This is not anime, this is a manga. The anime itself came out in 2015 entitled “Hori-san to Miyamura-kun.” But, the animation itself only get 3 episodes of OVA. The manga itself has also been out in 2011 and still ongoing.

“Horimiya,” tells about Kyouko Hori who hide his other side. His parents always went to work so Hori had to take care of her younger brother and always do some homework. Because of her busy, Hori never hangs out with her friends. Meanwhile, Izumi Miyamura is a student wearing glasses and an otaku. Events like that, he is someone who doesn’t like studying, hide his 9 earrings behind his hair and tattoos on the back and on his shoulder. After Hori and Miyamura meet outside the school, they share and keep each other secrets in front of their friends in school.

After reading some chapters, I didn’t discover some uniqueness of this manga. Just a romance and keep hiding each secret. There is no uniqueness for myself. But, what can we do about it? Rating never gets you deceived. In MyAnimeList, the manga rating is almost perfect. The rating is 8.62. I just don’t want to judge this comic because I didn’t read the whole thing. Maybe, I’ll immediately change my mind after reading.


Is It Wrong To Have A ‘Waifu’?


Hey, back again with me. This time, we will discuss something very special among anime fans and that is “waifu.” So, our topic this time is, “Your Anime Crush.”

“Waifu,” what the fuck was that? Is it a snack or some weird things? Waifu is a term for Otaku and Weeaboo who someone likes a character in anime or video games. Liking here is not just a word, but likes here is falling in love with a character. Falling in love here is like someone who fell in love with someone in the real world. However, the difference here is falling in love with 2D characters. For women, they are called Fujoshi and like Husbando.

I also a little weeaboo because I have so many waifu. Waifu also not only likes one character but more characters that he likes. Honestly, I also have a lot of waifu. But, I don’t wanna mention it too much. The term waifu itself I was first heard from my High School friend. He introduced me something more in the anime, anime terms, Japanese languages, and more. And here I am. Being that way is also very embarrassing but fun for yourself.

Opps, I almost forgot the main topic. So, we will discuss who’s my anime crush. I will discuss the character I first liked and named “Kunieda Aoi” from the anime “Beelzebub.”


Aoi is a second-year student and the third leader of the strongest ladies of Kantou, the Red Tails. She is first introduced in disguise at the park taking care of her baby brother, Kouta, who is constantly mistaken as being Aoi’s own child by the mothers at the park. She is the daughter of a local temple keeper. Her nickname is Queen because she is the protector of all the girls at Ishiyama High from the men’s “grubby hands”. Because of Oga’s dense personality, he has yet to realize that the girl he befriended at the park and Kunieda is one and the same. Despite her tough personality, she has a rather girlish crush on Oga but refuses to admit this fact to others. She can feel Saotome using his demon power, which shows she has a notable strength for a human.

Source: MAL

I really like that. Always protect his members and always help his friend. He also really likes Oga, main characters in this anime. However, Oga always never aware of Aoi’s feelings. I don’t know also why I love it this and has an anime crush. I have a question, does having a waifu is wrong or how? Actually, it depends on the person itself. If he is so clever to define it into his life, maybe he will not be considered weeaboo himself. However, if he is very wrong to think that waifu is a worthy thing to respect like a native woman, then he will certainly be considered garbage.

“Your waifu is shit…”

So we have to end our discussion this time. Actually, there’s nothing wrong if you have an anime crush that’s so pretty much. It just depends on yourself how you can define it. For tomorrow’s, we’ll discuss “Favorite Anime Couple.”

Anime – Lucky☆Star [REVIEW] – The Daily Lives Of Four Cute High School Girls

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,85/10
Genre: Slife of Life, Comedy, Parody, School
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Author: Kagami Yoshimizu
Seiyuu: Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara

Many anime fans who complain this anime. I don’t know why that is obvious, they always assume the same arguments. Like “What the fuck, there’s no plot?” or “This fucking show has no pointless to show.” Those are the anime fans complaints about this anime. Actually, why? Do they not read the synopsis before you started watching or look at the genre, please? After all, this is a slice of life, not a fucking mainstream anime.

School Mates

“Lucky☆Star,” tells about four friends who attend school at Ryōō High School. These four are Izumi Konata (Aya Hirano), Kagami Hiiragi (Emiri Katou), Tsukasa Hiiragi (Kaori Fukuhara), and Miyuki Takara (Aya Endou).

Alright, that’s the synopsis. Short, dense and clear. But what makes this anime so interesting? This anime is very relaxing to watch, ranging from conversations about food, hobbies, and so forth. The things discussed by this anime is very striking for our daily lives. Like for example, making a voice in front of the fan to make it sound like a robot, Japanese culture, otaku daily life, and others.

Suzumiya Konata

Konata is an interesting otaku. Her father also has the same hobby for generations. Her own class teacher is also an Online Game Addict and an online friend. The story is also no less exciting with other anime. The character has a unique drawing made like a chibi. The Slice of Life and Comedy section are also very interesting, although this anime more focus on daily life so comedy is minimal. As I said earlier, this anime has no main story. So you are only seeing short stories with conversations that make you laugh. There is also cultural information and sometimes also incorporating other anime into the core of the story or arguably, Parody. For example Code Geass, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Gundam, Vocaloid, and so on.

Sound, BGM, and Sound Effect are very nice to hear let alone relaxing time scene. The passionate of opening with strange but pleasant lyrics. The ending can be considered very strange and interesting. The first episode until the 14th, we will be prepared vocals from Konata and friends. Until episode 15 to the end, there is an appearance that either what might be a producer or a hilarious seiyuu. Before heading to the ending, there is also something interesting that is Lucky Channel, an additional show and a little information about Lucky Star. Sometimes their conversations are very strange.

Overall, for casual anime fans or slice of life maybe you can watch this anime. Not recommended for someone who just wants to find a plot or something. Although like that, this anime is also included in my favorite slice of life anime list.

First Anime I’ve Become An ‘Otaku’


So this is the first day for the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I woke up late so far because my insomniac disease got worse. Hahaha, For this first day, I will discuss the first anime I’ve watched.

Hmmm … Perhaps arguably the old-school anime such as Naruto, Captain Tsubasa, Air Gear, One Piece and other 90s anime. If you asked the 90s “what’s the first anime you’re watching?”, they will answer the anime that existed in their childhood. In a way, you will not forget the beautiful childhood and your taste spectacles in your childhood. Nowadays, is very rare to find an anime on TV. Also, it’s very rare to find people who have an interest in anime.

But, I want to discuss the first anime that makes me become a fanatic anime or an otaku. Well, none other than “Accel World.”

Accel World

So the story is, when I was in the third grade of Junior High School, I had a friend who was also a neighbor. In a way, he always comes to my house and vice versa. At that time, I still don’t really know the name A-N-I-M-E. I don’t really like that thing with a smell like that. When I came to his house, he showed me an anime-themed game called “Accel World.” Somehow, he showed me the anime. So I just watched it one episode. But it turns out, I thought it was interesting too. Probably because I play a lot of games, so he showed me the anime. “Dammit, so he’s been an anime fan ever,” I thought. So, I tried to send the anime and then try it to watch at home. After complete that anime, well it turns out like this is like watching anime. So I asked for another recommendation from him and he recommended me “Sword Art Online.” This overrated anime also amazes me when I watch it. Starting from there I was attracted by the Japanese thing and anime. In addition to game-themed anime, I also watch other interesting anime.

Yeah, not too far. Actually, it took a long journey as well to become an anime fanatic. Start from high school, meet one otaku friend, go to Japan events together with many friends, and become weeaboo together lol. Anyway, maybe we can end here for the first day of 30 Day Anime Challenge. For tomorrow, I will discuss “Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far.” So, see you tomorrow. 🙂