Anime – Serial Experiments Lain [REVIEW] – Present Day, Present Time!

MyAnimeList Rating: 7,99/10
Genre: Dementia, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Studios: Triangle Staff
Author: Yoshitoshi Abe
Seiyuu: Kaori Shimizu, Yoko Asada, Show Hayami

Of all the anime that I’ve watched, this is the first anime I’ve watched many times to understood what is mean. I also read all of the reviews on blogs as well on YouTube. Previously also, I once discussed what the first impression after watching one or two episodes. This time, I will try to review this anime.


“Serial Experiments Lain,” tells the story of an introverted teenage girl named Iwakura Lain (Kaori Shimizu) isolated by some of her friends. Wired is a very popular social network of children and adults. One day, there was a case that happened at her school. They all get spam messages that don’t know where they come from. Lain is someone who doesn’t know about computers. Because she told by one of her friends, Lain tried to buy computers that have Wired network. The message was sent by Lain classmate named Yomoda Chisa (Sumi Mutou) who committed suicide before the message was sent. Chisa says that she didn’t die, it’s just that she left her physical body. Chisa said that she has lived in a virtual world that is a reciprocal relationship between the real world and the virtual world. Chisa says that she has found the real God. From here, Lain gets stuck in a series of cases that Chisa is talking about and find out what the real meaning of Wired is.

If looking at the genre, this anime certainly shows a very dark impression, gloomy, difficult to understand, and confused about what just watched. If a movie or anime normally shows a problem to the completion level, then this anime will make a lot of questions into the final episode. I also feel confused until now what is the purpose of this anime. The plot of the story seems very slow but makes the audience to be carried into the hallucinations that exist in this anime. Anime like this is usually named Dementia.

This anime really shows the true meaning and impact of playing in a virtual world or something like people say, The Internet. This anime explains how someone who doesn’t really know the internet world to be someone who always closed himself. When someone is very innocent and very friendly to everyone, then the internet changed her personality to be a very quiet person and always close his heart to others. Iwakura Lain is one of the highly introverted characters. After learning some tech, he became very good in that. Even people call him, Hacker.


For those who do not understand, Dementia is a term used to explain how functional decline is often caused by abnormalities in the brain. Dementia isn’t a disease, but a symptom caused by diseases and disorders of the brain. In the anime, Dementia is practically a genre but there is no Dementia term in the movie. Dementia is an anime genre that has mind-twisting plots, where the plot-twist itself must require highly focused thinking in order to be understood. Dementia is also not an anime genre but can be said to be part of the “Psychological” genre. Examples of Dementia anime in addition to Serial Experiments Lain such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Perfect Blue, Boogiepop Phantom, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, and others.

This anime shows how the main character has a two personality. On one side, She Introvert and on the other side, She Extrovert. Another unconscious with herself who always changes her personality. Her friends tell her that she has two sides. However, this anime will explain it to the end but it can lead to perplexed confusion after watching it. This anime mixes the real side and the unreal side. The audience will be difficult to distinguish the real and unreal side of this anime. Therefore, theories and conspiracies are also very much in this anime. The sound of BGM is so bleak that supports the theme and the dark side of this anime. This anime explains something mixed up and coupled with hallucinations and dreams. The audience will be carried into the core of the story.


Overall, I don’t know if I should suggest you guys watch this anime or not. What is clear, this anime can make you confused prolonged until the end. You can also be involved by hallucinations and existing reality. However, for those of you who are very fond of this kind of anime genre you can watch it. Not recommended for those of you who don’t really like the anime that has a very complicated story.

Movie – The Martian [REVIEW] – Bring Him Home

IMDB Rating: 8,0/10
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: Drew Goddard
Stars: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig

What would happen if you lived on Mars with limited food or no food at all? Maybe, I’ll just give up rather than survive on Mars. But, this film says not. This film shows how a person is harvesting a potato on Mars. Why? It’s very impossible, but this movie will explain it.


“The Martian,” tells about a team of researchers facing a storm and required to go back to earth immediately. Suddenly, one person was stranded and left for allegedly dead. Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is an astronaut botanist who survived the storm and was forced to survive on Mars with limited inventory.

The main actor of this film is Matt Damon who plays as Mark Watney and directed by Ridley Scott. This film also features some famous actors such as Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, and Sean Bean. Initially, the book is written by Andy Weir who can be downloaded for free on his blog. However, someone asked to make its e-book and can be downloaded on Kindle.

I have never seen the trailer. I also originally heard of this movie from all of my friends. But they also recommended me to watch it. And this movie makes me feel excited with the visual effects and plot. Just like other space movies such as Gravity or Interstellar, this movie makes the audience more amazed and curious about what happens in this movie.

This movie teaches us that if you face some problems, it’s not to escape the problem. In fact, who can escape the problem if he is just a Martian? No one else? If you encounter some problems, don’t escape for whatever the problem is. Quite calm and be patiently is important.


Initially, I think will cause some bored with this film. However, during the duration of two hours more, this film is very dissatisfied with the duration of it. Ridley Scott is very clever to draw stories from one scene to another. If you really want to find a plot-twist in this movie, then this movie doesn’t present it. The Martian is a film that doesn’t give a special impression but is very interesting to watch.

This film also slipped small comedies inside. Like, Mark always makes videos while living on Mars. He always said some funny jokes. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 93% Tomato rating, while the IMDB rating was 8.0. From rating, you don’t need to hesitate to watch this movie.

Overall, I very recommended watching it. The beauty of visualization on Mars and also how NASA and outer space work is great. Especially, for Gravity movie fans, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moon, or Interstellar, I recommend this movie.

Serial Experiments Lain [FIRST IMPRESSION]

There’s nothing I can say about this anime. I feel like “What the fuck did I watch?” I still don’t really understand about this anime, what is the purpose, what is the storyline and etc. Just one word for this anime, weird.

“Serial Experiments Lain,” tells the story of a teenage girl named Iwakura Lain who introvert. Then, there was a case that hit all the other students at her school. A spam message sent by another classmate named Chisa Yomoda. The oddity here is that Chisa Yomoda committed suicide before sending that spam messages. So, Lain went home and check that message as well. In the message, it says “The Real God.” Chisa tells to Lain that she has found the real god.

Just watching one episode and makes me confused. I feel like “What the fuck?” What is the problem with this anime? What makes me excited is this anime is a pretty classy year, in 1998. In that year, I was just born. Moreover, anime like this is good as started there in that year. But, this anime also has its own interests that always make the audience curious. Maybe if I’m done watching it, I can conclude this anime plot. Until now, is still hard to understand.

Novel – The Kill Order [REVIEW] – Before WICKED Was Formed

Goodreads Rating: 3,69/5
Author: James Dashner
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Adventure, Action

After into a mild depression because my idol died, I also recently never write another article because I go out-of-town because there is a wedding family event for two days. Sorry if all this time never writes an article again. But this time, I want to try to review a novel that I’ve read for a long time titled, “The Kill Order.”

Thirteen years before Thomas entered Maze, before Thomas with his friends who decided to escape from Maze, it turned out to have a story before them where the solar storm made life on earth changed drastically to be so bad. Mark and Trina and their friends had already experienced an incident where they were hunted by humans who had lost consciousness or in other words, insane. All of this is due to the arrival of a berg or light aircraft which at first is the one who will help them. But, they came not in peace. They instead showered the residents with hundreds of arrows.

Yeah, actually this isn’t a sequel to the series “The Maze Runner.” It coincides precisely before The Maze Runner or prequel.

Actually, why should the arrows? Why not machine guns or other destructive weapons? The virus is not from flares, but from products born before flares are released. Why named flare? Human creator of this virus is too arrogant to recognize a new disease that at first sounds brilliant to be a karma.

Behind the creation of this virus develops and becomes uncontrollable. The title itself also mentions it very clearly, The Kill Order. James Dashner is like making something unrelated to The Maze Runner. I am very disappointed in this book because it gives a lot of questions in my head. I thought, reading this book is solving the puzzle before The Maze Runner is there. But, on the contrary. Despite that, thriller, adventure, and dystopia are not spared from this book.

“The Kill Order” is exactly the same as “The Scorch Trials,” the second series of The Maze Runner. But the mysteries in my own head still can’t answer. I also haven’t read the third series of The Maze Runner. This book is very good although there will be no deep impression.

Anime – Steins;Gate [REVIEW] – El Psy Congro

MyAnimeList Rating: 9,16/10
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Studios: White Fox
Author: Chiyomaru Shikura
Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano, Asami Imai, Kana Hanazawa

Makise Kurisu

Maybe this is the best anime in the world after “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”. Why? Because this anime has a very complicated story, a very epic dialogue, a plot-twist ending, and a very supportive seiyuu. Due to the very high rating, I will try to review this anime. By the way, this is my favorite anime. Also, I usually rewatched how many times because it getting bored. lol

“Steins;Gate” tells about a professor named Okabe Rintarou (Mamoru Miyano) along with his best friend, Hashida Itaru (Tomokazu Seki) and his childhood friend, Shiina Mayuri (Kana Hanazawa). Inadvertently discovered a technology that can send a messages through the past. Makise Kurisu (Asami Imai) is the same professor as Okabe Rintarou, not believing what she saw because she was mysteriously killed and returned to life because of Okabe Rintarou. Simultaneously, they learned that The European Organization for Nuclear Research (SERN or in real life called CERN) was in the process of developing a time machine. From this, Okabe and his friends fought with SERN in creating the time machine.

“Steins;Gate” has an impression of very slow plot. For people who are very unfamiliar with this anime will not be able to survive watching this anime. In episode 4-6, you probably will not understand the plot. But, you must be patient because maybe you will be very interested to watch it considering it’s has a very high rating. Starting from episode 13, you will instantly get carried away due to its fast-growing plot, many explanations about time machine, time shift, dystopia, and things to be explained very well. This is what makes this anime very interesting because the thriller side is very shocking and gripping. Perhaps, for those of you who love physics, I recommend this anime.

“Steins;Gate” has a very interesting visual because of it’s very abstract, simple, and very simple graphic supporting the thriller and mystery genre of this anime. I don’t know according to the people, but after reading the comments and reviews they judge the visual because it’s very simple and not very interesting portrayal. Honestly, for me the graphic is very interesting. But, back from the perception of the people who watch it.

Although this is an anime fiction and thriller, there’s a some comedy that will make you laugh. How not, Okarin, a mad genius scientist who has a chuunibyou (called “eighth grader syndrome” in English) character or often fantasizes as a crazy professor makes Okarin very unique as the main protagonist. Mayuri who has a very childish but always help Okarin, Daru as a hacker and friend of Okarin, Kurisu who have the nature tsundere (a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time), and many more side-by-side characters.

Mamoru Miyano, the voice of Okabe Rintarou character is very genius in filling a voice in this character, remember in the anime, he always say “El Psy Congro” a slang to end the sentence while calling. Hana Kanazawa, who filled the voice of Shiina Mayuri had a similar slang like Okarin “~Tut Tu Ruu~” a slang for a ‘hello’ replacement when meet his friend and saying it in a very cute tone. They are both my favorite seiyuu.

If you are a fan of sci-fi story, you might be interested to watch this anime. But, as I said, you have to be really patient and focused when watching this anime because few of you will be really fooled and don’t understand the story.