)

Edward Norton is an actor that I’ve seen so many films in it. Right now, I just watched David Fincher’s Fight Club, Gregory Hoblit’s Primal Fear, and this movie that directed by Tony Kaye. Of all the movies I’ve watched, his acting in Primal Fear is the best. He plays two different characters in this movie, causing a plot-twist that I didn’t think that far. If talking about Edward Norton in this movie, I think he shows everything that very emotionally. Starting from his acting that makes me a little annoying, his acting that built emotional, until his innocent face when his character changes to 90 degrees. Besides, is this just a coincidence that Edward Furlong who plays Danny Vinyard has the same name at the beginning of their name? Maybe the impression was deliberately made like this in order to cause a sense of kinship that somewhat becomes emotional. Edward Furlong, I think he illustrates his acting with a full of emotions classifying from his innocent character, to badass, to turn into a person that full of irritation inside him. The soundtrack in this movie is built in such a way that adds emotional sensation. It’s tense instantly turned into music with regret and sadness inside of audience. Tony Kaye also featured cinematography that more or less added a bit of close up between characters and slow motion at least. David McKenna, also I think he didn’t pay attention to detail because the premise of the story is rather simple but neatly executed by the director. Some flaws that I found in this movie is the story at the time when approaching the climax. We know that Derek is a character who initially led his friends and betray theirs for the philanthropists of his brother. But until the end of the story, these conflicts are immediately forgotten and their characters are instantly lost from the story. Speaking of climax, this movie is one of the most fucked up ending movies I’ve ever seen. So, do I have to say is bad or anti-climax because, after that, we don’t know the answer? However, American History X also managed to make me a little concerned about this movie.

Overall, American History X is a movie with a lot of moral messages in it. Although the story plot is fairly simple and there is a lot of explicit content, it makes me my self the most mischievous person in the world. Edward Norton and Edward Furlong show everything as if it looks very emotional inside. Speaking of moral messages, there are actually a lot of things to take from this movie and can also be a reflection of life because a racist person can change at any time after knowing whether his nature is better for everyone. This movie will make you guys feel guilty and this movie also again I don’t recommend for you who are easily butthurt or anything.

Movie – The Raid 2 [REVIEW] – It’s Not Over Yet

IMDB Rating: 8,0/10
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Gareth Evans
Writer: Gareth Evans
Stars: Iko UwaisYayan RuhianArifin Putra

Watching The Raid is like you holding your breath for one to two hours. The Raid 2 could be a trigger sequel to the actual action movie. I can just sit back and enjoy this movie, can’t say anything and just be astonished to see all the action in this movie. In the sequel to The Raid, Gareth Evans presents an action that remains the same as the previous film. It’s just that the filming location that is used in this movie’s not just one but there are many. In my opinion, I prefer the first film compared to the sequel because there are some opinions that I think is the lacking. However, people assume that the sequel is better than the prequel.

“The Raid 2,” tells about 2 hours after the incident in the first movie. Rama (Iko Uwais) was demanded by Bunawar (Cok Simbara) to become a spy in the Bangun family (Tio Pakusadewo) by approaching his son Uco (Arifin Putra). Rama is assigned to look for a proof related to Reza (Roy Marten) with the mafia chiefs who rule the city.

Alex Abbad and Cecep Arif Rahman in The Raid 2 Berandal (2014)

In this sequel, the first time I watch I didn’t know what really happened in this movie. In the first scene when the movie begins, we see the scene where Andi played by Donny Alamsyah executed by the mob boss. I was immediately surprised, why the characters that were in the prequel is just immediately removed like that. Although this character appears at the time when reaching the climax of the first film, in the sequel it’s removed just like that. Besides, why did the director use Yayan Ruhian again as a new character or is Mad Dog still alive in this sequel? Although I know Yayan Ruhian is playing a new character here, I immediately think ambiguously why is the situation is like this. However, The Raid 2 gives everything so that its audience can watch the scene of the fight that’s very powerful and also grasped inside. It could be said that the sequel is far more crazy and wild.

Iko Uwais and Cecep Arif Rahman in The Raid 2 Berandal (2014)

Gareth Evans is the director who always presents some of his shots that are very dark and rigid. In this movie, Gareth Evans changed everything in the first movie into a more dramatic atmosphere to tense. Although like that, it may also feel strange if in Indonesia there was snow. I immediately laugh so sarcastically in my heart why in the snow was existed in Indonesia. But this is just a movie. The Raid just needs everything in action rather than looking at it from the other side. Although the martial arts is still being presented in this movie, some scenes of the car chase also feel good filmed like Raiders Of The Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg. There are a lot of big differences from this movie compared with the first movie and of course, the action scenes that presented in here somehow it very felt nuance. The Raid 2 is one of the best martial arts movies ever seen even though I’ve been watching it, it’s so great.

Overall, The Raid series is one movie you should not miss for those who want to find real action movies. This film will be a trigger in the film industry in Indonesia because it’s very rarely some Indonesia films are very crazy like this. Gareth Evans is a director who always displays all aspects and always pays attention to all the shortcomings. The Raid cannot be missed for you guys.